This phone should be on sale at the time you’re watching this video i’ll have links down in the description. If you want to check it out for yourself, the price is around 300, so this phone’s main claim to fame is having 5g connectivity on what is samsung’s least expensive, 5g phone, but because we’re getting that 5g, we do have a few downgrades on this phone compared To the previous generation a31, but there will be some upgrades as well, because we have a more powerful processor in this a32 5g to, of course, handle that 5g connectivity, but it’s also going to increase our general performance and battery life. We have some minor camera upgrades as well. We also have a whole new design here. Let’S go ahead and jump into the a32 5g. This phone comes in four different colors. We have this awesome blue here. It also comes in white violet and black. This phone also has six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage, which is pretty good for a series phone all right on top here we have our device put that to the side for a second see what else we get in the box in the box. We have our sim ejection tool on the bottom. Here we have a 15 watt fast charger. This phone is capable of 15 watt fast charging. We have a usb type, a to type c charging cable and in the top here we do get a case.

Love to see that we have a little bit of paperwork here, we’ll go ahead and dismiss that, and you can already see from the case that we have a very unique camera design here. Let’S go ahead, check out the a32 5g. This is in the awesome. Blue color wow first impressions of this a32 5g. This is a very interesting looking phone, mainly because of this new camera layout here it’s, just the cameras are just right. On the back of the phone, there is no dedicated camera module or camera square to go with this, and if you couldn’t already tell this, has a glossy back and then there’s. Also, these glossy sides, with a darker shade of blue, to complement the lighter shade of blue on the back, taking a quick tour around the phone. We have our power button on the side here, which also has a fingerprint scanner built in. I absolutely love this. We have our volume rockers as well on the left side at the top. We have our sim tray and this has room for either two sim cards or a sim card and a micro sd card on the top. We have a mic and on the bottom we have our speaker, our type c charging port, another mic and a headphone jack, but first impressions in the hand here. This has a nice look to it, but it is a very thick phone at 9.1 millimeters and it also has a decent amount of weight to it, because it’s packed with a 5 000 milliamp hour battery, but now let’s go ahead and boot up the galaxy a32.

Here is our first look at the 6.5 inch display of the a32 it’s up slightly in screen size compared to the a31, which has a 6.4 inch display. We also have just a slightly different approach to that front facing camera here on the a32 compared to the a31 it’s. More of that rounded teardrop design opposed to the more aggressive teardrop on the a31 it’s, really not going to make that much of a difference at the end of the day, but in terms of the displays themselves. This is the most controversial part of this new a32, making some major downgrades compared to the a31. This had a great display. This is going to have an okay display but i’m, going to put my information in the phone test it out for a while and come back with my first impressions on the galaxy a32. Alright, so i’ve been using the galaxy a32 for a little while here and i’m, ready to share some of my first impressions with you guys so, first and foremost getting into the phone. I absolutely love the fingerprint sensor built into the power button. This is one of my personal favorite ways of getting into any phone. You just instantly get into your phone, a hundred percent of the time, absolutely no issues with unlocking and getting in, but we also have face recognition here, which i’ll show you guys very fast. No issues at all getting into the phone, and then we were greeted by the 6.

5 inch display. So in my general use here this morning, it’s been a fine experience. There isn’t really anything wrong with the display, but the problem is that it is such a downgrade from the previous generation galaxy a31. The a31 has a 1080p amoled display, and this a32 has a 720p non amoled display, so we’re not getting that really crisp text which, if you do look at it side by side, you cannotice. The text is not as crisp not as clear and also the colors are not nearly as vibrant on this non amoled display, but on its own. The screen is honestly fine for day to day general use, but jumping into just some general use here, navigating around the phone you’re not going to have any stutters any lag any hiccups. We also have one ui 3.0 on board here with the a32, so we’re getting all the latest software features. We have things like smart view, projecting your screen to another display. We have quick share, basically, the airdrop of samsung devices. We have our focus mode, which i really enjoy on all samsung phones. We can also set up options to call and text from other devices like your samsung tablet. For example, great software experience here on the a32 jumping into some general use here, jumping into youtube. I really had no issues at all scrolling through youtube. There was no lag, no hiccups or anything of that nature. We have a decent amount of chin here on the bottom and also that notch on the top, just digging into the display a little bit but honestly youtube content here has been absolutely fine.

