Indeed, in 2021. we’re talking all lead screens, awesome cameras, proper, smooth bit of game and smarts and a nice bit of 5g action. If you fancy some of that as well so here’s, my personal pick of the very best budget friendly smartphones that will cost you under 400 pounds in early 2021. i’ve, actually personally used all of these devices as my full time smartphone, and i fully reviewed them right Here on texpert, so go check out those reviews. If you want to know a bit more about any of the phones mentioned and for the latest and greatest tag, please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers. Now we absolutely have to start with google’s pixel 4a, which is easily the best camera phone that you’ll find at around this 250 pound price point you’ve got that same primary sensor as the billy big bollocks, pixel, 5 flagship phone. So you can capture great looking photos at any time of the day. You’Re only really missing out on that ultra wide angle lens with this cheaper phone, which is no big, whoop and google god blesser, has gone and kicked that tiresome trend of massive smartphones right in the ruddy crotch. The pixel 4 here is a pocket please and 5.8 inches. Definitely one of the most miniature smartphones you’ll find in 2021, and it means it’s an absolute joy to use one handed, especially if you’ve got distressingly stubby. Fingers like me, packed into that dinky plastic frame.

Is the snapdragon 730g chipset which handles everything, including gaming, without a grumble? The oled screen is a stunner and yet it’s, quite small, but i’ll still happily watch a whole flick on this thing, no worries, plus on top of all that you’ve got the added benefit of a nice delicious bit of stock android action with the peace of mind, Provided by guaranteed updates for the next couple of years, i absolutely adore that little bugger and i did return to the pixel 4 here for a six month – review uh at the end of 2020 as well to see if it was still holding up well and thankfully It was to go check that, out for all you need to know a strong rival to the pixel. Fourier is the oneplus node, which costs just a little more at the moment and boasts the more powerful snapdragon 765g chipset with built in 5g support online ultra violence is unsurprisingly a thing of glory and wonder those games play with a perfect frame rate and yeah. Admittedly, the battery life isn’t, quite as strong on the oneplus nord as it is on some of the other smartphones in this best budget phones, roundup. But the good news is at least you’ve got 30 watt fast charge to get you powered back up again in a jiffy, the oneplus note isn’t, quite as refreshingly dinky as the pixel, but at 6.44 inches it’s, not huge and you’ve got ta love that funky blue Hue, the oled screen is another stunner boston, gorgeous contrast and punchy.

Colors plus you’ve got a smooth 90 hertz finish. Definitely one of the best screens at this budget. The nord’s quad camera setup uses a 48 megapixel primary lens with sony’s imx 586 sensor and, while it’s definitely not infallible, it does a decent job with photo quality in good conditions. Plus you also have a dual selfie cam up front, including an ultra wide option. When you want to fit in lots of heads or some serious background action, and on top of all of that wonderfulness, the oneplus note also boasts the very lovable oxygen os launcher again, with the guarantee of a couple of years of updates now for less cash than The pixel and the oneplus 9 – you can also right now grab sony’s xperia 10 mark ii, which is a damp site cheaper than the xperia one mark ii flagship smartphone, but of course, very sleek, similar design, the xperia 10 mark ii boasts sony’s, fantastic 21×9 finish. So, in other words, it’s skinny and tall, but it’s actually more compact than that xperia one mark ii flagship, the gorgeous widescreen. All that display proves perfect for enjoying a blockbuster, while you’re, tucked up under the duvet or blasting through several games of call of duty. When you really can’t be asked with work or life in general, although, unlike the nord, there is no 90 hertz refresh here that snapdragon 665 chipset isn’t as beefy as the 700 series platform stuffed inside of the pixel and the nord.

