Dungeon only has phones, okay, nothing else. Now i realize out of all the phones that i own there’s, just one smartphone, that is truly once in a lifetime: okay, technically any phone can be considered as once in a lifetime, for example, you won’t see apple, releasing their iphone 8 in the market, with newer Internals, oh wait: they actually did that last year with the iphone sc you see. The point is, nothing is stopping them. No dark force is in the way, even if they want to make an iphone 3gs in 2021. They absolutely can, but this phone cannot be made. Hence it’s truly once in a lifetime, enter the love child of google and huawei the nexus 6p. Considering the time we are living in with huawei getting the ultra band 9000 it’s hard to believe that at one point, huawei had such good times that they actually collaborated with google to make a nexus phone with pure android, pure googly, google stuff on it. It’S. So crazy, but this may actually be the only huawei phone right now that can run android 11 with full google, apps and pure google camera sad now this once in a live, smartphone is also the best old phone that i’ve used ever just to remind you. This phone came out in 2015, which makes this phone almost six years old, older than my knees, which is crazy. This one kind of shocked me, especially when it comes to camera night sight, which is google’s night mode.

It can work perfectly on this six year old phone with its six year old camera hardware, despite that it absolutely shat all over the iphone 12 pro max, which is a 20 20 phone in this night image comparison. I actually did a blind camera test comparison on. My twitter and pretty much everyone thought that i’m, comparing this picture to the s21 ultra, but no it’s, actually a nexus freaking 6p. To be fair. The phone did take like 20 to 30 seconds to process this night mode image, but the result was absolutely worth it. We’Ll talk more about camera later, but let’s talk about the software. The nexus 6p has like unlimited lives. The official software support died with android 8.0 oreo, but thanks to the gods of xda developers, this phone can run the latest android 11.. I actually have the pixel experience rom installed on this phone and it’s, based on android 10, which is still a very recent software. This custom rom gets timely oda updates, which i can flash pretty easily feels like a normal software oda update that you would receive on any other official software running phone. I got possibly the best custom rom experience i have ever experienced on a android phone more on that later, let’s take a quick look at the design of the nexus 6p one of the first phone with the camera bump design at the time. It was criticized a lot because it looked very different compared to other single camera, rocking smartphones, like the galaxy s6 and the iphone 6s, but looking back at it right now, i kind of feel like it was ahead of time there’s like so much space to install Extra cameras on this thing i feel like someone, will copy this design at some point in the future.

It’S got that trusty backlight scanner, which works great every single time and it’s surprisingly relevant in the special times that we are living in full on metal body. With a matte finish, shiny sides and edges honestly, this phone feels almost as good as a 2021 flagship. You get a usb type c port which supports fast charging. It takes about one hour and few minutes to charge from zero to one hundred percent, and then we have two things that we don’t see on smartphone these days, headphone jack and dual front stereo speakers now on the front. Understandably, it’s got those big bezels. Smartphones have definitely evolved for the best when it comes to the display, but if we ignore them big black bezels for a second, this one is rocking a 5.7 inch oled panel with quad hd resolution, it’s, actually rocking a better and stronger protection than a galaxy s20. Fe is coming with gorilla glass, 4 versus the gorilla glass 3 that you see for some reason on a 20 20 600 samsung phone now, android 10 is running pretty good on this phone, considering it’s six years old. We do have some slight lags here and there, but nothing major, and one of the reason why this phone is pulling. That off is because it’s got a snapdragon 810 chipset. This was the only chip that samsung skipped in its flagship phone and vent exynos worldwide. If you guys recall the galaxy s6 lineup from 2015, all of them had the exynos processor.

There were some overheating issues with the first snapdragon 810 batch, but huawei they used the version 2 of this chip and honestly i’ve never felt anything wrong with this ship. Not even then, and not even now, like i said, it’s a surprisingly capable phone that can run pretty much any game that you throw at it. I was even able to play pubg mobile on medium settings on this phone without any lag that’s like one of the most demanding games. We have on smartphone right now, and this six year old phone is pulling that off. Just fine. As for third party apps, like instagram twitter whatsapp, they all work without any major delay. I can post pictures and stories on instagram without any issue of live filters as well. Everything works fine. It feels like i’m using a three year old phone or something now just a quick tidbit. Snapdragon 810 inside this phone is a 20 nanometer chip versus 5 nanometer on current smartphones. That is an insane hardware jump now. The main area where i was really blown away was, with the cameras. Nexus 6p is capable of running somewhat of a latest version of google camera software, so it has a working night mode, there’s, no portrait mode, but other than that. You get a pretty capable camera experience, and that is very apparent when you compare the picture from the six year old phone to the night mode picture that i took on my iphone 12 pro max.

Looking at the photos out of this phone, it was like the first phone that kind of gave us sort of a glimpse of pixels ultimate soon to come. Smartphone camera dominance, images that have that contrasty pixel, look and surprisingly good detail. The night side like i said it, takes like 30 40 seconds to process, but it actually makes a ton of difference in the final result. The software algorithm pumps out some crazy colors and it can be a bit too much at times, but in certain situations it can definitely make even the best of the smartphones look kind of dumb. As for videos, you can shoot them up to 4k 30fps or stick with 1080p. If you want better stabilization now, my nexus 6p has worked surprisingly well when it comes to its battery. It’S got a 3450 milliamp cell and i’m, getting like three hours of usage out of this phone with the consistent social media, instagram and web browsing which, in comparison to my iphone 12 pro max or galaxy s7 ultra it’s, absolutely nothing, but still for a six year Old phone it’s, not bad. If i put a new battery inside this phone, i may be able to crank that screen time up to four hours. So all in all, in all of my old smartphone usage experiments, this has to be the best phone that has held so good, especially when we talk about camera and taking photos in low light.

The night side and google processing is total magic, it’s kind of sad. They didn’t upgrade their hardware, which is why i think samsung has definitely taken the lead. This year, google has to bring a hardware upgrade on their upcoming pixel six, so yeah, considering the circumstances we are living in this phone truly is the once in a lifetime. Smartphone huawei may never get the chance to get google services on their android, but hey never forget they once did something magical with google. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.