Two tone packages right that’s a little bit different. This is a lenovo thinkbook, not thinkpad. This is their soho line of laptops, but this one in particular, is the thinkbook 15p not to be confused with the thinkpad p15. We also have in review, which is a business mobile workstation. This one is not just soho for small medium businesses, home use, but particularly this is for creative types, it’s a 15.6 inch laptop, as you can probably guess, from the size of it, and it has intel h, series 45 watt, cpus inside so the more powerful kind And it’s available with a full hd ips full srgb display rr4k 10 bit hdr display that’s, been color calibrated using x, rite, pantone, so that’s, starting to sound pretty appealing. And when you hear about the price too you’re going to be interested we’re going to look at it now, so speaking of that price now don’t be fooled by lenovo’s website i mean they often have great sales too, but sometimes for brand new models that come out. The price is pretty high, so they list a core i5 with a full hd display for 14.49 right now. But if you look at cdw, our configuration is available for only thirteen hundred thirty five dollars and that gets you the six core, i7 cpu intel tenth gen. It gets you an nvidia gtx card, the 1650 ti max q graphics card and that 4k wide gamut display so that’s a pretty nice laptop for the price.

There must be something going on like the build quality right, no it’s, actually pretty good. Besides the fact, it looks kind of cool in that two tone. Look with that angle on the back going on it’s an aluminum lid on it. They don’t say what the bottom is. It might feel plasticky, but it gets pretty cold to the touch. So i think it is aluminum as well, i it’s very rigid. Actually, the lid has like no flex the keyboard. Deck is firm on this, so the build quality is good in terms of aesthetics and all that sort of thing does it look as chic as a razer blade or an xps 15. Maybe not. It also depends on your taste, but for this price it looks pretty darn good, so all in all that’s, pretty powerful mobile workstation stuff going on and that nvidia nvidia gtx card, the 1650 ti max q or the lower level has the 1650 not ti max q And that’s still a pretty performing gpu. It is designed for creatives more than for gamers. So if you’re, looking for acceleration in adobe premiere, for example, or whatever video editing suite that you use and photoshop not that photoshop often needs as much help honestly from dedicated graphics. These days, you’ve got it and you’ve got a display to match that is well calibrated and the wide gamma one is sweet, but even the full hd with full srgb coverage is good enough for people who are designing content for the web.

So what about the rest of the package? What about ram ssd, all that sort of thing, so it has two ram slots. Yes, it has upgradeable ram, which we kind of would expect for a laptop in this size range in this class of machines. So that’s good and ours comes with 16 gigs of ddr4 29 33 megahertz ram. It has two slots, we have a single 16 gig module. So that means it’s single channel. If you add a second one, you can go to dual channel, you get the idea there and it has an m.2 nvme ssd that performs pretty well, but wait there’s more there’s, a second slot that’s available too. So if you want to add in the second drive say video editors, for example, who need more storage or if you have a big photo library and you’re using adobe, lightroom yay it’s there for you, so it’s all sounding really good right. How about the keyboard? Keyboard’S? Not bad i’m, not in love with it, but it’s, not horrible, either it’s fairly tactile. It has nice key return, not much travel, you know, but not abnormally low it’s, backlit and white. The usual lenovo way, fn, plus space bar turns your white back lighting on it’s. Fine, as you can see, it has a number pad on board it’s up to you as to whether you find that useful or not some people love that some people don’t and the track pad on it is centered.

