This week we passed a 1 000 barrier, which is amazing, it’s really cool to see that k next to the number. So thank you. Everyone who has supported this channel so far now let’s get into the video that you wanted to see. Okay, everyone. So this is the moondog labs package i’ve had in the post, let’s get into it and see exactly what you get okay. So this is the package. Little business card the details on and you get this cool little penny badge. I have to wear that one at some point, so this is the actual smartphone hood i’m really really excited to get stuck into this, because, as soon as i saw this advertised, i thought this is something that i definitely definitely need. Okay right right right right, so this is the cloth i’ll open this out when we’re outside, but this is the cloth that uses a hood and you’ve got you’ve got six clamps to attach this to the hood as pictured there now let’s get into this box little Instruction manual there for how to put your phone in the hood and how to use the hood as well how to clip it on okay. So this is the hood just undo the velcro strap here. Okay, so don’t make the mistake i did, which was thinking that these buttons just pop off they don’t – you have to stretch it back over to get it on. But yes, so it feels quite leathery actually i’m, not sure if it’s real leather or not feels quite strong, quite sturdy got the velcro points here.

Let’S see about getting the phone actually into the slots, wrap it around velcro it here now, i’ve got the iphone 8. So that should fit in nice and easy now. The idea is, you don’t put it on here and let it settle in. You actually have to fix it between the elastic band so here and get it underneath the little slots, so it stays in nice and tight. Now this is a regular size. Hood fyi i’ve also realized because it’s velcro, you can tighten it a lot more so that’s something i didn’t do. If you want to tighten it stretch, the band a bit more you’ll get a tighter fit. So you’ve got the gaps here, which you can slot down to eradicate the ones at the top. You’Ve got these little ones in the corners here, but that should be okay for outdoor filming. I mean you’re, basically blocking off the whole of the sunlight, and so when you want to put this away it’s really handy, you just undo the velcro fold it back up. You then put the strap around here and it’s nice and tight good to go it’s about the size of a wallet so quite easy to put in your pocket. So let’s see what this moondog lab, smartphone hood is like and how effective it is outside in bright sunshine. Here we are with about as sunny a day as you can possibly get, and the reflections are covering the whole phone it’s really difficult to see anything not just the sun glare, but also the actual screen itself.

So you have to get off to the side to try and see it clear, which is just impractical and when you’re using filmic pro you want to get a nice sharp focus. You want to set your white balance, it’s very, very difficult. If you can’t actually see your screen, nice and clear so let’s see how effective the hood is. Here we have the lansiu rig pro, which is what this is built for as well. You can use it with b script cages too, so it clips in and clamps in nice and tight on the phone without disrupting the hood itself. Too much you’ve got the rubber band there, which kind of grips onto it nice and tight and there’s a slight gap at the top where the grip is having to hold on to the phone, but it’s, nothing major and, as you can see here, the image quality Is absolutely fantastic with this hood i’m really really impressed with this it’s got rid of about? I don’t know 80 to 90 at least of the reflections, and you can see that image so much clearer now, okay, so one of the features i mentioned before is that you’ve got a little gap here for your lightning port, which is so helpful because, if you’re Doing sound like this, with a wireless go, the rode wireless go like straight in to the side of the phone, and you don’t have an issue of trying to like cut a bit out of the tape you just get it straight in and it’s really easy access To your phone and it’s really making it very helpful, let’s put the silk hood with the clips onto the actual smartphone hood itself, as i say, is: silk so it’s, not waterproof, which is a bit of a shame.

I’D love to have been waterproof, but, given that you’ll be using it on dry days, mostly in sunny days it’s not going to be an issue at all the clips which i didn’t think you really needed. You could just put it over actually really helpful, because when it’s windy that’s going to hold it nice and tight to your hood now, the weight of all of that does pull it away slightly from the phone. So you get a bit of a gap, but once you actually get under the hood, you alleviate that weight from the hood and the phone itself and you’ll see it going back up there. So it’s, nice and level and snug to fit to the phone and also i don’t, know if you know this, but you look pretty cool as well. Whilst you do it, as you can see, there’s no reflections whatsoever once you’re in the hood and with the silk cover over you, so they really have fourth everything here: moondog labs, it’s, a really great piece of kit, whether you’re outdoors on a sunny day or if It’S not so sunny. This is always going to be a helpful thing to have, and you can see that image really clear and, as i say, it’s great for focusing using your controls, seeing your controls is a really good piece of kit. Now let’s use this with a gimbal and see how it works. This is the osmo mobile 3 gimbal dji and go from portrait to horizontal all working fine.

