Now this phone right here – um i’m, starting with the gaming or whatever, because so many people have questions about the processor, uh and um. I don’t want to drift. Are you giving me the drifting? So many people have questions about the processor and they’re wondering if this thing is any good and should you even consider it because of that alone, because it doesn’t have the snapdragon 888 or not even the 870. – well i’m. Here to tell you that i don’t see anything wrong with this device and i’m, not just saying that. I think this is a killer performing device. I think it’s proved itself time and time again, so i want to start with games right here, just to kind of give you some example of what you could possibly be getting into. If you opt to buy this device, so performance wise, i think lg has knocked out the park once again. This phone is very nice i’m starting with a game, that’s, somewhat graphic, intense um. I just wanted to play this game. I, like this game, it’s one of my favorite games – uh, oh let’s, watch it well. No, i shouldn’t do that because this ain’t even my profile this just i just signed into it, just to kind of get it get it. So i can show it to you but um. Nonetheless, we don’t watch no ads come on come on, let’s get out of there. Uh nonetheless performance on here is absolutely great.

I don’t have an issue with uh apps loading. Slowly or you know anything like that. Uh apps load up fast uh. The device performs well there’s, absolutely nothing going on with the phone that will make. You think that the performance will be hindered in any kind of way, and so, when i hear people say that oh it doesn’t have this. So you know i’m, not gon na rock with it, because of that that’s totally up to you to decide to do that um, but i feel like this device is, should definitely you should give a second look to this bad boy. If you looked at it the first time when the price was on the higher side, definitely look at it now, because i think you’ll really enjoy it performance, wise software, nothing wrong with this software folks, i i always laugh when people say that the software is bad. On here, or let me grab a phone real, quick of a different brand to me, this is my s21. These look the same this, the software, the icons all look, the same there’s, nothing different about this. You know what i mean it’s, just a matter of what the way you feel about the company. You know a good example of that is is zte. You know they um. They get kind of slammed a little bit for having uh different here’s, the oneplus nord. You know i’m, just saying all these: these phones pretty much look the same man, okay round icons over here whatever, but you can.

You can scan up any device if you want to that’s the joys of android is being able to scan up the device and customize it the way you want to do it. You know what i’m saying so that’s something you should take note of so performance software check that box man. I think it’s hot check the box. I think it’s hot, so let’s look at design real, quick as i clean it up, because it definitely needs to be cleaned up. This is a phone that has you know, i’m saying it collects fingerprints, but it doesn’t bother me too much. Man i’ll be putting it in a nice case. Hopefully you know i’m saying i’ll grab some a case full whatever, but um for now, i’m, just cleaning it up. It looks dope. This is nice hardware wise. I think they did a good job on this. I think they really thought it through, and i think i think that you’ll be really impressed with this hardware. These cameras are dope and we’ll talk about the cameras in a little bit uh, but i just think this is another good looking device from lg. When i say good, another good looking device, there’s a ton of devices out there that look great from lg they’ve got some good good hardware coming in. So you got this three camera setup on the back. With the dual tone led flash. You got a nice 6.8 inch display on the front.

You just saw me kind of game with it, so you know it’s got some. The screen is beautiful or whatever um, but you know. Let me let me load up a video real, quick just to show you here and look at how beautiful that display is look at how beautiful that is. It’S just gorgeous it’s a gorgeous thing, i’m saying so speaker. Quality it’s got one bottom firing speaker, but the speaker is dope. Folks, settings it’s loud changes, but i think when oems sell devices to consumers they’re not thinking that the consumers are going to go into developer mode, how many consumers know how to go into developer mode yeah? So, needless to say, the speakers on here the screen on here is just it’s on point: it’s, really lovely yeah the design on here. This is why you’re here you want to see this joint right here is the swivel. This is what makes the lg wing the lg wing. You know what i mean. This is what people really are interested in when they see this device, they swivel it open boom. Here it is, and then you can run whatever up here. You just open something it just it opens up up here. You can do two applications, man, i think that’s hot that’s hot. You could do it and you can run a video up there. You can be texting down here, no big deal. That is what the phone is for now, one of the main features of opening it up like this is these cameras, so i did a quick video right there with the um dual video mode and i’ll post it for you uh, but shout out to my man, Forbes text for hooking me up: he helped me go in the settings of whatever when i was doing the dual recording mode to save it all this one video i didn’t notice it at first, but you know nonetheless um.

