So this is the third ultra device that samsung has launched following the s20 ultra and the note 20 ultra and the saying three times a charm might be the best way to describe this phone, and today i thought i’d go over how my experience has been focusing On both the pros and cons to help you get a better idea of what using this phone is like in case you’re thinking about picking one up for yourself now, something you need to keep in mind early throughout this review. The base model galaxy s21 ultra cost 1199, making this one of the most expensive consumer smartphones in the market. Today, we’ll circle back on price, in more detail at the end of the video, but wanted to set the stage with that important statistic as we do get into this review. Okay, so the first thing that we have to talk about is the updated design for the very popular s, lineup and i’m, just going to come on and say it, this phone is absolutely gorgeous this phantom black colorway is probably one of the best finishes. I’Ve ever seen on any phone, it has this incredible matte finish that gives the device the stealthier physique, while also making it way more fingerprint resistant, and rather than going with the standard approach of contrasting the camera housing. With the polished finish, it too has almost a satin gunmetal. Look that truly makes this one of the most clean, yet aggressive, looking smartphones to date, i personally love the cyborg, like design of the camera housing wrapping around the phone’s back panel.

I have to tip my hat off to samsung for thinking outside the box and trailblazing this new design to me it’s a home run. They didn’t spare anything when it comes to build material either, as you have gorilla, glass, victis on both front and back with the darkened aluminum frame. That brings the entire device. All together, you get an ip68 dust and water resistance certification and a massive 6.8 inch edge to edge display with just a small hole. Punch cut out at the center it’s, definitely a large phone when it comes to dimensions. But it actually feels surprisingly comfortable when you get it into your hands. The button placement is well executed and navigating around the phone’s ui is something i didn’t have any problems with honestly there’s, not much that, i would say, would be negative in terms of the s21 ultra’s design. Yes, you do get a pretty horrible phone rock when on a flat surface due to this camera housing, but to be fair, that’s a norm for virtually every phone. These days it is noticeably thicker and heavier than last year’s model, but not to the point where it interferes with the comfort or ergonomics of the phone. At the end of the day i can’t get over how impressed i am with the aesthetics of this device. I’M seriously fixated with how much i love this look just the way the phone catches, the light. I wasn’t odd how beautiful this device is.

As i was filming it. I know it’s only been a week and 2021 just started, but i feel confident that this will go down as one of the best designed phones of the year it’s, really that good and to really build off that comment. Let’S take a closer look at the s21 ultra’s display it’s a samsung super amoled display that comes in at a max resolution of 3200 by 1440 and as to be expected, the panel is best in class. Everything is razor, sharp the display can get really bright. You get fantastic contrast with those inky blacks, and this is one of the most immersive viewing experiences you can ask for on a smartphone i’m, also happy to see that samsung is gradually getting their flagship phones to a less curved display. This is one of the flattest we’ve seen in a long time. It makes it easier to operate and it still looks great in my opinion. Now you can actually go into the settings and choose between three different display resolutions: it’s a nice to have to help preserve battery life and, to be honest, the quality differences between the three when it comes to day to day use is gon na be really difficult To notice, with the naked eye now, one of the areas in which this particular ultra device difference from others is that it’s able to leverage its most crowning feature, the adaptive 120hz refresh rate at the display’s highest resolution.

The previous models required that you clock down the screen to 1080p to take advantage of this higher refresh rate. Honestly, it was a small price to pay because again you’re not going to notice much of a difference between 1080p and the high resolution when dealing with the display of the size. So it is a leap forward being able to have this buttery smooth refresh rate at the max resolution, but it’s more of something to boast about on paper, because from a user standpoint, most people won’t even know that a change occurred. However, a feature that is truly new is that the s21 ultra can support samsung’s s pen once exclusive to the node lineup it’s, a great addition, if you’re a power user, but it doesn’t come with one in the box and there’s no integrated way to store it. I personally don’t use the s pen too often at all, but it does seem to work seamlessly here, which is great to see the adaptive refresh rate does help save battery and it doesn’t over throttle or get all janky. Samsung really knows how to do displays well, and this is probably one of the best out there on any phone now display like this is gon na require a really good battery, and so far the battery life on the s21 ultra has been pretty good it’s packing A beefy, 5 000 milliamp hour battery that again makes this phone kind of heavy and definitely a thick boy but it’s, a good move by samsung to equip this phone with a large power source.

