This is gon na, be the silicone cover for your brand new s21 plus so we’re gon na do a quick, unboxing, quick overview. You know i’ll throw up the link in the video description if you want to check it out, pricing’s gon na be about 24.99. Actually, i think it’s 29.99 i’ll throw up the link in the video description to confirm that comes in quite a few different color options. I went with the black version for the s21 ultra and it showed the fingerprints a little bit more than i would like and that’s really what you’re going to get with all black silicone cases, one with the silver version, which is very light. It almost see from the first impressions. It almost looks like a tan uh taupey color, almost off white, but it should still look pretty good for your brand. New s21 plus presentation looks good. You can see a little branding right there from samsung. You can see it’s kind of wrapped like this and like kind of like a little bowish thing right here, so you can take it off like this. A little more branding on the back is going to tell a little more details. We’Ll get right to it, though. Nothing too much in terms of packaging, let’s, go and get right to the unboxing and see how this one’s gon na be um. I did the review of the ultra version and i really like the case. Uh buttons were super clicky provided a lot of grip to it, so this one should be very similar to it.

They’Ve kind of switched up a little bit of things in terms of uh actual build quality compared to last year’s version. Put that to the side. So, first impression again it does look very almost like off white, so i think that this may get dirty in time of taking this out of your pocket, so it’s a little bit lighter than i would like. I think they killed one with maybe a true darker silver grayish color, but that’s, just a small gripe, samsung branding right there. Camera coverage is completely covered, so you got full camera coverage which i really like, especially for that big camera. Hump they’ve done a really good job. With this and doing look, you can see it’s flush, so you’re, actually not getting any of that wobble effect with this and that’s what they did here. They made this part a little bit thicker, but you can see how that’s actually going to make it completely flush on the back with the interior like this now it’s a hard shell plastic on the interior, it’s got a little bit of give to it, but this Is actually more heavy weight heavy duty than a lot of silicone cases? It’S got some give to it, but it’s not completely flexible, like some of them, where you can just completely wobble it around, but i actually like what they did here with the full edge edge protection. You almost feel like it’s getting a little more protection than you would for a normal silicone case again, a little bit of branding at the very bottom and then that’s pretty much it hard.

Shell plastic, i don’t think it’s going to hurt anything and that’s the same material, all the way around the up of upper half of the bumper part area as well. So it’s going to take this beautiful, matte black finish and wipe it down, wipe it down like we do clean it up. Looking beautiful beastly phone between this one and the s21 ultra i’ve used them both now and i like them both. This is a little bit obvious, a little bit cheaper, so i don’t have any problem recommending this particular case. As i mess up the bottom there, we go all right, i’m, probably recommending this particular phone to anybody looking for a brand new samsung, so you can see how that’s going to look again. The black popping through camera is completely covered. Just the nice looking case again. Really, nice grip to it as well, not going to add much bulk to pretty it’s a big phone, so you don’t want more much more bulk in that anyways and i feel like it’s, going to give you some nice protection. Camera coverage. Look at that very nice camera protection all the way around the three camera setup. Look at that all completely covered. Look at that very nicely done guys. That is a nice camera coverage. Look at that even right! There look at that. How good that camera protection is that is superior camera protection for such a lightweight case. They did a good job with that let’s go and check out the lip because everybody likes the fat elizabeth lip protection looks good too.

I like what they did here. You can see that lippage popping out and it’s not crazy, the protection, but what they did. They gave you a nice lip protection for such a slim case and i like what they did it’s curved in a little bit so you’re getting that thickness. If you drop it face down, you actually do got some coverage right there, um besides completely, you know nothing to it. You can see right there a little bit of exposure and then power button right there or power, and then micro or your uh speaker grill. Getting a little off track, speaker looks good right there as well, and then what i really like about this case is the buttons are super, clicky and responsive. You can hear that almost here. Listen to that on all of it, so that’s a really nice clicky responsive button. They did a great job with that. So let’s go check out this mics up top just a nice build quality for this particular case. They did a good job with this one. Let me show you guys with the phone on real quick here. You can see just a nice case nicely done the color i’m, not really sure about. I think it will get dirtied up in time, but overall for the case for the protection for the value. For an official case, i would say this is gon na be a hit. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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