This is gon na, be the organic core case to unbox. Do a quick review. As always, you know throw up the link in the video description if you want to check it out, pricing about 30 bucks, or so now the cool thing about this one it’s made from plants that’s really awesome that companies are coming out some different ways for the Environment now this is going to be made from plants awesome. Now. The first thing i notice is going to be eight foot drop protection from the actual packaging. You can see it’s, obviously environmentally friendly packaging as well plant based protection, very cool, so that’s pretty much. What you’re gon na get 5g compatible, obviously it’s going to be check it out with the uh the magsafe i’m, not expecting much, but we’ll check it out with the magsafe to see if it’s actually compatible with the magsafe at all. So let’s go check this one out to see if it’s a hit or miss for your brand new iphone, 12 mini or, if you’re, actually just holding on to this 12 minute you’ve, had it for a couple months, love this case or love this phone, i should Say it’s, probably one of my favorite phones, just you can one hand use it. Just super easy to use feels really really just premium in your hands but it’s like a really big upgrade from the se. That’S a little side. Note let’s go check this one out.

The presentation looks good enough. Let’S get right to it to see if it’s a hit or miss kind of curious how this is going to be all right, so my first impression actually that’s kind of weird. You can see it’s kind of like discolored a little bit i’m, not sure if that’s, actually, by by design, you can kind of see a little bit right there. If you look at real close that it’s a little bit just discolored i’m, not sure if that’s because of the material – and it may be it’s got a super soft finish to it. It feels almost like a hybrid leather material which is pretty awesome um on the sides, the same way, i’m, not sure again, i’m, not sure if that design is meant to be like that uh overall, this fit case feels really compact. You can see a little bit of branding at the very bottom camera protection right. There interiors got the soft. It does feel a little more plasticky on the interior, organic core right there, and then you can see. This is actually going to give you that, really that good shock absorption that’s going to give you the 8 foot drop protection. You can see the interior that bumper all the way around the bumper area, that’s going to give you that extra shock absorption for protection. Just a nice lightweight case again, i’m, not sure about that design. If that’s meant to do that – or this is a bad one, it looks unique regardless, so i might just roll with it that black should look really clean as well against the black mini it’s.

Going to take that black mini and wipe it down, wipe it down like we do clean it up for the camera, shine it up real nice, loving this little mini and see there. We go clean, it up shine it all right there we go it’s going to pop it into place like this snaps right into place, really does kind of feel like that leather material, which is really weird because you wouldn’t expect that. But it actually feels like leather. Look at that so very nicely done. Stick there missing a spot. There we go. It’S got a decent grip to it as well. Compact build not going to add too much bulk to it. Camera protection right there. You can see decent camera protection, not crazy, but you can see it’s raised up enough nice again, nice weight to it. Let’S go and check out the lip because everybody likes a fat liz. Zip lip protection looks good too. You got full edge. Dutch lip protection. They did a really good job with that lippage around all the corners um buttons are stiff as a brick. Those are terrible buttons, so that alone might switch this off to be a miss. These are the one of the worst buttons i’ve actually pressed on a long time, terrible buttons, so this material they could have switched these up. These buttons, like i know what they’re trying to do, they’re trying to use that same material to give you that plant base recycled whatever, but in doing so the buttons are the most ridiculous buttons i’ve felt in a long time so hard and really unimpressed with those Buttons, lower sliders, easy access, all the ports.

Look good speaker. Look at that very clean those buttons dang the same thing with the power it’s a little bit better, but still terrible buttons. For this one and that’s going to be a deal breaker for me, let’s go and check out the and it is compatible with the mac. Safe doesn’t. It sticks. I guess, sticks enough, so that’s actually pretty good. No, it looks there. You go see it’s there. You go boom, so it is compatible with the magsafe sticks a little bit just enough to keep it on the actual magsafe charger. But overall i like this case, but i can’t recommend it because of those buttons. You guys would be very disappointed in these buttons. I’M, going to call this one, a miss, save your money. It was the right idea from incipio. They just should have utilized a little bit different button to make it actual more of a better experience. I like what they did, but the misses with the buttons. So let me know what you guys think in the comment section. Is it a hit? Is it a miss? We call it a miss hit. The subscribe button.