They sent me the cosmo series cases for the samsung galaxy s21 smartphone series right here. We have the samsung galaxy s: 21 6.2 inch variant, the samsung galaxy s 21, plus the 6.7 inch variant and the samsung galaxy s 21 alter the 6.8 inch variant. Now. These two guys right here are actually replica devices, so we’re actually going to be able to go through the full reviewing process with my ultra, but not these guys, but you’re still going to be able to get a good idea. What these cases um are going to look like on your s21 or s21 plus and i’ll. Show you everything else with the s21 ultra. So what i’m gon na do is stick the marble s21 case on this guy right here and the myth on the s91 plus and i’m going to unpack, which is very nice beautiful packaging. The ocean blue for my ultra and we’ll go through the review process. Just so, you can get a good idea of what the different colors look like on these devices. If you go over to the iblazing website, you’re going to see right now, there’s a contest going on, i blazing is giving away at s21 ultra that’s the samsung galaxy s21 ultra now over at amazon. All you have to do is type search s21 cases by iblazin it’s, going to take you directly to their catalog of cases for the s21 smartphone series, and you can check out a bunch of other cases for a lot of other smartphones as well.

So with that being said, let’s go ahead and unpack the ocean bloom for the s21 ultra and start the reviewing Music process: Music, Music, screaming Music, all right so let’s begin with the s21 at the cosmo marble, and that is just a beautiful sexy design. Huge cut out for the cameras there, so you can take great quality pictures and shoot great quality. Video got your flash. The three cameras got some nice lip going on there, a little bit of depth there and sitting down on a flat surface, or if the surface is a little bit rough. You should be fine. Please use your discretion power button volume, rocker very nice and grippy yeah. That feels really good hard plastic polycarbonate frame with a lot of lips surrounding that flat display super amoled display i’m sitting down that way flat surface surface a little bit rough. You should be fine. A couple cutouts up top there for your mic and antenna speaker, grille, cut out there usb type c charging port and behind this area. Here is your sim tray yeah. That is just a gorgeous gorgeous case that’s, the cosmo marble here’s, the cosmo, a myth, huge cut out lots of lip lots of lip got that depth. Look at that wow. All cutouts will be precise, okay and over here well it’s, my ultra the s21 ultra. Now i have a glass protector over the camera area from lk and a screen protector film screen protector from lk.

It all comes in the same packaging. I will leave a link for these uh items, uh down below in the description area, and i have taken pictures and shot video with uh and without and no issues whatsoever, but yeah. You got a lot of lip going on here and plus my glass protector. So i there’s a lot of protection going on there i’m not going to have any issues taking pictures or shooting video, whether i’m sitting that way or this way i got a lot of protection going on here. Plenty of lip there’s a slight curve to the s21 ultra display, but it’s very, very slight, it’s, almost flat, but yeah that that just looks really really nice power button very nice and responsive you, don’t have to press too hard fingerprint reader works really nice and fast Volume rocker very nice and responsive totally digging that a little recessed area right in there for the uh speaker earpiece that double up together there in that area, all the cases will be the same way right in that area. At the bottom, we have a speaker, grille cut out there, usb type c charging port area there, sim tray behind that area. Up top a couple cutouts there for a mic, an antenna area there, so yeah everything, looking great totally digging the lip on the front and on the rear man. That is just good. Looking test out wireless charging, what you get with! Yes, when ultra in this case, you’re gon na get with all of these cases on the s21, s21 plus okay, so let’s go ahead and bam just just like that.

Just like that totally dig it Music do all right. So, just so, you can uh Music, get a good look at the cosmo marble cosbo a myth, along with the cosmo ocean, here, good, looking Music cases for the s21 ultra Music, beautiful, beautiful and over here 6.2 inch s21 yeah. That was a nice one! You! Let me know, which is your favorite Music, okay, i’m gon na set those down right. There bam Music, this marble, the ocean for the s21 plus Music, very nice, very nice. All right! Take those right there and there we go. Let me know bam right. There there’s. My thumbnail right huge shout out to iblazin all the links down below in the description area. Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this product review totally dig your time to my next video. This is my project 13.. Please stay safe and healthy god bless peace. I am out.