um. In my opinion, this is one of the best android phones, i’ve ever used well, excluding the ultra, because um that’s, my primary phone and i’ll save this for a different video, but seriously this phone is a beast of its own. So the best thing by far is the display uh. Actually, let me talk about the weight first, because i just picked this up, so this phone is incredibly light, it’s almost deceiving because when you hold it it feels like a toy. Now i know there’s some people who like to correlate heavier things to be more premium and better performance, but i feel like until you use a device that’s light and delivers incredible performance. Battery life weight starts to become a factor. Let me talk about the display. It’S. Incredible um apple has to be getting like the short end of the stick for samsung’s displays or something because this display truly is a work of art. In my opinion, now on android, at least on the oneplus and samsung side of things, i’ve noticed the colors really pop by default. It is set to vivid mode and trust me. It looks way better. That way you don’t want to switch it to natural. So, moving on to the display or moving back to the display, i should say the high refresh rate is: what really gives this phone a better user experience? If i were to you know hand you this phone, the average user, i would say not saying that people watch this video are average, but you’ll, probably just notice that this display is a lot smoother faster and snappier, and you can thank that because of the high Refresh rate, which is 120 hertz and it’s, made its way to the s21 at any resolution, so apple, the ball is in your court.

So going back to the display. Once again, if you watch any hdr content on here, i mean you will be blown away and i swear i’m not trying to sell you this phone. It really is just that good. Even non hdr content looks amazing. The regular s21 has no curves on the display. It’S flat, which for me in my opinion, gives me a better grip on the phone when i’m, using it there’s, also an always on display, and i think, samsung really nailed. The display here, although i feel like samsung, has never made like a bad display within, like the last two to three years on smartphones. Now, let’s go over build quality, real quick, because this is another category that i think samsung really nailed it. So it has a aluminum frame on the outside and it has the new victus gorilla glass on the front. The back is a combination of plastics, but it’s polycarbonate. If you want the specifics, it’s pretty much a love or hate thing after using the s21 ultra. In my opinion, i actually do appreciate the back material on the regular s21 simply because the texture just gives me better grip. I know a lot of people rocket case for me personally, i would just use a skin, but if you use this device without any protection, i think the back is a solid choice. Excuse me by samsung the camera bump is another thing that i love. It always felt like cam, the camera area on the back of smartphones were just honestly getting ugly that’s.

The only way of putting it – and i do want to applaud the designers at samsung who thought of wrapping the side of the phone and merging it with the camera area as well. I mean a plus seriously um. The speakers are great and loud they’re stereo speakers. Not only does watching youtube videos look and sound amazing, even watching movies and tv shows too. I would also say it’s like a bit of a gimmick of enabling dolby atmos. But from my experience you do notice a little bit more of openness in the audio. When you enable it it’s not as tight when it’s disabled, i think if you don’t have headphones. You’Ll have an enjoyable experience, just using the speakers that come with the device. Now the unlocking methods on this device. It has a in display fingerprint reader once again, apple you’re slacking, and if you keep slacking i’m going to leave you for good – and i do believe this is the next generation or iteration of samsung’s in display fingerprint technology um, you do have the option of facial Recognition but for me it’s always 50 50, especially when i’m in low light conditions. But overall, i would just say the fingerprint sensor is gon na work for you nine times out of ten. Although there was one occasion where the fingerprint sensor stopped working on me, but that was just on the s21 ultra now i do feel like the oneplus 8.

