Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel. This is the xiaomi me 20 pro review finally getting around to it, but just before we start that button down there. Just click that subscribe button really appreciate it thanks cheers. So i want to give a huge thanks to vodafone for hooking me up with this splendid smartphone. There will be a link in the description below for vodafone, go and check out their deals. So the me 10t pro 5g, it retails at 599 pounds and you’re getting splendid specifications, snapdragon 865, eight gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of internal storage, that’s, insane and sort of on par with the s20 fe. Although the s20 fei had only over six gigabytes of ram uh, so you know, eight gig in this is even better, so the build and the design of the me10t pro is an aluminium frame and also a glass front, and back so it looks a splendid device. It’S, beautiful, really nice to hold as well and both the front and back are protected by gorilla glass. 5.. We have this super impressive, 144 hertz refresh rate, although the resolution is only 1080p and like the s20 fe, it supports hdr, 10 plus and overall. I think the display is excellent, so i think the overall design of the me 10 t pro is gorgeous. It really really is that front and rear glass with the aluminium frame, but i do think it’s slightly on the thicker side, it’s nearly a centimeter, thick 9.

3 millimeters um, but with the curved back it is comfortable to hold but it’s on more on the thick side And there’s quite a little bit of a weight to it as well. Now, one of the main reasons i’d. Imagine for it being quite thick – is the 5 000 milliamp battery that it has. It supports up to 33 watts fast charging, but unfortunately there is no wireless charging. So battery life has been very good. It’S got me around nine hours, even 10 hours very nearly and also bear in mind. That is still with the 144 hertz refresh rate enabled it was already always on that. I never disabled that at all. So let’s talk about performance, snapdragon, 865, the adreno, 650, 144 hertz refresh rate. This thing is fast: it smashes through games. Asphalt 9 have been playing mainly on this device, absolutely smashes through on maximum settings, but there is a couple of things which may be down to software optimization, which might fix uh with some updates, and that is every now and again the phone might lock for around About three to four seconds and you can’t: do anything i’ve been trying to replicate it on this phone but haven’t on camera? It will lock for three to four seconds and then it will just start kicking in again. It will work. Absolutely fine. Another thing as well is notifications on the phone. Don’T always seem to come through or they’re very delayed i’ll go and check my pixel 5 for some reason and all the notifications are there on the pixel 5, whereas on the me 10t pro they’re, not so after going to instagram and then bam bam bam.

All the notifications will come through there’s a couple of little bugs there, which i think need a fixing with an update and if they do that, that would be perfect. So the 10t pro 5g is ringing on android 10, with miui over the top miui 12.0.18, which we’ve got on this device at the moment and they are starting to roll out android 11, although i’m, yet to see it on this device at the moment. So xiaomi have loaded the fingerprint sensor on the power button. On the right hand, side it looks really nice aesthetically pleasing and i can tell you now: it’s absolutely rapid 99.9 reliability and super quick they’ve integrated that fingerprint sensor really really well they’re. Also in the options you can change the unlock mode from touch to press, so you can actually press in on the power button and it’ll, obviously read the fingerprint and unlock or you can just tap it, which i have had to untap. It just tap it once and it will unlock so we have a stereo setup on the loudspeaker one at the bottom and one integrated there at the top as well. I do like stereo speakers on a smartphone nowadays, and this is great it’s great sound quality enough power as well clear, crystal vocals, i’m, pretty sure you’d be happy with the overall performance of the loudspeaker. So one of the standout specs was the 144 hertz refresh rate and it is beautiful.

Smooth one of the others is the main camera 108 megapixel sensor huge. If you take a photo in that mode. The resolution is like 12032 by 9024 resolution, huge pictures and file sizes range from 11 to 19 megabytes. I think i’ve seen on this device as well, has great image, quality, very good, dynamic range as well, and it also shoots in 8k, 8k up to 30 frames per second, i have tried this out. Obviously this is not an 8k video um, but it can shoot up to 8k 24 and 8k 30 frames per second okay. So this is an 8k, although my actual video is in 4k 60. uh. This is what 8k looks like compressed compressed down to 4k export. It you can’t have that super steady mode on here either. Let me know what you think guys. This also has a steady mode within the camera. Now steady mode is not available in 8k, it can only uh kick in with 4k and below, but you do lose a tiny bit of quality i’ve noticed in the video when you are in steady mode, so this is in 4k 60 frames per second and this Phone does have a mode called steady mode, which i’m going to turn on in a minute. Let’S see the difference right. I’Ll stop now now just turn steady mode on and you can see straight away. That is quite incredible. How steady that’s gone now see the sun bursting through the back of the house? Is there really really good quality? Look how steady that is now image stabilization is on in the settings.

If you check that out um, i can’t actually turn that off i’m, not sure why um? But if you notice some of the videos, i thought the stabilization wasn’t that great quite wobbly actually i’m trying to combat these puddles as well really testing the stabilization out on this smartphone. Unless, obviously, you turn the steady mode on where you’re going to get real real, steady footage, but then you do lose a tiny bit of quality as well. I mean it’s a smartphone packed full of camera features. Uh they’re, also macro mode on here, and the macro shots on here are very, very good. They also have a mode called vlog mode. You click the vlog mode, choose a preset record your videos and it’ll. Just stick it all, together into a nice little vlog, which i thought was a nice little touch, so the v10t pro does offer an ultra wide lens as well, which i do prefer some great shots. You can capture with this smartphone. There is a digital zoom up to 30 times. I was using it uh. This is the standard zoom. Then we went to five times ten times. Looking quite a bit grainy here and then 30. The bird disappears and i think 30 times, zoom it’s. Not really usable, is it really five times you probably get away with five times digital zoom, i think that’s, just about right, you have a 20 megapixel front facing camera, can shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per second great images on here, good portrait mode as Well and the videos are pretty decent as well, not yet recycled, but we are working on it.

It’S, not a very nice face. Is it monster, so i’ve gone to the hairdressers today. Just getting my hair cut much needed haircut. You open aren’t, you now cuz, even chronovirus aren’t, you yeah where’s, your mask, you don’t need a mask doing my nails, so the me 10t pro that is pretty much it. It is a really strong and solid smartphone and there’s a lot of talk now about the new xiaomi mi 11, but you could still seriously consider this smartphone smartphone it’s still got a lot of the features that the me11 has as well anyway. Um packed full of features like i said, on the camera. If you love your cameras, um great performance, decent battery life, splendid display, and if you like, xiaomi phones, you’re, probably going to love this. Although there were a couple of bugs that i did find. Hopefully they can iron that out with a a new update and it would be splendid type c stereo speakers super rapid fingerprint sensor as well it’s a solid smartphone. So would i pick this over the s20 fe? No, no, very, very close. I do think this is slightly on the thick side uh slightly heavy as well software. I do prefer samsung software over um xiaomi, but it is very close. Very very close. I just prefer the user experience on the s20 fe compared to this device. So, thank you very much for watching guys any questions about this and pop that down below as well again, thanks to vodafone for sending me this phone app to review links to them in the description as well.

Thank you very much for watching.