Let’S see what we’ve got this time a card first, so movie night challenge what i can see here inside you’re invited to attend our global premiere of this smartphone, which will change the way you think about filmmaking here are some teasers of some of the key movie Magic camera features you can expect to see. Can you guess the three films and the three features from these three clues hello? Mr anderson, i think we can all guess where this comes from that’s origami here’s. The third item, spinning top remember that movie. Well, you can try to help me guessing all that use the comments below and let me know what you think say: hello to the global version of me11 and sounds like we have plenty to explore from the camera and from all the rest of the features. So let’s go. The me 11 is a masterpiece. The latest mii flagship has mind blowing specs, but what is more important is that these specs convert into amazing real life performance and give you the feeling of using device that is truly special. Since now, the camera setup is on focus, let’s dive into the features the highlight is, of course, the huge one by 1.33 inch image sensor with maximum resolution of 108 megapixels. True, this is the same count as the mi flagships from last year, but the me 11 uses the latest generation of this sensor with further improved image, processing and low light capabilities.

Therefore, when you make photos in dark, they will look. Amazing i’ve collected a lot of photos in very different conditions and all of them look great full of details, crisp well exposed and at the same time, with very accurate colors. But you know what the miui camera app supports a lot more than that this time the focus is on video features and there are a bunch of awesome additions that will amaze you. There are 5 new movie features. These are ready to use presets. Where you can film something, then the me11ai processing will apply the preset and get the effect needed before shooting with each one of these modes. You can read short tutorial and follow the advices by the wizards. Let me show you here’s an example with a magic zoom or, as some people call it dolly zoom. Yes, these crazy movements are quite a serious stress for the brain and will definitely impress people that watch them here’s. Another example parallel worlds. The effect is great, and i was looking to find this tree that has just fallen down in order to enhance the feeling even further. You can try the rest, guaranteed it’s a lot of fun and take your time with getting used to applying these movie features, because there definitely is some learning curve. I practiced a lot with the camera. A notable upgrade is the ois optical image. Stabilization speaking of amazing results, here’s an example with the ultra night, video, so much light and so many details and do you notice there’s, no noise? The algorithm is eliminating the noise and enhancing the image so that even night videos will look stunning camera experience.

I think it exceeds the expectations but that’s, not all of it. There are now some tools to help you with enhancing the photos. I love the ai erase feature it can remove some annoying objects or people from photos just choose the erase option. Let it analyze the photo and done the people will disappear. Meanwhile, did you notice the display such amazing, colors and so realistic, it’s, probably the best tuned amoled screen i’ve ever seen on a smartphone and its specifications prove these words white qhd plus resolution 120 hertz adaptive, sync technology, hdr 10 plus, should i say more: this is By far the best way to experience movies tv shows and games i’ll, let the other videos talk more about the specs and performance. But i guess you can imagine how well performing the mighty snapdragon triple 888 is not only the games are going to look great, but they will sound great, so we’ll do the music tracks. Did you know that in 2020 the best sounding phone was a me phone? So now the m11 takes things even one step: further sound by harman, kardon, stereo, crisp and honestly. I’Ve, never imagined that such good sound may come out of the speakers of a smartphone, oh and before the time is up battery life. Quite decent. More impressive is the quick charging from zero to hundred percent. You need only 45 minutes using the included in the package. 50 volt gun charger, so that’s, the me 11.