To me and new to my reviews, i did review a oneplus back in the day. It was the original oneplus gosh. I think it was like 2014 2013, so oneplus has been around for a number of years. Their mission, if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, was to create a let’s just call it budget phone that had really good specs that had a very close to stock android build or software set um that was kind of different from the other carriers out there. At the time, so you know it wasn’t your iphone, it wasn’t your nexus. It was something that was a little different, a little fancier and a little nicer and a little more cost, conscious and so oneplus right now, with the 8t has come out with. You know. Basically, a flagship phone here but it’s not super inexpensive. I mean we’re talking 700 plus dollars, so it’s definitely deviated from the low cost of the original oneplus. However, it isn’t the thousand dollars that you would spend on a brand new iphone 12. You know pro or a samsung galaxy s 21 or galaxy s21, plus so we’ll jump into what makes this phone great. All my likes, my dislikes and we’ll do an honest review of the brand new to me. Oneplus 8t. So, jumping right in let’s talk about the build of the phone and what’s on the outside. Well, this is the silver model. They make a silver and i think, like a bluish, green color and i’m really impressed with the silver.

It actually looks, really really good. It’S almost a light blue kind of it’s, very, very close to being blue, but it is more of a silver than anything you can kind of see the oneplus logo here in the middle. That is definitely silver here. This is almost a light. Blue, i mean it’s very, very, very close to being silver but it’s, a really cool, color, actually i’m. Really a big fan of this color right here. Also on the back, you have two led flashes. You have your three three lens camera array here, which is neat so you’ve got a wide angle, a standard and then a zoom. You have your usbc charging port on the bottom microphone speaker, grille, sim card tray, which is dual sim, which is super cool uh works in the usa as well. The uh right side or the left side of the phone has your volume rocker, which is nice separated from the power switch. Unlike the galaxy s series – and you have probably one of the nicest features i’ve seen on an android phone in my entire life – a volume slider, and so that goes from silent to vibrate, to ring how cool is that just like the iphone but better because it’s, A three position switch and not a two position switch and it’s hardware, which is fantastic, so you can do it in your pocket. Super super easily and it’s gnarled too, so it has that little tiny groove there, so you can differentiate it in the dark or whatever.

In your pocket from the power button, so you can just kind of give it a nice easy, quick slide and then boom right into whichever mode you’d like to get into no headphone jack. Obviously, that’s gone it’s a thing of the past. These days got another microphone on top and that’s it very clean, very sleek, very well designed i can’t tell if this is glass or metal or plastic. No one knows anymore. These days i got in trouble from their the commenters on my galaxy video because i said the back was plastic because it felt like plastic and everybody thought it was plastic, but it’s glass. I don’t know what this is. So you can tell me in the comments what it is, but the phone does come with a screen protector built in too so you can almost kind of get your fingernail under that and see that little piece of uh it’s, not glass, it’s, just going to be A you know: polymer screen protector, but it’s nice. If they give you one installed from the factory, you don’t have to worry about great feature to have biometrics built into the screen. So you got your fingerprint reader right on the front um. It does unlock the phone. I will say that it gives me trouble. Pretty often you know it doesn’t work all the time it like gives me some headaches. I have to usually hold my finger down for longer or try it again so it’s one of those things that’s not as good as an external fingerprint reader.

Looking at some of the other specs of the phone here, we’re on the gsm, marina page has a 6.55 inch screen, which is very tall and i’m. Actually a fan of the tall screen design as much as i don’t like big screen, phones and i’m. More of a six inch sort of fan phone guy, this 6.55 on the taller phones is nice because it still allows people with smaller hands like myself, to be able to kind of get around the body of the phone with one hand, and you have to kind Of juggle it around to get to the highs and the lows, but the narrowness of it still allows you to hold it comfortably with one hand, and it is rather well balanced and the weight feels good. It doesn’t feel top heavy. With this camera array, it doesn’t feel unwieldy. In your hand, it actually feels really good and it’s a it’s, a nice phone to hold on to it’s very bright and sharp 1080 by 200, 1080 by 2400 pixels 48 megapixel camera on the back eight or 12 gigs ram, depending on the model with a snapdragon 865 and a 4500 milliamp hour battery, so a beast of a phone in its specs and you’ll, see as i scroll here, one of the other nice things about the phone is 120 hertz refresh rate here, and so the scrolling on this is super. Super super super smooth, um, very, very nice. Very you can tell right away that 120 hertz screen just scrolls by incredibly easy corning gorilla glass 5 on the front, with an always on display that you can turn on in the settings.

I don’t have that it’s running android 11 right now with oxygen, os again that’s the sort of more clean, more like stock android version of the software, which is similar to what you’d find on a pixel order or a motorola. But it still has a few little one: uh oneplus nuances in there, not at all like what you get with samsung main camera 48 megapixels uh you’ve got 4k recording all that good stuff. You have a um selfie camera, which is 16 megapixels, which is a really nice high quality thing. You know stereo speakers front and back or top and bottom, rather all your bells and whistles for your radios and stuff. The other neat thing about this phone is that i bought it unlocked and the dual sim thing is really really cool, so i have i don’t know if you can see it on here. If it’ll show you yeah so i’m running a qriket sim card, which is an 18 tmvno and a verizon sim card, and so that is a really cool feature to have that you can run dual networks and then you can piggyback off one or the other, depending On what your service area is like very cool feature to have on the phone, if you don’t want to run two sims, you can just use one so it’s up to you how you want to run the phone um battery life on this thing has been fantastic. I think i charged it, you know maybe four days ago and it’s still at 51.

