I know it has been forever since the last video, but i sort of forgot how to make youtube videos. It has taken so much time anyway. Let’S talk about the oppo a93. I know i’ve said this in a couple of articles before, but i’ll have to say it again, since this is the full review. The oppo a93 is a really good phone like if you wanted to hear that if that’s all you’ve been waiting for and you’ve been looking to, buy this device, then stop watching the video go ahead and buy it anyways. Rarely do i stick with one phone for a very long time unless it’s a really really really good phone. So, for it to be a good phone, it has to have really good specs and be actually fun to use, i believe, that’s, what most reviewers do after you’re done using your review unit, you go back to your daily driver, which is fancy and with good specs. Before getting the oppo n93 for review, i had many other phones that i was already using. I was just from using the oppo renault 4, which i’ll tell you right. Now is a really good phone and, i believe, it’s the same phone as the oppo n93. Just different specs but sort of the same design, the same feel the same display everything. So i had the iphone 11 pro max. I had the galaxy note. 10 plus i had other couple of devices that i was using, so i thought to myself.

It will be very easy, after the review of the oppo a93 to switch back to other devices that i already had that’s sort of the thing i do after using a phone. I switch back to another phone, however, that didn’t quite happen with the oppo a93 and that’s. Why it has been my daily driver for a very long time for anyone looking to buy a phone. They first need to know the specifications so let’s talk about the important specs here so for 31 000 kenya, shillings, you get eight gigs of ram 128 gigs of internal storage, the helio p95 processor, 4000 milliamp battery and a 48 megapixel rear camera at the front. Uh of the display you get a 6.5 inch amoled super amoled display which allows for the super fast and uh display optical fingerprint scanner. I believe those are the very important specs that anyone looking to spend 31 000, which apparently currently will be less than 28 000 because of price cuts and all that so for anyone looking to spend that amount of money. The first thing they’ll be looking at. Are those specs and i believe, on paper personally, i would be like the specs need something more especially in terms of the processor, but after using the phone for a couple of months and after just having it as my daily driver. I will tell you right now that this is a really good phone and for that price, you’re getting sort of a good deal so, as i’ll keep talking, you’ll realize that the battery life and the performance of this phone is really good, and that makes it uh Sort of a winner for me so first i want to talk about the things that i’ve really liked about the fondant later on.

I’Ll mention a couple of things they didn’t like, and then that will be it okay, so in no particular order. Let’S start with the display. For me, this is the best part of the phone trust me, so the amoled panel is sweet to use. The 6.5 inch display is sort of the best middle ground because they’re people who don’t like very big phones and they’re people who don’t like very tiny phones. So this comes at sort of a middle ground when watching content, it’s big enough when holding it and using it it’s also fits in the hand very well. The design, i believe, is one of the best features of the device, because it feels very, very light. I know i’ve used a couple of phones, and especially fronts from techno fronts from infinix at the same price. Point feel really bulky this. This one feels really thin and really light and that’s sort of the best feature about this phone for me because it fits in the pocket very well, and it is also thin and light without compromising on the second thing it doesn’t compromise on battery life. I must add something here before going on to battery life and performance. The material used on this phone – yes, it’s plastic, both back and uh sort of the sides are also also feel like plastic, though it could be metal. Only the front is glass and very many people hate on plastic fonts, because they’re cheap they’re, not they don’t, feel premium, and all that.

I will sort of disagree with that with this one, because it feels premium on the hand, despite it feeling light and also say that the material has really saved this one from very weird falls, so it has fallen from stairs. It has fallen from windows, it has fallen on ceramic tiles, it has fallen on a tarmac road and it still has still looks really good, despite the number of scratches to the side. If these were a glass phone, this review will be me holding pieces here. So that finish, i feel, is the most important part of the device that has kept it. Looking like this throughout the month that i’ve used and sort of had it fall a couple of times. Secondly, let’s talk about the performance of battery life, so it has been a couple of months since i got this device and to this day i can still trust you to be my daily driver. Even when i have very demanding tasks, i think the best way to describe what i mean is to explain a scenario to you, guys so say there’s a day where i have to check photos and videos. I have to use google mobs. I have to uh tether because it supports fiber 4g, which is cheap. So if i have to tether my internet to the laptop and to other devices, i have to uh watch youtube videos. I have to check out uh how the site is doing.

