So, first of all, let me tell you this is one of samsung’s budget smartphones here, but with a solid quality for the price, so let’s get into it and, first of all i want to show you the body design. So we have a glass front here. Of course, and at the back we have a plastic design and what’s very nice. Here we have a grippy design and this makes it very solid in the hand, by the way, also with the 205 grams. It is nice in the hands, a good balance and what’s. Also, very nice for a budget smartphone is we have fingerprint sensor here on the power button here, the side which one is very quick by the way and for the plugins we have the usb type c. If you want to buy an extra cable, you will need usb type c and we have an audio jig, also not common anymore and yeah. The colors which one you can have are black, like in my version here or white blue orange, now let’s come to the camera, so we have a quad camera, as you can see here on the back and uh yeah, the main camera 48 mps, which one supports Full hd videos by the way um but it’s, the only camera. You can really count on it, because the other ones are not that well from the quality, and this this makes it to a budget phone you. By the way we have just five mps for the ultra white cam, not really much a 2 mp depth cam and a 2mp microcam.

But in some cases you can use them. But if you want to have good quality for your pictures, only use the main cam. So let me show you a bit the differences here from the camera, so this is the main cam which one it’s not using all the 48 megapixels by the way it’s using just 12. But if you want to have the 12 megapixel cam, you can set it up here. I will show you it later in the tips and tricks area um, but it’s the best quality year of all four camps, um, and if you want to use the hydro white cam, maybe if you’re very close to an object like me now, then you can use The hydra white cam and you have much more range but, as i said, you have just a 5 mp cam here, which one is not that much. So i recommend to you here to use always the main camera, and also you have a nice feature here as well with one of these four cameras, if you’re very close to objects like me now, you cannot really see clear um. You know the phone cannot focus anymore, but if you go here on more, you have the opportunity to enter the macro mode, and then you enable the macro cam and, as you can see, also if you’re very close to objects, you can have clear pictures. But, as i said also, this camera is also not so good.

With a resolution of two mps. Okay, let’s have now a look here on some pictures of the e12. You can see it here on the left, i’ve compared it with the huawei p40 pro. I know it’s a bit unfair, but uh, just the combination that you can see what is possible and so on, because the p44 is one of the best cameras. So has one of the best cameras on the market and yeah the details from the day picture of the a12 is nice, so it’s a nice cam, but at latest, if we change to the night receive the differences. So the a12 is a bit more realistic because our eyes, so the natural way um is rc. Also not so many and the p40 pro makes the picture uh at night much brighter. You can see much more details, uh, it’s, much more clear and so on. Of course um, if you want to have great pictures for the knight 812, is not the best choice. Okay and at the front we have a 8mp cam, which one is also not so great. But as i said, we have a budget phone here and this front game is part of a 6.5 inches pl as ips display, which one have a refreshing rate of 60 hertz, and the resolution is just hd, so not full hd. But i can just repeat myself: we have a budget phone here and hd is okay, it is okay to watching videos and so on, but um not uh with the such a cinematic effect or something like this, of course, and at the back we have a non Removable 5 000 milli ampere battery, which one supports fast charging, and this is very nice for budget smartphone by the way, and you can extend it also if you’re using the power saving mode, which one is included here.

If you just scroll down scroll down a second time and then just you go on the written word power mode, and then you can choose between the optimized one or the medium power saving mode. If you, if you want to limit the speed of the cpu and reduce the brightness and so on, or you can also go to the maximum power saving mode, which one would disable also many backgrounds activities and so on, and this can extend your battery life much And i would recommend this to you um. If you have just a few percentage on you, you know that you have to go for some hours again without any opportunity to charge the phone, and this would increase your battery life. Much and made would save your life. One day so a very nice tool and we have a octa core cpu here for meteor tech to heal you p35 from 2018 by the way uh with four times two point: three: five gigahertz and four times uh one point: eight gigahertz um the cpu was created For mid range smartphones, now we have a bunch of smartphones here, uh a smartphone here, so it is good for the price and our operating system is android 10 and samsung’s ui 2.5 and at the storage we have three options. So take care that you take the right one and the first one is 32 gigabytes with three gigabytes of one, which one is not uh so well, because the 32 gigabytes could be very less by the way um.

I would recommend to you the 64 gigabytes, with four gigabyte of one or, if you have the opportunity to 128 gigabytes, with four gigabytes of warm as well and also with the sim tray. You have to take care because you have two versions of the phone one single sim version, which one allows you just to enter: one sim card um and a do some version, which one would allows you to have two sim cards at the same time. So the synthesizer version, by the way you will recognize if the first part is just plastic here: okay, if you have the single sim version, you’re able to enter one sim card and if you want optional, a micro sd card to extend the internal storage. If you have to do some version like in my case here, because we have um the opportunity here to add a second sim card, you can have also two sim cards if you want at the same time, next to a micro, sd card and the phone have Also, the basic features like 4g 3g, of course, wi fi it’s, not the fastest wi fi by the way but it’s, okay um. We have gps and we have bluetooth as well and yeah. Let’S have a look, what’s included next to the phone here in the box. Uh, so we have the power charging adapter, which one supports fast charging, as i said, and with 15 batch – and we have here the usb type c – cable as well included and a pin to remove the sim tray – and we have here also some menus, um yeah.

But very quick menus, so just a quick start guide, but no headset is included no case, like other manufacturers are doing already. There is no film on the screen, so these are just the basics you can have in that. You can have here in that box and also the software is a basic, but you still have some nice features here of samsung, like the blue light filter here, if you scroll down scrolling a second time to you to reduce eye strain, that would help you, maybe To sleep in better at night, let me enable it here that you can see the screen is turning into another um color and with reducing the view light. The blue light your eyes feel less stressed, so just try it very helpful at latest at night, and we have also a mobile hotspot here. Um you can use your mobile plan then maybe as a router, so for other wi fi devices here and yeah. I have here: if i go you to the settings, i can enable also a feature to clone apps to clone messenger apps. If i go your own advanced features, i feel the dual messenger point, which one allows me maybe to clone whatsapp, so i can have two whatsapp account on my phones, while this way usable, because i can insert two sim cards now, why not using two whatsapp accounts, Then i can use two facebook accounts same with messenger and so on, um, so a nice tool for a budget smartphone as well and yeah.

Of course you have also the basic features to take a screenshot with the power button and the web down button um. So you can screenshot, you can capture, maybe websites, you can crop parts of it and so on. So the basic features are working all with that phone and you can have a nice price as well. Actually, i think it’s at 165 euro or something like 170 dollars, but um the price will um go down in the next month. That is always show with samsung. So if you wait a couple of months, you can have it maybe for 130, euro or 130 dollar. Something like this yeah. Thank you so so much for watching this video. I hope i could help you with it and show you the features here of that phone may could help you with your decisions to buy it or not yeah. This is a budget smartphone with some nice features. You can have sometimes better phones for that price, but it’s, not that bad. So you have solid samsung quality and i would recommend it to you if you are not so fit with smartphones, because you always have someone um at your friends or at your family, who has a samsung phone, and that would helps you in some points. If you have questions about the settings and so on and uh yeah, i hope i could help you with this video and answer your questions and uh yeah. If you want, you can leave me a nice comment or give me something.

That would be very helpful for my videos. Thank you so so much for, and you have quite a lot so some other videos if you’re interested in or made just subscribe me, it would be really a pleasure to see you again and yeah.