Okay, then it’s called okay. The best galaxy smartphone is the A31. It has a 128 gb storage and 6 or 4 gb ram. So now let’s unbox it., okay, as you can see, this is the samsung galaxy A31. It has an infinity. U display that is having a camera bump and like that and a quad display camera. That is four cameras and on screen fingerprint, which is over here. So let’s open it see that the camera bump and a bit of bezels. This is the sim tray sim card tray, and this is the power button. This is the volume button volume up and down button and that’s it so let’s turn it on yeah samsung, galaxy a81 powered by all right by the time it powers up. Let’S, see these. This is a charger brick it’s, usb a to usb c and, as you can see it over here, it’s output is 15 watts and let’s see the other. This is the charging cable wait it’s the headphones, oh yeah it’s the headphones let’s keep that inside then. This is the charging cable yeah, see the charging cable put on okay, oh nice. They gave us a cover, it’s a transparent cover. You can see some paper quick start guide. You know that blah blah blah if you want to check an iphone 11 unboxing and setting up you, can check the link about okay. Now this has powered up. Yes, so let’s go! Oh insert a sim card check out some info to get started.

I’Ve read all next uh yeah again it’s connected next checking for updates. It might take so some few minutes, so let’s go nothing to copy data, so just don’t copy. So just a second checking info let’s go wait for another minute. It’S, asking and google account you can skip or put your google account, uh put password print pattern or fingerprint or facebook send it into samsung. Hello, let’s finish it. Why isn’t it clicking? Okay, discover let’s, just swipe it up: okay and continue loading loading mode uh. Just next to it, and thank you close and therefore we have got a mobile, oh yay, see you can see. The mobile has been set up, yeah yeah! Let me just show you some features, cool features. If you just swipe this little type of bar in this corner, just wipe you get a calculator and galilee whatever you can then adjust it so and so or you can do this, you can search google just from here. I guess most of you know that i guess there’s nothing more, but we have finished the setup. Good, great and that’s. Okay, let’s just check um how this is the audio and video quality.