Welcome to the tech city gadget review today, i am belarus okojie from techcity, and today i’ll be reviewing in detail the samsung galaxy s21 plus, if you’re ready, then i am ready, we’re, all ready Music when you get a device what’s. The first thing that you want to do you want to show it off right, like show it off show off this device. It is made of glass both front and back, and i honestly think yet again that the phantom black color is the best. Now there are other colors there’s phantom grey phantom violet, a phantom pink, which is only available in north korea and some customized colors that are available on samsung.com, colorways, phantom, red and uh phantom gold. Now, with regards to the corning gorilla glass victors that the front and back panels of the phone are made with samsung was looking at making these devices scratch less that’s, why they use corning gorilla glass, vectors, and all of that, so i put the phone in my Bag um in the compartment, where i have like my keys, my atm card glasses, flash drive and while it was in that place with all those other things, i didn’t see any scratch at all and i think that they scored one with the corning gorilla glass victors That, of course, makes the device scratch less. However, i need to say that the material makes the phone glide on your fabric. I would have to be careful, so it doesn’t just sleep and fall to the floor, so you want to be very careful about that.

It stays well on hard surface, as it should still on the design and the material that was used in creating this device. I want to also mention that it is not a fingerprint magnet. Thankfully, if you have sweaty palms – and maybe you sometimes worry about having your finger print, it is worthy of note that the material makes your sweat marks dry up really fast in seconds, in fact, so that’s one for the team now away from design. Let us go down to actual functionality, so with regards to display on the samsung galaxy s21 plus, it is a 6.7 inch flat, fhd plus dynamic, amoled, two time screen phone with an infinity o display 2400 by 1080p, with a near bezel, less full frontal screen. It also displays ‘4px per inch and has got an hdr, 10 plus certified and 120 hertz refresh rate. That is impressive. Now, on to the one thing that i got the most questions about the camera bella: how functional is the camera? Is it better than the 20? You know 20 ultra, is it better than other devices i’m going to break this one down for you, because i was really busy with the camera just for you. So, with regards to the camera, the camera quality is great and it took using it for a few days to actually admit it. So i use a note, 20 and i’m already used to the camera feature on my phone, but when i handle the s21 plus posting pictures on instagram became something i looked forward to.

I was happy to post on instagram. This is brought to you by the s21 plus it was the thing of pride but let’s not get down to the full detail. The detail on the s21 plus 10 megapixels selfie camera yo. It is great now i don’t know that samsung really emphasized on the optical image stabilization feature on this device, because i was taking pictures of my nephew and my niece and my nephew was all over the place, but it was still able to get him and the Blur was not bad at all; it wasn’t he wasn’t awful or anything like that. It was still very, very great to look at so that’s. One thing i believe i need to mention in this. The front facing camera ois is top notch. Also, there is something very cinematic about the front facing video camera right i mean it’s, just a camera, but the video recording feature. It is very cinematic. It gives you an immersive feeling, there’s a kind of bounce that the camera quality comes with. That will really really help if you are maybe a vlogger, for instance, and you’re, trying to just capture people, maybe who are in the background or you’re, trying to just capture the um essence of whatever it is you’re trying to document. I think it is really really handy here now still on the selfie camera of the s21 plus the portrait mode, which was formerly known as live focus feature on this device works so impressively.

I took a picture and shared on instagram. The entire studio was dark, and i had just my laptop in front of me and it was just the light and my light on my laptop was not even maxed out and i used the portrait mode. You guys it was so impressive. I thought to myself what it performs really well in dimly lit conditions, so that’s definitely a win now. Of course, the camera also comes with the usual suspects. The super slo mo your slow motion, um and the legs and and yo. There is also a director’s cut feature i’ll tell you more about that in a bit, but before then let me go on to the back facing camera on the essence, one plus ultra so it’s got three cameras right. The first is a 12 megapixels ultra wide angle lens. The second is a 12 megapixels wide angle lens, and the third is a 64 megapixels telephoto lens. So there is what is called the space zoom lens that has a hybrid optic zoom three times and super resolution. Zoom of up to 30 times features. Now i had to test out this feature because you know they really talked about this. They emphasized on this at the launch, and i said i need to try this, and so i went outside. I looked at a car that was really quite far from me, took a picture of the car and zoomed on the plate number.

