, The S21 series hit the market earlier and just like last generation we have three devices.. The difference this year is that Samsung has capped the cheapest variants so that the Ultra is the star of the new generation.. It is the only one with a curved design, a high resolution screen and a long range zoom camera.. Do we have an evolution compared to the predecessor or a device, far superior to the rest of the line? Let’S check out everything about the Galaxy S21 Ultra in this complete review of TudoCelular. The Galaxy S20 Ultra arrived with the promise of delivering an incredible experience, but in the end it left something to be desired. In many ways., The S21 Ultra tries to correct its mistakes and is already starting to stand out for its design.. It is the only one of the new generation that has curved edges. This makes the most expensive model having a more premium look than the other ones.. The S21 Ultra and Plus have a glass back with a matte finish, while the cheapest model in the series has a plastic finish. At the rear, you will see a larger camera block on the Ultra due to the higher number of sensors. However, the design follows the same as the others, with a metal part integrated into the device’s frame.. This makes the S21 Ultra look cleaner and more elegant compared to that loose block of the S20 Ultra., But it is still quite prominent over the rest of the rear.

Due to the new optical zoom system., It is fatter than rivals like the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it doesn’t get any heavier.. The build quality is excellent, as expected from such an expensive cell phone, and now, with the new generation of Gorilla Glass, we have more impact resistant glass.. The IP68 certification is the same as the last generations and has less resistance than Apple’s rival.. The biometric reader remains integrated into the screen and responds much faster due to the new ultrasonic sensor.. Perhaps the biggest surprise is for the S. Pen. Support Samsung’s pen does not come with the cell phone. As with the note series, but the Korean launched some cases that bring space to store the accessory., We tested it with the Note 20 Ultra S Pen and it worked perfectly, but it doesn’t support people with gestures, nor you can control the camera with the pen. Features are even more limited than in Note 10 Lite. Samsung decided to kill the Micro SD slot on the S21 line, and not even the Ultra allows to expand storage.. If you don’t want to be dependent on cloud storage, then it will be better to invest in the variant with 512 GB of memory, especially if you plan to record videos in 8K.. In addition to the more neat design on Ultra, we also have a more advanced screen on Samsung’s top model.. They all come with a Dynamic Hz, 2x 120 Hz panel. However, the Ultra has Quad HD resolution, while the others are limited to full HD.

The brightness is also superior being the highest that we registered in a Korean phone.. The S21 ultra debuts, a new generation of screen from Samsung capable of reducing the speed to just 10 Hz, which helps to save battery in simpler tasks. And this was noticed in our tests, where we saw the device easily surpass the S21 Plus that has almost the same battery size. Color reproduction is better than before, with calibration close to perfect.. Samsung has also implemented a new blue light filter that regulates the hue of the screen. According to the time of day., The panel supports HDR10 and strangely crashes at 120 Hz. When you watch HDR video on streaming services. This will make the battery fly faster compared to displaying videos without HDR, where the panel slows down to 48 Hz.. It is a behavior that can be improved in future updates.. The sound part has also been improved and we have more balanced audio compared to the previous generation, but it still lacks full bodied bass, as we have on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.. The sound power is high enough to ensure that you hear the sound of movies and games even in noisier locations. The Galaxy S line always came with a good headset. However, Samsung decided to follow in Apple’s footsteps and cut the S21 Ultra’s accessories. Now we only have the USB cable and the SIM card drawer key coming in the packaging.. The Exynos 990 was a very controversial chip for delivering performance below Qualcomm’s rival and still consuming more energy.

. After so many complaints from consumers, behold Samsung took a closer look at the Exynos 2100, and now we have a smaller difference compared to another variant of the S21 Ultra found in some countries.. If you expected a considerable leap in performance, then you will be disappointed to learn that the new Korean top of the line delivers speed similar to its predecessor in use with various applications and games.. It sits well below the iPhone 12 Pro Max without our multitasking test.. The S21 Ultra shows a nice leap in benchmark testing, but does not quite surpass Apple’s rival in AnTuTu.. This shows that the new hardware has potential, but the software cannot extract everything it has to offer.. The S21 Ultra ran all the games we tested with great fluidity or better almost all. In Injustice. We had a strange bug, the graphics were distorted and it was impossible to play.. This problem may also affect other titles.. Some games can take advantage of the 120 Hz screen, as was the case with Subway, Surfers Mortal Kombat and Cover Fire.. In the case of the latter, it is possible to choose to play at 30 60 or 120 fps in the game settings when switching between the graphics options. However, there are games that support 120 fps but, for some reason, are limited to a lower fps rate as it was Minecraft’s case.. The battery is the same as 5000 mAh for the time of the last generation, but as we now have hardware manufactured in 5 nanometers and a new generation of Amoled screen with optimized consumption, we see the autonomy being improved.

