So we only got this in malaysia. I think for a couple of weeks back as well and it’s currently retailing at 1999 ringgit, which puts it just under 2k ringgit all right. So the reason why i’m actually very excited to check out this device and share my personal experience with you guys is because i find this device really underrated in the year of 2021. So i know there’s been a ton of new launches of smartphones out these days and this guy here is just not really getting much attention but yeah in my video in this video here we’re not going to talk about that i’m. Just here to share with you. My couple of days experience with the realme x7 pro here so i’m, not being paid to say anything good about this device. So everything here is just my honest opinions after using it for a couple of days, all right so i’m, just going to start off with the things that i really like about this realme x7 pro, and the first thing right up is that color on the device Itself so i’m – really really amazed by the color here, of course, i’m. Not too sure about this there to leave huge writing on the back here. But i really love the color of this device, especially when you tilt it from side to side and it’s. Just very clean, in my opinion, except for those huge words at the top there.

So very nice thing, apart from that, it does feel really nice in hand as well. It is pretty lightweight here and overall using it has been a pretty fantastic. I have no issues with the weight the build quality at all. I do have to point out that the side buttons on the left and right here these volume buttons, as well as the lock button, do feel a bit flimsy if i may so i’m, not too sure about the side buttons there, but other than that. Everything else is pretty sweet on this device right here, all right. So the next thing that i really like about this device right here is actually the display. So we have a 120 hertz amoled display right here. That is very, very smooth, so how smooth uh? I actually have my mi 11 right here and yes, this device also comes with a 120hz display, but i noticed that the realme x7 was actually somewhat more fluid in terms of just the speeds that i’m getting by just gliding on the display itself. So very very smooth 120hz display on the realme x7 pro here. The only downside to this display, which you might actually hear other reviewers saying and they’re right about that – is that this display is not as saturated as other amoled displays. So what i mean by that is that the colors do not really pop up like how other amoled displays look and unfortunately you are not able to set or calibrate uh.

This display settings in the phone itself, so you can’t touch the settings on that. This is what you get, and it is not as saturated as other amoled displays, so i guess there some of you might like it because it’s not like too thick in terms of the colors, but for me personally, i would hope that the saturation levels was just A little bit higher, so we have that a really nice contrasty saturated kind of display, but that’s not the case here. Other than that, i must still say that viewing videos watching videos on youtube, for example gaming – and i do a lot of that – is actually very, very nice on this realme x7 pro. So now, on that note, since i’m, talking about gaming right here, i want to talk about the performance on this device right here. So this device here is running on mediatek, dimension, 1000 plus, if i’m not mistaken, yeah. I think it’s the demand city 1000 plus processor running in here, and just to give you a bit of perspective. This processor is similar to the snapdragon 855 plus of last year. So you can’t really compare this to the latest and greatest snapdragon 888. The 888 has actually 50 percent more power compared to this dimension, 1000, plus according to benchmarks, of course. So this puts it slightly below those big dogs right there, and i would say it is a very, very strong chip here as well.

So the most important thing – the best thing about this chip right here, is that it manages to keep the device very cool, even under, like like a lot of gaming and stress tests, all right so let’s to show you that i have this 3dmark app right here And i did the wildlife stress test that basically runs this graphic intensive test for about 20 loops so to to show you how strong it is notice that the best loop score here is 3859 and the lowest loop score is actually 3840. So what that means is, even after so many loops on this stress test right here, the device managed to keep everything cool and the performance was very, very stable, so we’re getting 99.5 percent stability on the realme x7 pro here, and i think that is something that Must really be shut out of this device right here. Performance is just so stable, so this is unlike what you would see on the snapdragon 888 or even the samsung s21, which, like you, know, degrades over the many loops. So this is just very stable in terms of the stress test, all right in terms of real world use. How was my experience with gaming? So naturally, i play a lot of mobile legends, as you can see on my device right here and i’ve played it for like three four, maybe even five rounds consecutively, and i must really let you guys know that the fact is this device will not really heat Up under like a lot of gaming, so it does heat up on one occasion and that’s when i actually take some photos with this camera right here.

So on that note, let’s talk about the cameras, so at the back here we have a couple of sensors i’m. Not going to go through the the number of megapixels here, because that’s all in the specifications or that’s all in the brochure but i’m going to talk to you about the performance of these sensors at the back here. So we do have a variety of sensors. Like i mentioned here, and the good news is that images taken in broad daylight is definitely good there’s not much to talk about there because um these days, most cameras can take really good photos at and in the morning, but at night it does there’s a bit Of a good and bad in the night mode of this device right here so on on certain times when there’s not much lighting going on uh, the the realme x7 actually did a great job at lighting up the entire scene. So you could actually see more stuff with the camera compared to your naked eye. But i did notice that during night mode, when i take photos and there’s, a couple of lighting objects around you’ll notice that there are there’s a bit of fringing on the light objects which just looks a bit weird. In my opinion and doesn’t. Look too pleasant to me, so the night mode here is a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes it gets the job done really nicely, but other times there’s, just some, some weird enough, like stuff around on the image itself, that just doesn’t look too pleasant.

So hopefully, that can be fixed in a software update by real me um for this camera, so that it can just be that much better okay. Another few things that i really like about this device and i’m just going to go really quick about. That is the fact that it comes with a huge charger in the box. We do have a 65 watt charger that charges this device the battery from 0 to 100 in just 35 minutes. So again that is zero to 135 minutes, which is just crazy, fast uh. Nothing to say about that it’s just fast and the best part is you do get that charger in the box all right. Last but not least, let’s talk a bit about those speakers, so we do have a stereo speakers on this realme x7 pro right here, top and bottom stereo speakers, but in my opinion it does get loud, but the quality of the audio coming out from this device. Here is not the best. I would say that it’s a bit uh hitting on the bit teeny kind of sound, so it’s a bit teeny the sound quality right there it’s, not the best, sound quality, but again good thing that we do have stereo speakers here. So i mean it is still enjoyable, but just not the best kind of speakers out there all right guys. I think that’s pretty much it for my couple of days, honest review with the realme x7 pro right here.

So there are a couple of things that i really love about it, like i mentioned earlier on and just a tiny, a few bit of stuff, which i hope would be improved or maybe updated through a software update. But again, if you ask me just looking at this year’s devices that has been launched in the market right now for like slightly under 2000 ringgit, you do get a very, a very, very good device here. Very nice display very, very good processor one that doesn’t really heat up, that’s, really something that i really see these days and yeah a very, very fast charger in the box as well, so that’s what you would expect to get with the real me x7 pro. Alright guys, i think, that’s it for this video, if you have any further questions, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below hit that like button.