It seems to be holding the weight perfectly of the smartphone hood, but unfortunately, as you’ll see as i stand up it flops right back down and the weight of it seems to be pulling towards you and down, because it’s not a normal weight that a gimbal like A smartphone gimbal, at least of this size would hold, is actually a lot lighter than the weight it can hold and smartphone gimbal like an osmo mobile 3 can hold 230 grams at its max payload without it struggling, and this weighs this hood at least about 60. So with the phone you’re still having about 70 spare grams of weight that you could use, but i think because the way the weight distributes with the hood it’s just dragging it down so this time i use the counterweights, your laundry counterweights perfectly balance, the phones. You can see gaps equal between there and there on the back of the gimbal too, and this time it actually works really really smoothly. I was going side side up and down this pathway with no problems whatsoever. You have to make sure that you’re going smooth any kind of bumps might knock it a bit and make it go down again, but it starts crouching down this time. You can see that the weight of it it didn’t cave under that it stayed in position moving side to side no problem whatsoever, tilting no problem, panning no problem, but do be aware that every so often it did give way under the weight as you’ll see here.

So that is an issue to think about, and the gimbal that you want check out the weight that your gimbal can hold and then see what exactly you can do with that, and i would check the website of the gimbal that you’ve bought as well to make Sure that it has the payload available to you, the on four has uh 290 grams overall payload, so it should have a little easy, but the osmo mobile 3 will need counterweight so think about those things. Another thing to consider is when you’re sliding the phone up and down to get it balanced. The rubber band on the back does rub against the grip of the osmo mobile three clamp. So just be aware of that, i could see this actually breaking at some point down the line if you carried on sliding up and down something. This is really good, for, though, is actually stand, still shots, so if you’re at home on a desk or you’re outside like this, you want to get some nice shots and see. Clearly, you can use this and get beautiful shots like here and make sure that you got that focus and everything down to a t, it’s a really great piece of kit, for so many different things, it’s really helpful as well for handheld stuff. So if you’ve got a lanzi, uric pro or a b script cage, something like that b script rig. This is really really super helpful and it will give you nice, smooth shots.

It’S got a gap in the sides as well, so you still put your hands through that still got space for your wires and microphones. It’S really helpful. There are two sizes for this smartphone hood, regular and extra large. This is the grid for iphones, so you can see here’s a couple of phones where it’s different with or without the case, so check this to make sure before you buy it for androids there’s, this bit of advice as well for a size guide, but email them To be sure, and then it also works for drone controllers as well so that’s very helpful. Now it is 35 at the moment, it’s an introductory sale price so get this before it goes up to 45. I do have an affiliate link in the description below and i’ll, be grateful if you use that overall i’m really impressed with the moon dog labs new accessory this smartphone hood it’s, something i’ll be using a lot outdoors, especially in bright conditions. It’S going to get those reflections right off your screen and if you use that silk cover as well that’s attached to the hood, then there’s no way you’re going to have any trouble with the sun. Reflecting on your screen now. The problem i did have obviously was with the gimbal, so the osmo mobile 3 on its own without counterweights. It really really struggled, i think, because a gimbal normally is used to having weights like that, whereas if you attach a smartphone hood, the weight starts to go like that which is against what the gears are used to.

So then it kind of gives up and flops over, but with the counterweight it worked a lot better. So if you want to use this with a smaller smartphone gimbal like a dji gimbal, then i would highly recommend getting counterweights to make sure that you can balance this nice and properly, and it did give up here and there but 90 of the time. It worked. Really well with a counterweight, so if you wanted to use it with gimbal make sure you purchase counterweights as well, if you don’t already have them. If you have a hybrid gimbal, one of those larger gimbals that are meant for dslr cameras as well, it will easily handle this no problem, in fact, i’m thinking to get it on myself. So if you enjoyed this video hit that subscribe button hit the like button.