This is the viewflex model, normal vf, k2 vertical and horizontal video recording accessories for your iphone samsung huawei android smartphones for vlogging. You can use it for youtube. Facebook tick tock live streams just about anything you want to use it, for this is going to be a great little kit for doing that. You can get it now for 55.99. I’Ll drop. That link in the description here are a few of the ways you can use this uh. The link will be in the description guys, so you can go over and check out all of this stuff that they have on here about this kit. Uh let’s go over a few of the features and details so video and audio horizontal and vertical. This has a 360 degree. Rotating screw. Smartphone holder allows your phone to be in vertical or horizontal. At the same time, the professional shotgun mic makes it easier to get louder and clearer sounds. It also takes your video to a new level wide uses suitable for various models. Vf k2 is a three in one smartphone video mic kit. It contains a shotgun microphone phone holder and tripod it’s compatible with most smartphone sizes, perfect for vlogging, like i said, youtube, tic, toc, facebook, instagram travel, recording, etc. This has a quarter and three eight external port, professional smartphone holder with quarter and 3 8 threaded hole compatible with more types of tripods. In addition, the two cold shoe ports of the smartphone holder also be equipped with a microphone and led lamp, not included.

So you can do that as well. You got 180 degrees, shooting angle adjustability, so you can rotate this all the way around. The link will be in the description if you guys want to head over and check this out so here’s the packaging that it comes in. Very nice packaging got a picture of the device. There says multifunctional smartphone, kit, vfk2 and then here’s the back of it. Some of the main features right. There pause that read it yourself, we’re going to get into the box and check this out so unboxing knife on deck still working on this desk too guys. I want to let you guys see this when i get through with it, but we’re working on it. For now, all right get that plastic cut a little bit get the knife out of the way this video has been shot on the iphone 12. So let me know how this look and sound so let’s get into the box all right. So here is the opening of the box, and you get a nice carrying case here. Uh it’s kind of velvet feel to it with a nice red i like red and there’s the inside of it so good good pouch to carry your stuff in when you’re, not using it. So here’s your dead cat, your wind, muff uh, microphone, muff uh, filter there, and then you got your poison for your trolls. You got a this. Is your connector that goes from your microphone to your camera or cell phone or whatever you want to use it with.

You got your shock mount right here. This is what your microphone connects to as you can see, and then you got your microphone. The cardioid mic very nice has a nice heft to it. So it’s not bad. Put that over to the side, you do get a booklet here and we will open this up, see what we get here. Bumpy cam shout out to j wheel, so you get some stuff in here. First off you get your user’s manual, a lot of information in that you also get uh just some other little cards here and we also get our phone holder here. Oh this is nice man. This feels great. This is all metal, so you got your adjustable to hold your different uh size phones. You have a screw here that you can loosen up and vertical or horizontal and then here’s. This part. This is flexible yeah. This is nice man. It has a nice heft to it so we’re going to set that over to the side as well. So next we have a wind stream here. So this goes over your mic like so, if you don’t want to use the muff or the dead cap to call it, you can use this as well. A lot of people like to use those – and the last thing we have in here is our tripod let’s. Get the box out of the way – and this is a nice thick tripod – that is very, very nice man.

Very very nice got some very thick legs to it. Good health has that red uh color that i, like nice, rubber lining right there. So that’s everything in the box, man, let’s, go ahead, got got a little logo there, uh yeah, so let’s go ahead and get everything together. Then we’ll come back and check this out all right guys. So let’s take a look closer look at the phone holder here. As you see, you got your quarter and your 3 8 threads there, so you can use it on different size, tripods and mounts uh. You got your viewflex back here. This is a nice red accent. There uh this is this rotates 180 degrees, so you can use it in landscape a portrait. You do have a hinge here that you can use this in different positions, as you guys see. So very nice made out of metal very heavy sturdy very nice, so let’s go ahead and get it connected to the tripod and this. This is a quarter, so it’s going to go into the quarter inch right. There just screw it in like this, and that is what you get now i’m going to go ahead and get a phone and we’re going to get this hooked up so stand by all right guys. So we’re back in, i have the google pixel 4a. This phone has a microphone 3.5 millimeter microphone jack here, it’s going to be for your mic or your headphones, so we’re going to go ahead and drop this in.

Let me go ahead and flip it around here. So just loosen that up and now i can drop the phone in here like so now. This does have a case on it, so you can see there, it is there, it is in portrait. You can also use it in landscape, and this is what you get so you can use it here fold it back any position. You want there so let’s go ahead and get the mic together and get it on here. So here’s the microphone here’s, the shock mount. So you just get it on the shock: mount there’s, one in there’s, the other end, so there’s the shock mount so for this you can either use your wind muff or you can use this one here, we’re going to use this one for this demo there. It is, and then you put it on your cold shoe here, just kind of back that nut up a little bit screw it down, so it doesn’t come out. So this is what you have got to hook our wire up, but let’s get that hooked up right. Quick, so here you go so you take this in and it goes into your mic like so and then on this and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is a mic jack in this instance right here and we’re gon na plug it in make sure it snaps. So there it is, this is your whole setup, guys pretty nice, i’m gon na go ahead and get into the phone, and here it is so we’re gon na get into the camera, and what you have to do is just move.

You get your wire out of the way, and here you are so you got your whole vlogging set up here like i said you can angle this any way you want. If you want an angle like this and so i’m, going to go ahead and record, put it on video, so this is me guys recording with the mic setup and everything you guys can see: there’s my ipad over there there’s some other stuff. So this is one way you can stop. It reverse. The camera and there’s will h behind the camera there and we’re going to go ahead and start recording. So if i wanted to vlog like this, then this is what you get as you guys see. Very small portable should be excellent for for vlogging tick tock, whatever you want to use it, for this is going to be great it’s, not very big, very portable. So this is the vf k2 multifunction smartphone video kit.