. This is the latest mid device from jamaic, and this is also the first snapdragon triple eight device and, of course, as you expect, we have to do a gaming video, so let’s jump in Music. Thank you again guys for joining the channel. Don’T forget to hit the subscribe button and notification icon now. The xiaomi mi 11 is a lovely looking device. It also houses a 108 megapixel camera i’ll show you a few camera samples, so you guys get an idea, but we are focused on gaming in this video. So what do we have to do? Gaming on the xiaomi m11? As i mentioned earlier, it’s, the snapdragon 888, or triple h, whichever one you want to call it. This comes with. Eight gigabytes of ram can go up to 12 gigabytes, uh 256 gigabytes of storage and the battery is a 46 milliamp, 4600 milliamp battery now um. This is also a 5g device, but the display is quite massive: it’s a 6.8 inch display or 6.8 one inch display to be exact, and this is a qhd plus display that does a hundred and twenty hertz. Yes, you’ve got 120 hertz in the display uh, and it does this at its maximum resolution of qhd plus, which is absolute, absolutely nice. So we do benchmarks whenever we do our gaming, our gaming reviews. Now i use a tool called game bench and they are great because they give you a lot of detail ram using all that kind of fun stuff.

But i was not able to use it on the me me11, but a fun fact, though, is that if you open up developer options, you do have the ability to see what the current refresh rate is for the display. So i have it on, on the top left hand corner which you can see it says 120 hertz just giving the idea that that is the refresh rate of the display now cool thing that xiaomi does have is they do have game turbo now game turbo? Is the game center allows you to showcase all your games in there, and it also gives you fps, uh numbers or notification, tells you’ll, see your cpu usage use rate as well as also your gpu use rate, so that’s absolutely nice. So i won’t waste any more time and let’s start off with the very first game. I’Ll show you, of course, that we’re playing call of duty, mobile and of course, i will show you, the settings that we use, which is the maximum settings and let’s jump into some gameplay, coordinates Applause we’ve taken the lead, we died for the lead, we’ve taken the Lead i go down. Oh so call of duty. Mobile played really well uh, really solid refreshment on this on the screen was still 120 hertz uh, but the games of course, uh fps, was at 60 frames per second, which is what we have mostly for call of duty. I believe it’s just one device that does 120 or 90 hertz, but it ran well and it ran smooth – and i liked that about call of duty mobile now, when we move over to something that, of course supports 120 frames per second i’m talking about vainglory.

Now vainglory also ran it at its maximum res uh settings and what i liked about vainglory as you’re watching the gameplay, is that it ran really smooth very butter smooth that 120 hertz really comes to play. But when we check the fps in the game, this is a little bit. Different vanguard is running at 60 frames per second, not 120 frames per second, which i suppose this has to do with an update of the game, at least for this system here uh, because, as you know, with android devices, it depends on what phone you’re using at What time so i i don’t think this is long, but i think vainglory will be updated to at least apart 120 frames per second now. Of course, you guys are big pubg fans, and you know we had to run pub g on two different settings. So the first one which i’m going to show you gameplay clip is at ultra hd ultra with anti aliasing on and you can see on screen. It says 90 hertz, because uh that’s what uh the screen is showing the refresh rate at that point in time and let’s check out some gameplay on pubg mobile, the blue team has scored for the first time, Applause no mercy reloaded so playing at ultra hd hd. This follows the standard affair we’ve seen all with a ton of flagship devices, including the iphone 12 pro max, is that we got 40 to 41 frames per second playing at ultra hd hd, which is fine, and i think, that’s pretty much standard affair right now, but Let’S go ahead and check out smooth extreme again on this device, the xiaomi mi 11 and see how it actually performs first point for the red team.

Applause expired cover me, so smooth extreme comes in at 60 frames per second, so that is good to see and uh. It also falls in line with what we’ve seen with other devices in the past now. Finally, the game that a lot of people of course want to see is genji mobile. Can it run effectively well at 60 frames per second on an android device? Well, we fired it up. Of course, our screen refresh rates a lot 120 hertz it’s it’s it’s just going to be that and we have the highest settings for genshin mobile, so let’s go in jump into some action, see how it plays and then we’ll look at the fps for the game. Music, okay, Music, so, as you saw, genshin ran at 60 frames per second. There were a few times where there were a couple of hiccups. Uh again, which is this is why i like using game bench uh, because it lets me know with a variation. The stability of the fps rates, if you want to use game bench, definitely use the link down below to check them out, but gen xin mobile definitely ran well, and it ran well enough to run at 60 fps, and i think overall, though, you find some really Good performance of this device. Now, when it comes to temperatures, though it’s something quite interesting uh when i was playing pub g mobile, the temperatures at the back of the device or while scanning the back was about 99 degrees and the front of the device came up to about 102 103.

So it was much harder on the screen. The device still did feel much harder than i would expect. I don’t know if they have any special cooling on the me11, while when i played genqin mobile, which of course is a game that overclocks as much as possible, it ran at 170 degrees. So it ran really warm all the way through and it felt really warm as well so that’s also something to be implied. Now some of you asked me about battery life and battery performance. I would say so far: it’s been good, while gaming with this device, i haven’t actually had it connected to to a 5g connection or even to lte. So again, this is just based off wi fi performance and it’s been pretty solid. The speakers are nice and the speakers come out really well now, when it comes to the camera, definitely go check out other videos for the camera. I know marquez dropped the video uh a few other people have videos out there uh the camera does some decent work. I’Ve only really focused on daytime photos take some took some photos with board femme uh, where she was posing for the camera 108 megapixel sensor and the photos looked really good. The portrait mode looked really solid, uh with that as well. I liked it uh definitely check out her channel she’s got some stuff that she just dropped on the galaxy s21 uh go check it out and see what she has and also some front facing photos of myself, which you guys can see and just pass by.

But in terms of gaming, though, the xiaomi mi 11 is a solid gaming device uh one more thing, because i know you guys like to see this. Some of you probably will be wondering about benchmarks. Now, when it comes to benchmarks, speaking of geekbench, mark 5 we’ve got a single core performance of 1126 and a multi core performance of 35′. So that is pretty impressive. A big jump from last year from any of the 865 x65 plus devices, so that’s pretty cool to see anyway. I like the m11. This device, though, does not is not available currently at least on in the west aka us or europe, so it doesn’t have google play yet. I did have to side load in there uh so that i could actually install the games that i played, but when it does uh become officially still worldwide. If you’re looking to pick this up, i think it’s a solid device in terms of gaming and it’s price point at 7′ that’s how much i bought it for i bought it from 28 mobile and they’re, pretty fast shipping, so big shout out to them. This is pretty solid to use and also again it’s 7′ bucks. So really can’t go wrong. So if you have any questions or any comments on the me 11, let me know i’ll try and answer them for you, but giving performance for me has been great. Don’T.