This is what we’re looking at because it’s still over there, oh it’s, crazy uh that part of the device, the cameras i’ve used. These cameras right here to record so many videos on this channel. You have no idea, and i don’t tell you i just there’s a setting in the camera where you can. You can turn on the setting where you’ll show shot on lg wing and i turned that tag off. For that reason i wanted to just shoot the video and you know just have it there, so you get you can do not a watermark only works when it’s not 4k. 60. see i’m saying so i turn the watermark off. You can have a signature down there. It says j will or whatever you know what i’m saying. So you know it it’s. I love that about their devices um, but i’ve shot. So many videos with this device. It’S incredible and i don’t think you guys even noticed because it’s super clear. So you know cameras on here, fantastic performance and software to me is up to my standards. You know i’m saying the screen is beautiful. Can’T beat that the features and options that come in this device dope both boss mode. This is a 5g device and i ran a speed test earlier um. I was running the speed test and you can see these are numbers. This is over at t uh 5g. So you get some sense of uh.

You know what what the device can do over 5g in at least indoors in my house. If i go outside i’m, obviously i’m getting better speeds outside uh. But you know a speed test is a hit or miss as long as i’m above 15 i’m cool, because you can stream with any high speed. Internet now is considered eight megabits or above that’s crazy to me, but you know that’s that’s what they call it. So as long as i’m above 10, 15 i’m solid i’m good speed tests, don’t really mean a lot to me, but some people like to see that now we’ll talk about the call quality uh on these. I tested this on t mobile and i tested it on a t dope, it’s dope. I mean no, no problems whatsoever. It’S it’s, beast mode, uh call qualities in hd. This is a lot going on man, it’s, it’s, it’s good to be able to, because i actually do more phone calls than anything else. I do a lot of social media, but i do more phone calls than anything else that’s, where the bulk of my time on a cell phone goes because i need to make calls at all times. So i pop into bluetooth, hit that hit that phone call and chat as much as i need to yeah, and this phone has not. Let me down no signal drops no, nothing so the 5g in this, not even not even this – is 5g just phone calls in itself beast mode i’m, feeling it i’m loving it.

So overall, folks, the only thing i think that would draw you back on. This is probably the price some people don’t feel like. This is worth a thousand bucks. Even i didn’t want to buy it for a thousand bucks. Getting it at 700 is a freaking steal. So if you didn’t buy this at 700, something’s wrong or you just really didn’t want it. This is innovation right here, folks to me, another innovative device that they brought out was one of my favorites this and the v60. These are great devices man. I posted a picture online before making this video. These are innovative devices. Man lg is lg is great. At innovating, i say because i can take this phone out of this side and, and you know, switch to a regular device. You don’t know what the v60 lineup is, or the velvet lineup boom here’s the phone right here son. This is an accessory a case it’s, so i’m talking about, like lg, has done the doggone thing when it comes to innovation. In my book i’m saying so this isn’t about the wing, this is about the velvet, though this is about the wing, and i say if you’re interested in lg’s latest and greatest the wing is it man? The wing is totally worth it to me. I think you should really give it a second look and if you can get it for under a thousand dollars, i think you’ll be extremely happy.

Think about this, though you’re getting even without the swivel thing, you’re getting some of the best cameras in the industry, you’re getting a big six inch display no cutout in the cat in the screen, because it’s got a pop up camera. You know i’m saying so. Let me see here show you it’s got the pop up camera on them. You know i’m, saying so: you’re getting some industry leading technology right there, all in his own, so the lg wing it’s a go for me man. I like it a lot. I think it has a great design. It’S got enough features and options to keep the average person ready and on the move and ready to go. Do whatever they want to do. You’Ve got a great screen. You got flawless cameras. You got speedy performance software solid. To me, if you don’t, like the software, put a skin on it, i don’t know how you can like this software, though um everybody has to. I say that lightly, though, because you’re all entitled to your own opinion – and i respect it – you know i’m saying, but i just don’t see the difference between all of these phones with the software. Yes, some can be customized and some can’t, but all of android phones – pretty much can be customized that’s, not even a thing so buying this and then putting nova launcher on it. I won’t do that, but the worst most i’ll do is probably put my pixel launcher on there and i haven’t even done that, because i just don’t have a problem with lg software performance.

Software is good battery life. You should be able to grab a full day and at least six to seven hours of screen on time. If you measure your phones by screen on time now you can get. You can get more than that because it has a big battery inside. So you can get more than that, but i say that this is a winner for sure so shaman j, the lg wing in full effect, shout out to all the people. That’S got the wing uh, i mean the dual: recording mode is it’s, just dope in its own. I think that’s, this doe. This is just a hot. This is just a hot phone. You can’t overlook this phone it’s, your man job. You guys enjoy full review. Leave a question down below if it’s something i didn’t cover or you’re just curious about the phone. You have something you know that you just want to know. Should you buy it? Okay, let me answer that now, should you buy if you’re in the market for a new device – and you have a budget of 700 bucks to a thousand bucks there’s? Obviously a lot of phones you can purchase. But if you want this type of design, you want to be able to use these great cameras. You don’t want a camera hole in your screen or whatever there’s too many reasons to pick up this phone over another. You see what i’m saying so it’s up to you to decide.

You make the final decision, but i think this phone is a major win. It’S a go it’s a hit for me. I’Ll see you in the next one.