Under the space bar, which i appreciate it’s a little weird when it isn’t for me, it’s a microsoft precision track pad with a mylar sheet covering on it. It works fine, no complaints with that. You do have a fingerprint scanner on board as well: ports aren’t bad either. We have an ethernet port, not something you can take for granted anymore, even in this size machine which, by the way, weighs 1.9 kilograms, which is about 4.19 pounds. We have two usb a ports on board. We have hdmi 2.0 quickly becoming the standard, so that can drive a 4k display at 60 hertz. We have a headphone jack, a full size, sd card slot and a usbc gen1 port, now here’s the bad news – and this is not supporting this usb c port displayport display out. So the only thing you can do is use the hdmi. If you want to hook up an external display, there are some caveats that would be one of them: battery life well that’s, another one too so 57 watt hour battery. If that was a 13 or 14 inch, ultrabook we’d say: hey that’s a great size battery, but for a laptop this size and this performance that’s not much of a battery and even lenovo’s battery claims aren’t that high the full hd obviously will get better battery life Than the 4k that’s the way things work, but yeah i’m unplugged, even though it says nvidia, optimus, switchable, graphics, mostly i’m, seeing about four and a half five hours with moderate use of 200 nits and display brightness doing some photoshop work, some productivity stuff, some social networking.

A little streaming video, if you’re doing something like adobe premiere, expect less so you’re going to want to carry the 135 watt charger with you for doing heavy duty work with this guy sound on this is better than average again being a media content creation and consumption Sort of machine – that is something we would love to see. We actually do see or hear. Literally here you have two two odd stereo speakers, harmon branded and it has dolby audio software there’s. Actually, some bass here and it’s, pretty loud, it’s, pretty full and not grading and shrill and tinny, and all that sort of thing. So, as laptop speakers go it’s pretty good, all right. The undersize here, plenty of ventilation, that’s a good thing and it’s a dual layer. Grille i like that so well too much junk doesn’t get sucked up the bottom and our speaker grilles flank, on the side. These are down inside firing speakers mostly down and to take off the bottom coverage. Phillips head screws, they’re all visible, not hard getting it off. You’Re going to want to use a guitar pick or a pry tool, because it’s pretty tenacious and here’s the lid, the underside here, and because it has this massive plastic, clip, struck, structure and reinforcement around the edges. So those things all well they grab on, and we have some copper heat shielding right here too. So here are internals there’s our 57 one hour battery, not a very big battery, but hey the speaker.

Drivers are actually you know on the small side, they sound. Surprisingly, good given their size, but hey nice, this big empty space here, that’s a mysterious thing: isn’t it well not really. This is your second m.2 ssd slot, so you can put a half height or a full height in there’s mounts for each and also the boot drive that we have here is a little shorty half height one under the heat goo right here and in case you Wanted to replace it with a longer one full 2281 you could. This is the mounting there still a little extra space, but the ram is under this shield right here. One of those pry off little metal ones helps. If you have some fingernails and there you go. Two ram slots: again: we have a 16 gig with a single channel, one 16 gig module instead of two eights. Their benefit is that you don’t have to throw ram away if you want to upgrade it and get dual channel in more capacity. But the downside is a little bit lesser performance with single channel ram out of the box, and we have two fairly large hand fans here, considering the fact that this is not a gaming laptop that’s, reasonably good design. There two heat pipes going to our cpu and gpus tripod, heatsinks, the last, not the one on each corner for a little bit better pressure. But then again the the cooling on this has been fairly adequate.

You will hear the fans if you’re pushing this hard. No doubt, but nothing out of the ordinary let’s put it that way for a machine in this power class and performance with our six core i7 is exactly where we would expect it for this kind of machine. Again, you can get it with the core i5, which is a four core, and the eight core i7 is also available, which would be pushing the thermals a bit and the socketed intel wifi six card it’s, the ax201 with bluetooth 5.1 is right. There there’s no option for 4g lte on this model since it’s, not a business laptop, so that’s, the lenovo thinkbook 15p, a new model from lenovo, and i like it a lot. The looks and the build quality are excellent. It’S the display option, particularly this 4k, display very very nice, the dedicated graphics it’s enough that if you want to do some light gaming, you can do it or more than light gaming. Honestly, you know it’s not going to be playing cyberpunk 2077 at high frame rates or something but older games less demanding games it’s. Definitely even a go for that and well. The only drawbacks i can really say are the battery life is not going to be great. On this, because the battery’s not very big and the usb c port is just for data only so no display out so that that hdmi 2.0 port is going to be what you’re working with.

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