I have to check out numbers. I have to go to uh watch a couple of youtube videos scroll through twitter and instagram. If i have such a day and say in the morning, i wake up with 60 percent. I can still trust this phone to last me through the day with enough battery left by 8 p.m. So i don’t have to sort of feel like i’ll, be constrained by the battery life, such that the phone will die on me and all that if i press power server, which is very intelligent, it doesn’t uh disallow you from you. It doesn’t limit you from using any apps. It just works like a normal phone but it’s on battery server, and if i uh reduce the brightness of the amoled display, i can get so much battery life from this phone that i can’t get from phones with even bigger batteries, so that’s, something that i’ve really Loved with the oppo a93, okay, the third thing that i really liked is oppose ui. I know i’ve already mentioned this in a couple of articles before and i know i’ve even written a dedicated article about the uh opposed color os being the best android skin. Currently – and i know there are people who will want to raise objections to this and they’re right to do so, but i’ll just tell you one thing: if you are objecting to this, if you haven’t used coloros, try use it uh.

The latest version of colors, especially color s on android 11, is really good, also try and compare it to any other skin, especially miui and uh. Try even ios and xos from transient and you’ll see that color s has come a long way. I’Ll tell you this look at the leaked screenshots from the upcoming android, 12 and you’ll see that google will be borrowing a couple of things from color s for android 12 stock skin. That sort of proves to me that color s has come a long way, because there was a time i really complained about color s being junk full of junk full of unnecessary items, uh trying to be a s and all that, but right now color s feels Really clean, really complete and sort of really good to use. If you want to read my article on color s check out the link in the description, my full arguments are in that article, but i can give you some snippets of what i talk about. For example, this is my first phone uh to run android 11. This is the first one to receive android 11. Out of all the phones, i’ve been reviewing the next one was the galaxy note, 10 plus, so it shows that oppa has come along in terms of making sure their phones get updates. It even received updates faster than some nokia phones for the same price range. Also, this phone doesn’t have annoying ads like with techno and infinix, which i’ve talked about uh very extensively and also the default apps that run on this phone are all from google, which is something i really like.

I don’t want to install double apps just to avoid using the stock apps that manufacturers put on their phones now. Finally, let’s talk about the cameras so to be fair to you, there’s, nothing that stands out in the camera department. Let me not promise you that these are the best cameras uh at this price range they’re, not what they offer is one thing it’s that they’re good enough cameras for daily use. So in total there are six cameras on this device. Four on the back and two at the front, but i can promise you this: if this phone had one camera on the back, the main 48 megapixel sensor and one camera on the front for the selfie camera, it will still be good enough and i will still Talk about it the same way i’m talking about it that’s, because the extra lenses on this phone won’t be necessary for most of the shots you’ll be taking. I bet most of the users of this phone will never use their secondary lenses on this phone. So if it came with the 48 megapixel rear camera and the main front camera, i would still have it the same, because those are the only cameras i’ve used over the months. Have you i’ve been using this phone now? Tell me your thoughts on all the pictures and videos you’ve seen and do you believe it should be a good camera for your daily tasks, or do you think it’s not at par with what you expect? Personally, i think it’s a really good camera and i would advise you not to be getting a phone because of the extra lenses because, as you can see, the extra lenses i haven’t even taken shot to the extra lenses, not because they’re, not good and they’re.

Not that good anyway, but because they’re not necessary if they were better and if they took really good photos, maybe i’d be using them, but personally only the main camera is important here. Okay, now let’s address a couple of things i didn’t like with the phone. There are only two fast: the speakers on the phone are terrible, so there’s a button firing speaker which uses these three grills here it doesn’t get loud. You can’t use it for music, maybe for some podcasts, but it doesn’t sound that good. The other thing is that i wish oppo switches from uh shipping out usb type, a to usb type c cables and instead switches to type c to type c cables, because i believe that will be much faster and will also be more reliable and also help out. With the shift to usb type c that i believe everyone should be shifting to right now: okay, that’s everything i believe in this review, i’ve covered most of the things that you will want to know about the phone i’ve shown you samples from photos. I’Ve talked about uh the performance, the ui, the battery life i’ve talked about the specs and, i believe, that’s everything uh to help you make your decision when buying this phone. So tell me your thoughts down below and remember to subscribe, and please share this video with anyone. Who’S been asking about a phone for around 30 000 kgs.