And what do you know? The plate number came out pretty clear. I thought that was a win i’m, like ah i’ll, be using this one. Definitely now beyond that. However, i need to say that in my unreserved unsolicited opinion, i don’t think that samsung has anything to prove anymore with the camera quality on their devices, because why they have set the piece says the record broken the record and they are light years ahead of everybody. Fruits included and even more the food feature is deliciously detailed if you’re a food, blogger or just a foodie. The food feature on the camera of the s21 plus will come in very, very handy, taking really vibrant pictures of your food, whether it is small tops or big chops and stuff like that now are from picture taking let’s talk about video recording, so the video recording Feature of the camera is very elite for lack of a better word and here’s why the s21 has advanced, recording options, hevc, hdr10 plus and a zoom in microphone, which i’m coming to it also has a video stabilization feature, so the s9 plus does 8k video recording At 24 frames per second um that’s 7680×4320 and of course, it records super slow, mo and slo mo, as well as time lapse, and now the director’s cut feature. This is one of the things that samsung really emphasized on and i think the best way to explain this is to show you so here it goes.

So essentially you can record yourself in the video and decide which scene from any of the lenses you want. Added to your video, this will come in very handy for filmmakers and anyone wants to do stuff, like short films. Whatever with your smartphones, i think this is going to be incredibly resourceful. Music yo let’s talk performance um on the s21 plus, so i thought to myself: if sticks and stones don’t break you lots of apps, so i downloaded apps. I did not need apps. I needed just to see how this thing would bend or break, and it performed very valiantly if i may add so i downloaded that need for speed. I downloaded asphalt. So while i wouldn’t be downloading something on one hand, i would also be playing the game. On the other hand, when i was downloading updates i’m, like you know, i’m going to go all in with this one, it did get a bit warm, but it was not alarming in any way. It was just like you know normal stuff, like dead of your shoulder. It still performed very well, there was no lag, no lag at all. The graphics are also amazing. We talked about display at the start, and i love how they look and, of course, how they sound. If you use your music or your games, ah you’ll get lost in it. I promise Music, so is your samsung galaxy, s21 plus water resistant samsung says it sure is yes, it is rated ip68 and they recommend that um.

It can be submerged in water of up to 1.5 meters for about 30 minutes. They also advise you not to take it to the pool or to the beach don’t say: belarus did not tell you, okay, so about securing your sms one plus. You could do that either by setting a password, a pin or a pattern, as well as biometrics fingerprint and face recognition. Storage space let’s go there, so storage on the galaxy s7 plus comes at a standard, eight gigabytes of ram, so regardless of um the device with internal memory that you get, the ram is the same across both eight gigabytes, all right, but it comes at either 128 Or 256 gigabytes of internal storage and that’s impressive battery on the air 71 plus is 4 800 milliamp hour, and i was able to use this for about um a day and a half without needing to actually charge it. But it was just more about using social media and playing games on the device and recording videos and taking pictures and going over them again and again and again so it lasted a little bit of id. Now, before i go, the s pen does not work on the s21 plus i tried it. It did not work so that definitely tells us that the s pen will only work on the s21 ultra, so yeah there’s that do you think i would definitely miss the edge feature, but on the ultra it is there.

I can’t wait to get into the ultra to share with you what my reviews are about the device, so the recommended retail price of the essence one plus is – and do i think, it’s worth it absolutely. It is particularly if you are a creative or, if you’re, someone who just really likes functional devices. The device is absolutely functional. It does a lot of things that um you actually need so it’s, not gimmicks it’s, not like oh well. You know this does exist and we’ll not really use it. No i’m going to be so past that these are things that you would absolutely need, and you would search for because you want to use and the picture quality is so unrivaled the audio as well. Superb so yeah it gets a five star, five point: five stars, brick scale, jazz scale, no i’m, posh and that’s been my review of the samsung galaxy s1 plus. Thank you so much for watching this video and i hope that it had all the information that you needed on it. Um big shout out to everyone who left a comment on instagram and on youtube asking for a few things to be checked out. We totally appreciate that so please subscribe to the channel, especially if you found what you’re looking for like. Why? Why would you subscribe? You came, you saw you conquered. You got updated and informed so it’s, just a simple tip, stuff and that’s.