But i did find that the xperia 10 mark ii still coped fine with everyday life, while the all day battery keeps you going even on the longest craziest days and music fans will really get a kick out of sony’s budget friendly blower as well. You’Ve got high res audio support on there, as well as a choice of a headphone, jack or bluetooth streaming for your audio and while the xperia 10 mark ii’s camera does falter in less than perfect lighting, you can grab some detailed snaps with accurate, color reproduction with Minimal effort plus there’s also an ultra wide angle and remarkably, a telephoto lens on hand for when you need them now, another one of the best smartphones you’ll be able to grab for a budget of under 400 pounds. Right now is the oppo find x2 lite and thankfully the phone x2 lite is tons cheaper than its more expensive side than the fine x2 pro. So there’s no need to harvest the kidneys of unsuspecting orphans or anything. You once again have a gorgeous fullhd oled screen. This time, a 6.4 incher and it’s proper full on eye candy perfect for kicking back with a flick or shredding someone’s torso in your violent action game of choice. The latest games play perfectly thanks to the beefy snapdragon 765g chipset, backed by a weapon, eight gigs of ram. You got a proper game and mode with the oppo f5x2 light as well built into that color os software, so that can help keep you focused and get you the best possible experience out of your game and there’s, also a nice bit of built in 5g.

Of course, once again, as with the oneplus nord, with that 765 chipset and oppo has stuffed in a 4 000 milliamp battery, so the fan can keep you entertained all day long, while the quad lens rear camera does a decent job for everyday snaps and horn movies, And for a similar sort of price to the 5×2 light, you can also grab yourself the oppo reno 45g, which sadly, i haven’t personally had the chance to test out and review. So i can’t personally vouch for it, but it’s supposed to be good and, alternatively, for the 350 pound sort of markings still pick up. Huawei’S excellent nova, 5t smartphone, the reasonably compact 6.26 inch nova 5t is powered by huawei’s own kirin, 980 chipset, which may be getting on a bit, but it still has more than enough grunt to handle games, multi, tasking and anything else. You chuck its way and that 3750 million battery, while not the biggest in this roundup by any means, provides strong returns. So you will easily have enough power to last an intensive day. The rest of the huawei nova 5t setup also impresses, including the ips screen, which is crisp bright and quite punchy too, despite not being an oled plus you get that feature, stuffed emotion, ui launcher, which is as lovable as ever and last up. If you definitely find yourself leaning more towards a completely pure stock android experience kind of similar to the pixel roll in one of these heavy launches on the likes of the uppers and so on, then you should definitely check out motorola’s moto g5g, plus the moto g5g Plus sports qualcomm’s very capable snapdragon 765 chipset, so you can merely game away on whatever the hell you like, while motorola now includes similar gaming features to some of the other phones here for blocking notifications and the like, and as with the node you’ve got a tasty Bit of 5g support thrown in android is bolstered with some nifty bonus features like motion gestures and face recognition.

Although don’t expect updates to be as timely here as on the pixel or the node. You’Ve got a flipping massive 6.7 inch, full hd, plus ips screen this time with hdr 10 support thrown in and like the xperia 10 mark ii. You’Ve got a 21×9 finish, which means that you’ll get proper widescreen view of your games or movies that 90 hertz refresh rate matches the oneplus note as well. So everything looks super smooth you’ve got a mighty 5 000 milliamp battery stuffed in here, which serves up all day. Life no worries, while motorola’s 48 megapixel primary camera does a bang up job with everyday snaps and that right there is my own personal recommendations. My roundup of the very best sub 400 pound budget smartphones that you can bag yourself in early 2021.. There were a few others that almost made it in, but not quite the likes of samsung’s galaxy a51, for instance, which is just a little bit flawed here and there compared with some of the rivals that did make it in and of course, as i say, i’ve Only included phones that i personally tested and reviewed. So if you are interested in any of them, definitely go. Please check out my full reviews right here on texpert and if i missed out your own personal favorite, first of all, apologies, and secondly, definitely please clue me in as to what a massive nubber i am down in the comments, and let me know what your favorite Phone is note that some of them, like the poco x3 nfc stuff, like that, i did not include because i’ve already included those in the best budget smartphones under 300 – pounds which is live right now, but anyway that’s enough waffle.

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