Have a look? We’Ve got a card and we’ve got glasses a little bird. Oh, hey, xiaomi phi! Are you a movie fan you’re invited to attend our global premiere of the smartphone, which will change the way you think about mobile filmmaking. So what i’ve just gotten is a meat 11, and this is a global version of the meat 11. let’s dive right into my favorite features on the meat 11. let’s go so here i’ve got the me 11, the global edition, which is xiaomi’s a flagship phone and, As we could see with the hints in the mystery box, packaging they’ve put a lot of focus on video and photos so i’m going to go over. My five favorite features on the me 11, starting with the camera, so first the camera. The camera is really good. As we’ve pretty much come to expect from xiaomi phones, as you can see, all of these photos are taken with 108 megapixel main camera and there’s. Some really good photos with lots of details and good color rendering and they create just a nice looking image. The 8k video is also very detailed, it’s sharp and an overall good looking image as well. As you see in all of these video clips, it comes out looking very good and when going to 4k, the stabilization is also very very good. So i really had a blast taking some videos with this uh with this phone. The mini 11 has a lot of video features like this slow motion, camera which we’re probably all familiar with, but it’s also got a lot of new features like this hancock type of magic zoom, where the camera moves back, but at the same time the lens zooms.

In and that gives some pretty nice effects, as it really feels like the background, it’s really an interesting effect. It’S got this all new, slow, shutter, video mode when tracking a moving object at night, like a car, for example, and i’ve, had some very nice shots with that one as well as you can see in all of these examples and there’s a bunch of other new Features on the mi 11 in terms of camera, so you can really see that they’ve put a lot of focus on creating new camera features. The next thing i love on the mi 11 is the audio as it’s got these harman kardon speakers. That gives a very rich stereo sound experience, which sounds really good. This is always hard to get translated across in a video, but i’ve made a stereo recording of how it sounds. I was really impressed with the audio quality on this phone. The third thing i really love on the mi 11 is the display it’s a 3200 by 1140 pixels resolution, amoled display with a 120 hertz refresh rate that’s, not only very bright, but it looks stunning i like how in the flagship phones they have like this curved Display it really feels like your apps, are floating over the edge when you’re scrolling. You can see here as fourth, i like the performance on the me 11. it’s, been super fast it’s been able to keep up with literally everything that i’ve tried on it.

The snapdragon 888 processor that is powering this phone has been really good in my opinion, and everything feels super smooth and responsive both with more simple daily tasks, but also with games or small things like even opening up the camera app it’s just fast and responsive the Wi fi and 5g speeds have been very good for me as well. So overall i’ve really been loving the performance on the me 11. and last but not least, what i really love about. It is the design i love the hand, feel the finishing on the back feels really good and the way it looks with that seemingly smaller camera bump. To me that looks very nice with that super big main camera lens it’s, just a great look, even the buttons on the side and like the whole overall look of this phone is just great. I really like it so yeah that’s about it for the me 11, which i think is xiaomi’s greatest flagship phone up to date. I really like the hand, feel i like the size. I like the design. The display is amazing, it’s really good display and the performance with the new snapdragon was really good. So this is definitely by far my favorite xiaomi phone up to date and that’s about it. So if you guys want to check out a full review, i’m posting a full review over at my channel, which you can find on youtube.com xiaomifi. So after this video, if you care to check it out, you can head over there and check my full review and yeah that’s it it’s a really good phone and i’m really happy that i got to review it.