Even when running the phone at max resolution with the highest refresh rate. I didn’t have any problems getting through the day, with regular use and even on days of heavier use. I didn’t have to do any emergency re ups, which is great to see. The s21 ultra also supports 25 watt fast charging via usb c. Unfortunately, samsung no longer includes a power brick in the box. Thank you apple and it also supports 15 watt g wireless charging. At the end of the day, you’re gon na get solid battery life with this phone, even if you’re a power user who does more than the average joe with his or her phone, and when it comes to performance. Overall, the s21 ultra really doesn’t disappoint. The us version i have here is packing qualcomm’s newest chipset, the snapdragon triple a processor, and this thing is blazing fast, apps load up quickly. Ui navigation is snappy and smooth, and the little gaming i was able to do with this phone has been really enjoyable. Now i did end up going with the base model s21 ultra, which comes with a reasonable 128 gigabytes of internal storage and 12 gigabytes of ram. If you do opt to go with the fully decked out 512 gigabyte version, you will get a bump up to 16 gigabytes of ram. But i would say for the here and now, you’re likely not going to notice the difference between the two now, an area where i really did see a noticeable improvement in terms of performance is the s21 ultra’s new fingerprint reader.

The sensor is larger and way easier to access and to me it’s significantly faster than last year’s version. This is great because my biggest complaints to the fingerprint reader last year was that it was a bit slow and difficult to access. Samsung made this way better and that same a lot coming from a face id fanboy and the last area of performance that we have to talk about, of course, are the cameras you get a total of five cameras on the s21 ultra there’s, a 40 megapixel front Facing camera that can shoot 4k video at either 30 or 60 frames per second. So far the selfies are coming out great. They have a cooler profile which i do like, and the front facing video is probably only second to the iphone it’s pretty outstanding. On the back, you have four different cameras, starting with the insane 108 megapixel standard, wide angle, camera a 12 megapixel ultrawide, a 10 megapixel three times optical zoom and a 10 megapixel 10x periscope lens that’s a lot of cameras, but i actually found each of those focal Lengths pretty useful i’m still not a fan of the space zoom that could get to 100x that’s still a gimmick to me, but the photos coming out of each camera’s fixed focal length is pretty damn. Good images are sharp, it gets a really good dynamic range and the variety of shots that you can get with this phone is almost unlimited.

I will say that the s21 ultra continues the trend. I’Ve noticed with a lot of samsung phones of slightly overdoing it with exposure when shooting outside during the day, but the focus issue that played the original s20 ultra seems to have gotten a lot better. Now, when it comes to video, the s21 ultra continues to boast. The ability to shoot at an insane 8k resolution at 24 frames per second, and despite it, burning up all your internal storage. The footage here is pretty outstanding. You can see the focusing has gotten a lot better, no more awful hunting, and it still blows my mind that this 8k footage is coming out of a phone. The s21 ultra can also shoot pretty great 4k video at up to 60 frames per second and i’ve said this before, but the video quality samsung is putting out on their newest phones is the only true contender to what the iphone is bringing to the table and That’S saying a lot overall when it comes to the phone’s cameras. It’S definitely up there in some of the best photos and video available today, it’s, not at the level of what the google pixel and the iphones are delivering in my opinion, but it’s really close, and if you really think about it, i didn’t say too much negative About the s21 ultra because honestly it’s been a joy to use over the past week. That being said, though, we have to return to something i mentioned at the top of the video that really can’t be ignored.

The price tag at thirteen hundred dollars, this phone better, be pretty freaking good and then some in order to make it anywhere near worth it. In my opinion, if you’re a tech enthusiast that uses their phone way more than the average joe and really appreciates the newest features and upgrades the s21 ultra won’t disappoint it’s an absolutely stunning device that hits top marks on virtually every category. I can think of and there’s nothing i found so far. That would make me hesitant to recommend this phone minus the exorbitant price tag, if you’re on a budget but want to make as little concessions as possible when it comes to features. You should honestly check out the regular galaxy s21 i’ll, be releasing my one week later on this phone very shortly, and even though there are some pretty big differences between this and the s21 ultra you’d be surprised at how much value this guy is bringing to the Table for a way, cheaper price so make sure that you’re subscribed to the channel. So you don’t miss out on that upcoming review that’s about it. For this, one don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up, if you guys find it useful again, i’d really appreciate it check out these reviews of the iphone 12 pro max and the note 20 ultra if you’re looking for more top end reviews.