Pro was just a tad bit faster, but i mean that company is just built on speed. Now let’s talk about the cameras and samsung is really big on 8k and i’m, not knocking them. Recording 8k on a smartphone has been impressive and 8k is coming eventually. But for me, when i recorded 8k on here, it didn’t actually look that good, especially when motion was involved. Most of the shots i took were in 4k, 60 and 30, and i mean incredible once again: samsung front facing camera or the back camera the colors. The balance, the sharpness it all worked really well now. I’Ll say that similar to the pixel that the colors don’t pop like the iphone, but they look more natural. So if you want a more natural tone to your photos or videos, i would also say, like the photos, are like a bit more grayish tone. You may want to stay away from samsung, but i think the camera in terms of the videos and photos you take for a vast majority of people. I think they’ll be satisfied. Also, if you max out the zoom you’re insane and you won’t be getting an opinion on that feature from me now you do have the ip68 rating, so you know you could take this in the shower if you wanted to, has reverse wireless charging. So, if you want to you know, impress your friends that your phone can wirelessly charge other devices, because i still have no other use for it: it’s 5g, capable, which will probably just be the standard moving four to four mid and high end smartphones, there’s no sd Card slot, which i know a lot of people are upset about, but as an iphone user i’ve been used to that since steve jobs is around, but i do feel your pain for losing something that has always been there so moment of silence for the sd card.

Removal, i can’t believe you’re gone, so you can wirelessly charge this device, it’s capable of wi fi six as the snapdragon 888, eight gigs of ram amoled display and the more i talk about specs, the more the average person doesn’t care about. The more people leave. My video so you’ve heard all the flagship specs on this phone it’s, a flagship worthy phone now the battery and the battery. In terms of my use case, i was able to get a full day, usually hovering about at, like 15 to 20 percent. At the end of the day, um, if you do more hardcore stuff like playing games for extended period of times, the battery, probably won’t last all day for you, but with most people inside at the time of me, recording this video, i don’t think having a battery Last all day is going to be an issue because you can just plug it in somewhere inside now. If you are a person who’s around and about you, should get all day with the regular s21, if you’re just doing phone calls, checking emails and browsing the web – and you know watching videos here and there throughout the day now, i’ve said a lot of good things About this phone, but what could be bad about it and, frankly, coming from an iphone, i realized who the real peasant was, but seriously all jokes aside coming from an iphone to this, you can see the innovation from the hardware all the way down to the software And user experience there may be a bit of a learning curve, but honestly after about a day or two you’ll adjust now from an existing s20 or android user going to this phone that’s, where it gets a little bit tricky.

Looking back to even the s10, i don’t think this is worth the upgrade. I would go as far back to say if you have an existing flagship android from like the last two to three years: you’re: fine, if you bought an iphone 12 a couple months ago, you’re, not fine, and you need to go pick this one up. Okay, that was the last iphone joke, but all friendly banter aside, the s21, is a great device for people on. I would say three to f, like three and above older flagships like three four fives i don’t know, but you know what you know. What i mean older flagships that aren’t two years old and just you know if you have older hardware in general, looking to upgrade. I do think that the s21, in my opinion, is a beast, but the ultra. In my opinion, the one in my pocket is just it is something else, and it deserves the name ultra and the price is ultra as well, but, like i said this is a video on the s21. So let’s talk about the price. The price of this phone starts at 800 now do keep in mind that this doesn’t come with a charger anymore, and this is a bit of a tangent. But i find it extremely funny that samsung always likes to make fun of apple for doing ridiculous things and then realize people pay for it and end up doing it themselves like come on samsung.

Are you a leader or a follower, or do you just want higher profit margins like apple anyway, no charger, no earbuds, just a phone and a cable and a fat 800 price tag? If you live overseas with more android competition, this phone might be harder to justify here in the us. I wish this phone was like 700, because i do think 800 is a bit much, but with samsung within a couple months. I think this thing might drop by 50 or 100 or something so to cap it off, because this review is getting too long. For me, the phone has impressed me from an iphone perspective, s20 and s20, not s20 s20 and s10 users. I don’t think it’s worth the upgrade non us residents. Compare this to your competition, just because you have more choices. Us residents, if you want to support samsung by all means, grab this and go because i do think it’s a solid choice. I appreciate every sub like and comment and as always guys much love s21 ultra review will be coming soon.