I don’t use it all that much right now, i’m, just kind of using in test mode, but that speaks to the the sort of performance and optimization of the software that just random apps and stuff aren’t running in the background killing my battery very good battery, optimization Screen is nice and bright and sharp? I will say it has kind of a little bit of a blue hue to it. I went into the settings and i tweaked the sort of color gamut and i changed it to be a little warmer than stock. But out of the box like, if you compare this to an iphone or a galaxy, you’d notice that it’s a little blue, it doesn’t bother me necessarily, but it does feel and look a bit strange compared to some of the other phones that are out there right Now some of the other features that the phone advertises and talks about is the sort of hyper charge fast charging where you plug in the usbc and then the included fast charger it’s a 65 watt charger. I think it goes from zero to 100 in about 40 minutes ‘ minutes or so, which is a really cool feature to have now. It doesn’t include wireless charging. So if you have a wireless charger not going to work with that, which is a bummer you do have to plug it in so that is kind of a down to this phone. I will say that i didn’t think it would be a big deal, but considering i have a wireless charger on my bedside and wireless charger in my car it’s kind of annoying enough to dig cables out fishing behind my bed, you know find the plug whatever dig Through my car to find a plug for this thing, so i do miss the fact that this doesn’t have wireless charging um, but it isn’t a deal breaker for everybody, it’s kind of your own personal opinion on there, the um, the other thing, that’s kind of a Bummer about the phone is the camera.

I will say that i’m, not convinced the camera is all that great it doesn’t really have i don’t know the color reproduction to me is a little bit off. Like i’ve got a picture of my son here. It was a quick, easy snapshot, you know, it’s the contrast levels it’s a little contrasty. The color of his skin is a little toned down it’s a little muted. It looks a little blue. You know the sharpness is really not there it’s a little bit muddy. You know compare this to like a pixel or an iphone it’s going to look not as good as you would say on one of the other higher end phones. Now is it usable absolutely like? Does it produce sharp usable results? Often absolutely like? Can you use this for an everyday phone and get good pictures out of it totally don’t? Let the camera dissuade you from buying. It just know that if you’re buying the phone for the camera it really, i would really take a look at some of the other options that are out there, whether it’s a galaxy or a pixel, or an iphone to me personally, the pixel 5 is going to Give you the best results out of a camera phone with maybe the galaxy or an iphone being kind of second. Behind that other features, the software, like, i said, runs really smoothly there’s, like very little. If any bloat on this phone, i mean it is just very, very cool, there’s, a oneplus app right there.

That may be one of the only if the only oneplus app on the phone um just it’s a very, very comfortable easy to use no learning curve. None of the bells and whistles and bloat and nonsense the gimmicks that samsung has you know if you’re a fan of stock android and if you’re, a fan of an easy to use software that works great check out the oneplus 8t you’ll be really pleased with the Software and how well it runs on the device now i can’t speak to the updates and upgrades because you know, as we all know, google always comes first with the pixel when new android software is updated, and so, when android 12 drops how long before this phone’s Going to see those upgrades who knows right so if you’re a fan of new software features new upgrades, i would definitely look somewhere else. Um up oneplus will update the software in this phone, but who knows when that will happen after the updates are released so what’s? My final verdict on this thing well as much as i like the sort of hardware as much as i like the build quality there’s, some things that will prevent me personally from using this phone as my daily driver. The first is the inconsistency on the fingerprint reader as well as it works it doesn’t it’s, not consistent enough and it doesn’t give me consistent unlocks and so, like you saw there. That was a really easy one right but like if i go here it just i don’t know, sometimes it just doesn’t work right and like i have to either reposition my finger or just wait on the phone and to me that’s a little frustrating.

The other thing that will keep me from using it full time is the size. Like i said earlier, i can use it and it’s a nice feel to it, but it’s still a little bit too big, i’m, still more of a six inch plus or six inch sort of phone preference in my in the total size of the screen. So it’s still a little bit too big for my hand. The other thing that bugs me is the lack of wireless charging. I know it’s a little nitpicky and i know that most people probably won’t care, but it is nice, just be able to put your phone down on your bedside when you go to bed and pick it up when you need it and do that in your car And so the three of those things for me: um really are kind of the deal breaker and it leads me to use a different phone. The camera is kind of the fourth. One too is, i could probably get by with using the camera, but i do you know the combination of those three things, if not four, including the camera, really will prevent me from using this phone daily. Now that doesn’t mean that you will have a problem using it, it just means that that’s, my personal preference there’s lots of great things about this phone. It is one of the nicer designed android phones that i think i’ve seen in a while. I actually like it better than the s21 and it’s a little bit cheaper too so don’t forget to check out everything else.