. The battery of the S21 Ultra yields an average of 30 more and guarantees a charge for almost two days.. He managed to outperform the Rog Phone 2, which has 1000 mAh more battery power and was the flagship with the best autonomy that has passed through TudoCelular. With this, he is among the top ten, taking into account cell phones of all categories and getting close to devices like the Galaxy M51, with a battery of 7000 mAh hour and a screen of only 60 Hz.. If the autonomy is impressive, the same cannot be said of the recharge time.. We used the Samsung 25 watt charger that came with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and is also the same one that came with the S20 Ultra.. It took longer to charge the new device. No matter how big the battery is. It makes sense. The S21 Ultra takes 116 to go from 0 to 100. It is an acceptable time for an intermediary, but not for such an expensive top of the line, especially when there are rivals of others taking half the time to reload. With a quick charge of 15 minutes. You will not even have 13 of the battery recharged, just as half an hour in the socket does not get to recover half of the battery.. The S21 Ultra comes out of the box with Android 11 and One UI 3.1.. It will receive three system updates, so expect to see Android 14 on it by 2023 and, as mentioned earlier, an Ultra exclusive is in support of Stylus pens.

. You can use both the S Pen of the Note line and the models that were launched specifically for it. With the pen. It is possible to write on the mobile screen and convert the text to a more readable form and even save the text in PDF or Office. Compatible files. Holding the S Pen over a word in another language will translate it in real time and the Pen Up app can be used on the S21 Ultra. So you can share your drawings with Note line. Users. Everything you find natively on Android 11 is also present. On the S21 Ultra on Samsung’s side, we have the new Dex, which has been improved and now works natively via wi fi with PCs.. The OneUI interface has had small changes compared to 3.0 present in other devices of the brand that have been updated to Android 11. There is greater transparency and native applications, such as the dialer have gained a small touch. For those who are addicted to photos. We have two news.. The first is the possibility to delete the location information included in the image file metadata, thus providing greater security when sharing your photos.. The second is in the editing power of the S21 Ultra, which allows with a single touch of the screen to remove unwanted people or objects from the photos. Surprisingly, the result is flawed and does not always deliver what it promises. Speaking of photos. Do we have a good evolution on camera? The main sensor follows the same resolution as before, but now we have a new sensor from Samsung with the promise of sharper images.

. The S21 Ultra has two cameras with a telephoto lens one, with 3x optical zoom and the other. With 10x., The two combined deliver a maximum zoom of 100x.. Finally, there is a camera with an ultra wide lens which has finally gained autofocus and can now be used for macros.. The Galaxy S21 Ultra shows a small advance compared to the camera of the S20 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra.. The new sensor can really capture more details, register colors, closer to reality and hit the HDR. Most of the time. Photos on sunny days result in less saturated images than we normally see on Samsung phones, and it is quite a bit away from that yellowish tone of the iPhone. However, the new Korean top is still behind the apple rival in darker scenarios, even losing to the Note 20 Ultra when shooting at night. How is this possible Samsung decided to make the. night mode, which is always activated when the phone detects that the ambient light is not ideal for a good photo. It’s, basically the same behavior that we have on iPhones but it’s, clearly not working as it should.? The ultra wide camera has not evolved and continues to do the same good job as before, but is still below the quality of the main one.. Still you will have good photos with colors and contrast without exaggeration.. The highlight is the focus which is now automatic and allows you to reach 2 cm away from an object and get better macros let’s talk about zoom.

The other S20 was Samsung’s first with 100x zoom.. The truth is that the quality is so poor that the resource was practically useless.. The S21 Ultra has two tele objective cameras to solve the problem and the zoom quality has really improved, but it is still far from impressive.. If you don’t go beyond 10x, you will have great photos. After that, the post processing becomes more aggressive, the details are lost and we have almost the same quality as the Note 20 Ultra.. Of course it’s not bad, but it won’t be the zoom potential of the device that will win. You over. The front camera of the S21 Ultra maintains the resolution of the S20 Ultra and delivers four times more pixels than the Note 20 Ultra. Really, and we had a good evolution, especially in darker scenarios.. When it comes to selfies. The iPhone 12 Pro Max still gets the better of it. Of course, the apple model has a tendency to yellow the photos, but it registers more details of the skin and presents a better portrait mode.. The Exynos 2100 supports shooting at 8k at 30 FPS. However, the S21 ultra is limited to 24 fps, just like its predecessor., It is possible to record with the rear and front camera at the same time with the director mode but being limited to Full HD resolution.. Overall, the S21 Ultra captures great quality. Videos has efficient stabilization and its focus is agile.. The front end records better videos and suffers less from noise compared to previous Korean flagships.

. The biggest rival of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the iPhone 12 Pro Max a phone that also delivers great multimedia experience, but is faster in running applications and games.. The Korean model wins on drums, but does not get to humiliate the competitor on camera.. If you have no preference for the operating system then buy the cheapest one. Compared to the Galaxy Note. 20 Ultra we have small advances. The performance did not show the expected jump, however. The battery lasts much longer. The same happens with the S20 Ultra. On camera. We see the new sensor from Samsung really record better photos, but the automatic night mode needs adjustments to work better.. The Galaxy S21 is another phone that can cost more than R 10000. If you choose the version with 512 GB of storage., It is an expensive device that promises to deliver all that Samsung has to offer.. What we noticed is that the hardware is really cutting edge, but the software lacks optimization.. Of course, this can be fixed in future. Updates, but for now the S21 Ultra has nothing surprising. Besides good autonomy, it is basically the slightly improved Note, 20 Ultra. That does not come with the S Pen in the packaging. And neither charger nor headset.. Anyway. We know that it may have been your choice and we help you find the best deals. Just click on the links below. And take the opportunity to comment. If you agree with the negative points presented in this analysis, or if you think that the camera and performance are already ok.