Creamy going to unbox pocos’s latest smartphone called Poco M3 guys. Poco has globaly launched his smartphone M3 and finally, today we are going to watch its unboxing video so before starting this video. If you are not on the channel, then subscribe to the channel, because such latest smartphone videos are uploaded on my channel. So guys. First, we get to see one after opening the box. With simple cake book binding, which has a sim tool and some specifications about our smartphone. We keep it in the back side and see it.. What do we learn and you move forward in the video and see your smartphone, which has been rapped and also kept in the side and before we check the accessories in the box, then we got a Type C cable with our smartphone is.. We get to see the fast charger to charge the phone. In the box. It is our phone poco, m3 smartphone, which has been rapped while highlighting the phone with some specifications. So you do it and see. Our smartphone.This is the First impression of our Poco m3 smartphone, which looks like the first thing we get to see its back panel and display and camera setup on the side. Here. We get to see fingerprint scanner and volume up down and volume up down. Buttons.. We get to see a mic in the upper side and left side, Sim trays as well as if we could talk. And speaker grill for good sound.

A. Bort has also been given to charge our phone and we get triple camera setup in it. With our phone. The first camera we get is 48 megapixels and the second camera, which is 2 megapixels., And the second camera is also a 2 megapixel depth sensor and flashlight with the branding of the poco. In the first impression, the phone looks quite bold and good looking. With the smartphone. In the case, there is a battery of six thousand minion ampere, which is a very large battery and some have always been adjusted in its back panel.. Now we unrap the phone and move forward towards its specifications.. It gets support in Android 10 as Well support of MIUI 12. We get to see. THE FrONT CAMRRA we get to see of 8 megapixel. Camera has clicked a fairly good selfie, and when we talk about its display, then we will see two in this. That is a full HD display of 6.3 inches, which, if you purchase this smartphone for content consuming.. If you do, then you can use the display for content consuming as well of very good quality. And if you talk about picking up a value for money phone, then the money we will get to see in it, which is what Snap Dragon 662 Qualcom processor and 6 thousand million ampere battery.. What we will get to see about it in the pricing of Six GB Plus 64GB storage and Six Plus 128GB.Accordingly, it becomes the value of copy for money smartphones with a 48 megapixel camera with a thousand MH battery, as well as a full HD display.

. If we get to see this, then the guide becomes 1 value for money phone overall and in this range we get to see another smartphone., Which is redmi 9 power, which can be the compared by this phone.. So the sit for this video – if you like this video, then like the video., Subscribe and see to watch latest videos related to smartphones.