I don’t have a fancy. Car i’m, not i’m, most definitely not royalty. This is just my honest. Take of hmd global’s nokia, 5.4 i’ve not been using it as my primary for a little over a week and today, i’m going to simply talk to you about the positives, the negatives and everything in between with regards to this phone. Now, if you are one of the 30 who watch my videos, thank you for that, thanks for being here thanks for your time and without further ado, let’s get to my nokia 5.4 review, so guys i’m going to break this video down into three parts. What i liked about the 5.4, what i felt was: okay, ish and then well we’ll, get to the juicy. What i felt was totally wrong. What was crap for this phone, so first the pros for hmd global’s nokias. The highlights always been the software and that continues here there’s a slight blemish in the fact that it ships with stock android 10 instead of 11 but hey it – is stock, android, no toggle to turn off ads or anything, because there are no ads uh. There are no extra apps, no bloatware, so it’s as snappy as you could expect the chip inside to be and the chip inside that’s another story: it’s not it’s, not something we’re gon na talk about now it’s in a different category we’ll get to. It. Also note that hmd global promises, two years of android updates and three years of security patches for a budget phone that’s, a huge positive now, since they use bare bones, vanilla, android, usually hmd global updates – do not take anything away.

We’Ve seen this issue with the samsung’s in the redmis update, slowing down the phone over a period of time that almost never happens with stock, android and i’m forced to say almost because thank you xiaomi. You know, you know what happened to the me a1 right. The me series the me a series of phones – i’m, sorry, anyway, the less we talk about it, the better nokia phones, usually don’t. Have these kind of issues so updates equal positive. The next big pro for the 5.4 has got to be battery life, while the battery capacity hasn’t increased since its predecessor, the 5.4 display size has gone down, and that means the same four thousand milliamp hour battery here seems to fare a tiny bit better it’s, not Gon na rival phones with five, six or even seven thousand milliampere batteries, but i did end of end most of my days with 30 30 plus person left in the tank and that’s with light to moderate use, push it and you should still be able to get To a full day on a single charge, other pros include the fingerprint scanner being responsive and hmd global continuing to include a headphone jack and support for microsd. Now, before moving on to things that could have been better let’s, look at the 5.4 last strength, its primary camera, this 48 megapixel f, 1.8 camera does very well even under artificial lighting. The sensor has a strong showing as long as there is a decent amount of light.

Look at the detail on the dinosaurs here, there’s, a dedicated night mode and the performance well not mind. Blowing is definitely a huge step up from what we got on the 5.3 cinema mode for the for video returns, and it offers a lot of control over how the video is shot, which is something you usually do not see on a phone in this segment and That pretty much sums up the 5.4 strengths let’s now look at aspects of this phone, which aren’t necessarily crap but could have, or rather should have been better the five megapixel wide angle, camera it’s about okay from a detailed perspective, it doesn’t really have much to offer. Given the primary camera has been improved a lot here, the difference in quality is a lot more noticeable this time around with the 5.4 than it was with the 5.3, the other two sensors, another mil portrait and macro sensors. They find themselves here and not in the con section, because nokia does provide a lot of bokeh options. That said, i’d still still take a dual camera setup with a stronger ultra wide than this, and then we get to the build and display let’s now cut to a clip from a nokia 5.3 video guys think about this for a minute. Nokia 5.1 full hd, screen 6000 series, aluminium frame, aluminum back gorilla, glass, front, nokia, 5.1, plus hd plus screen plastic frame. Yes, but at least we got gorilla glass to both the front and back now, the nokia 5.

3 hd plus screen plastic frame plastic back there’s. No mention of protection, and this regression continues with the 5.4. We now have an hd plus screen plastic frame plastic back no mention of protection, and the screen has gotten smaller. Personally, i find the 5.4 more wieldable, because the smaller display means the length and width have dropped and the thickness and weight they remain more or less the same, but for a lot of people, smaller displays are a huge. No, no. I mean people don’t, like small, displays right you’ve seen the iphone 12 mini fail uh if that’s any indication. People like the larger form factors so this low to 6.55 inches. I mean from 6.5 inches to 6.’, despite the fact that the aspect ratio has changed from 20 by nine to 19.5 by nine. It appears to be a little bit of a downgrade for some people. Now the build let’s take a closer look at this. Shall we primary mic type c port speaker to the bottom, the speaker’s not particularly loud it’s average, at best power and volume keys to the right. They are pretty clicky and tactile up top we’ve got a secondary noise, cancelling microphone and the headphone jack. The output, via which was quite clean, the left, holds the dual sim tray, which has dedicated micro, sd support and there’s a dedicated google assistant key, which cannot be remapped that’s a bummer. That said, do note that, unlike with sony’s extra key, this one is less prone to accidental presses and the back it’s plastic it’s got this pattern to it.

It’S glossy it does look nice, but it picks up a hell of a lot of fingerprints and smudges. Now the final not crap but could have been better item on today’s list. It’S got to be performance well. Stock android is a huge pro. The user experience is underwhelming at times about 70 percent of the times you do get smooth performance, but the other 30 percent there’s a little bit of a stutter here, and there it’s not bad enough to be totally for me to be totally turned off by the 5.4, but it’s still noticeable enough that i can’t call this phone smooth the reason for this well here’s, where we step, i mean i was supposed to say, step into crap anyways. The snapdragon 662 is a downgrade or at best a side rate from the 665 on the 5.3, depending on who you ask not having a performance bump generation on generation, that’s, most definitely a bad thing and having underpowered hardware inside means this nokia. It still has a hd plus resolution which, given the nokia 5.3 came in at 11k, and the 5.4 it’s expected to come in at the same price point. It seems to be too hard on ask, especially with the competition improving. It just means the gap between this phone and the competition it’s widening. Now that is all the more apparent in the charging speed. The nokia 5.4 is still limited to 10 watt charging and, yes, the charger is included in the box, but that doesn’t make the fact that this is still a 10 watt charger, any better talking about which here’s a quick unboxing.

Since i didn’t do a dedicated, unboxing video for this, so we got the box, the phone, removing the plastic and hey let’s now get the box contents we’ve got a truckload of leaflets, a sim tool, usb type c cable and that 10 watt charger. So guys is the nokia 5.4 bs. Is this an unredeemable phone? Is this a waste of space, not exactly? It seems to cater to a certain certain specific demographic, like c48 catering to just about 30 people, you’re, so called 30 squad. Coming back, the lack of ads and bloatware, along with the supposedly better security that comes with a non chinese phone, add to an hnd global, solid, update, rack record. All this makes the nokia 5.4 a decent enough secondary phone, at least till something like the zenfone max pro m3 comes around barring the camera. The 5.4 doesn’t really bring a lot new to the table, but the lack of stock android options today lets hmd global continue to still have a niche audience. It can cater to. So you know thinking about it. What is going on with asus anyway, is the zenfone max lineup dead, like your channel anyway guys. This has been my take on the nokia 5.4. What do you think is this something you can see yourself considering. Let me know in the comments below and with that. We get to the end of this video thumbs up thumbs down, based on whatever you felt about it subscribe turn on notifications by hitting the bell icon, if you haven’t yet, and thanks a lot for watching till next time.

My name is ash. You’Ve been watching c4etech and i’m signing off for now.