I was not expecting camera performance charging speed it’s one of the best, not sure why. But for me this is actually an unbelievably amazing camera phone from oppo, the oppo renault, 5., okay, so super competitive, oppo, renault 5 phone highlight specs 90 hertz fresh weight, amoled 64 mp, camera setup, silicone one, two, three, four apache 44 mp selfie camera 44 mp view Video snapdragon, 720 g, mobilizion 50 watts super book, flash charging technology bliss less than one r, fully charged from zero to 100 percent beauty and the beast. And yes, what are we waiting for it’s time to full review the oppo renault five? Is it worth it for the price we’ll find out about the bins and you’re watching unboxed? Ladies Music? Okay? So attention last time with shang, my beautiful wife, i love you shout out before we start highlights put in a box a super flash charger, 65 watts, a box, earphones, high quality microphone. All right. You super book, malion pero, assam box. So thank you oppo. So here it is the oppo renault 5, with the glittery diamond shining shimmering back, i must say, you’ll find a silver color. I sober head turner, especially with the ladies. Yes, oh yes, Music, very unique in the sense that is made out of millions of colors ion, combined together with a mixture of diamond glittery back surface. It will remain clean, smooth and dust free, gallon beans, type in color. But don’t worry nice story: black color, liquid, sticky, major fingerprint, magnet and dust magnet piss by the way, honda body and liquid is made out of plastic tapos.

I also like camera modules, for which is super good one. Two three and there is 64 ai quad camera engine led flash actually, even though it’s colors and glitters and things like that. Yes, it’s only the camera lower right, wow, advanced dynamic range, alina’s, thinning on pictures, magenta and blurry background overall flagship, samsung flagship me apple or flagship, new huawei, impression, artificial intelligence, everything, black and white ecole me color, oh a stigma where there’s a picture and puerto ricans Video guys ai color portraits video from all the black. This is the best feature i have seen on a phone, a pina bargon dual view, video so guys as you can we’re, using both the selfie camera and the rear cameras of the oppo renault 5 and with this reaction at the same time, wow unboxing. Before we go to the gaming part magazine performance and all let’s talk about that wonderful display, i began 6.43 inch i’m only displaying the metal 90 hertz refresh rate netflix, certified amazon. Prime video certified narendra high refresh rate display and get this at the same time, which is very rare, no usually a high refresh rate lcd, and that makes the whole experience much better movements, home screen, facebook master callers lcd display, whether it be watching youtube, netflix, buggy Scrolling facebook checking out pictures or simply gaming and graphics in enhancing, sometimes processor, actually graphics, display and make sure the display. It is one of last year’s, best mid range smartphones, impressive processor, in the mid range segment last year, which is snapdragon 720g soyunna it’s.

The same processor as the opportunity for but that’s actually a good thing, so bro optimize the tone processor. By the way it had two benchmark score 281 thousand points and with that score, minama langs, mobile legends, sobras, munya, all throughout parang feeling more individual game. Sober optimistic mobile legends – and i think this is already very good. Parasaur mobile agents – no support most mid range phones. It goes to show you optimization settings or performance out of the box settings and things like that and if you’re a major call of duty fan i’m pretty sure, um low settings, this game is really super heavy, but beans, graphics, gamepl, let’s charge it now five minutes. Sixteen percent now wow ten minutes, twenty eight percent. Now fifteen minutes forty percent and guys in just thirty minutes, men can hang. This is ground breaking in just 48 minutes, 99 percent again, even though 50 was lasha and in 52 minutes one hundred percent of you guys it is over charging at least now outlet no happiness, but here it is see. Oppo reno, five for gi 18, 999 pesos. Only are you on so like seriously pero if you want something better, merocele in 5g version: oh, my gosh, 5g mass, mobilizing processor, mustability, parasail metal, free being a kuyo smart watch worth three thousand and hundred ninety pesos february 10.