Initially, here, i’ve been enjoying youtube on the a32 jumping over to google news. I also had no issues here so smooth experience, no lag, no hiccups, jumping into various articles web pages loaded quickly, no issues in the general use here on the a32 jumping into some gaming now i’ve been playing some stardew valley for a bit here and i’ve been Really happy with the experience there hasn’t been any lag at all. I was expecting maybe a little bit just because this is a lower end. Samsung a series phone, this dimension, 720 processor, has impressed me and it’s definitely gon na get the job done for anything you’re. Looking to do with this phone in terms of texting and typing on the screen, it’s a great experience, you get a really nice haptic feedback when you do so so liking the typing experience on the a32 in terms of the audio on the a32. We just have a single bottom firing speaker, so it’s been nothing super impressive here with the audio, but i’ll give you guys a quick, listen, Music, taking a look around back at the cameras. Now we have a 48 megapixel wide angle lens. We have a 8 megapixel ultra wide lens. We have a 5 megapixel macro lens and we have a 2 megapixel depth sensor so overall, not too much different than the previous generation galaxy a31. But we do have a couple improvements jumping into photo here. We have our standard and then we have our wide angle lens.

You see, we also have a two times a four times and a 10 times zoom, but these are all digital zooms, so the quality is really not going to be all that great. It is an option. Nonetheless, we also have a portrait mode that’s, going to tell you, when you’re, at a good spot, it’s going to give you the ready up at the top and then you’re also able to choose how much bokeh or how much blur. You would like to have around your subject in your portrait shots in terms of our video again. We have that standard and our wide angle, and then we have those same zoom options, but again it is going to look pretty grainy that’s. How it’s looked for me here in my initial testing? You can see here at the top. We do have our different recording options, so we do have now 4k filming here on the a32. That is an upgrade over the a31, but it is capped at 30 frames per second, so we can’t even get a 1080p 60 or 720p p60 it’s all at 30 frames, but it is nice that we do now have that 4k 30 video option jumping over to More here we have a few different options. We have ar doodle pro mode panorama: shooting have food shots, night, shots that macro lens, slow motion and hyperlapse. So again we have that 2 megapixel macro lens, which you’re going to be able to get really close to your subject and it’s, going to make for really detailed shots very nice that we have all these different camera options here on the a32.

I also mentioned it before, but we have a 5 000 milliamp hour battery packed into this phone, so the combination of the lower resolution display and that large battery it’s going to mean excellent battery life, probably some of the best battery life you’re gon na get on Any samsung, a series phone and that’s gon na bring me to my first impressions here on the galaxy a32 and initially i am impressed with this phone and all the things it’s offering for the price it’s offered at. But i am still disappointed that samsung decided to downgrade the screen down to a 720p non amoled display. I completely understand when samsung uses. These lower grade displays in their 170 180 phones like the galaxy a12, but when it gets to this 300 plus dollar price point. I feel like the amoled display is a necessity in these phones. So with that said, i would highly recommend taking a look at the a42 before making a final decision on the a32, because, even though this a42 also has a 720p display, it is an amoled display and i’m really enjoying the amoled experience here. Even though it is 720p but for the price and getting that 5g connectivity, i think it is worth considering for that extra 50 or so to take a look at the galaxy a42. But i do like this new design that samsung has brought to this a32, so that could be a selling point for you if you’re, just looking for a plain color finish with a unique looking camera system opposed to this common look, that’s been on all the other, A series phones with just this black design and having these rainbow effect, colors and it’s very glossy and shows a lot more fingerprints.

So if that’s important to you, that’s also something to consider. But what are your thoughts on the samsung galaxy? A32. 5G. Let me know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video then be sure to give it a thumbs up and please consider subscribing to the shane simon’s youtube channel today, as only about 3.6 percent of you are subscribed.