3 5g unboxing and review. I have been using it for about two months now. First off let’s see what we have in the box when you open it up, you’re greeted with the smartphone wrapped in plastic. Let’S. Take out the sticker on the front, this is the polar night color and it is the only color that this comes in sealed tightly. Here is the sim ejection tool, underneath that is a get started, guide, product and safety. We can see all the supported bands here, including glow 4g band 28, of course there’s 5g and nfc support. Here too, we get a clear tpu case now this case here is region specific and you shouldn’t be too excited about rocking it, because it doesn’t feel like very high quality, plus no recipe to protect the front either boxed away. You have an 18 watt, fast charger, a usb type c cable and a pair of earphones. The earphone is actually blue black to match the color of the phone. Nice nokia also generously sent me their power buds, light and i’m going to take it out of the box to show you what comes in it. You have the home for the earbuds, it has a usb type c port. You have the boards in it. Of course, some literature, a usb type c cable and some extra earbud tips – i tested it and it feels chunky in the ear not the most comfortable sounded above average good bass.

But the bluetooth signal is not that great, because it isn’t a high end accessory or anything. It also comes in black, but you don’t get it for free when you buy the phone, so let’s not waste any more time on it. Moving on on the front, you have a 6.81 inch full hd plus ips lcd display with 20 by 9 aspect ratio on the top left corner. You have a punch, hole that houses a 24 megapixel camera on the back. You have a 64 megapixel quad camera setup with dual flash and some nokia branding on the left. You have a dedicated google assistant button on the right. You have your volume, rocker and power button that doubles up as a fingerprint sensor. You also get a hybrid sim tray that holds two nano sim cards or one sim and one sd card on the top. You have a microphone on the bottom. You have a speaker, a usb type c port, a second microphone and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack nokia. 8.3 5g is a massive phone bigger than the biggest phone i’ve ever reviewed, and probably the heaviest it’s. A glass aluminum sandwich design, but it attracts a lot of prints so well. That case comes in handy also to protect that huge camera bump calling gorilla glass on both sides. Nokia has used this circular camera layout design a couple of times before and after this phone, and i think i prefer the charcoal matte black implementation on the 7.

2 that i reviewed that felt more premium than this. However, this gradient color is really mesmerizing on the front. We get thick looking bezels and a chain that’s big enough to fit nokia’s logo. I think i’ve gotten used to nokia branding their chains now still on the display. Colors, look punchy and bright outdoors youtube. Videos are capped at 1080p and that’s. Okay, ips lcd at this price makes absolutely no sense and 60hz refresh rate is basically a slap on the face. My review unit comes with 128 gigs of storage and 8 gigs of ram. You get about 104 gigs of available storage. That is rather unusual for the stock android 10, which it is running on there isn’t even youtube music, app pre installed that’s. How non existent bloatware is on here. We get two years of software updates, so we’re, definitely getting android 11 and 12. there’s a bit of delay for the level, not sure why that also means we don’t get screen record feature in the quick settings. So a third party one would have to suffice. For the time being, the user experience is very clean. I used it with gestures on which is a chore, and while i didn’t pull my hair out, i didn’t enjoy it as much as i did on the portable google pixel 5.. This phone is not easy to use in one hand, no matter what navigation style you prefer, the edge that digs into my palm was always accidentally pressing, something we get dark theme in the display settings as well as white balance and pure display that google assistant button Can be disabled but cannot be reconfigured to do any other function.

The nokia 8.35 g uses the snapdragon 765g octa core cpu clocked at 2.4 gigahertz and it’s a fairly powerful gaming midrange chipset that handles everything with ease. I am impressed by how well it performs with this chipset compared to the google pixel 5, which actually hangs quite a lot while spotting the exact same chipset. Maybe android 11 version on there is buggy. I don’t know. Some of you might be surprised that this isn’t, a flagship chipset but hmd global, actually does strange things like this. I mean they released the nokia 9 pureview with a year old, flagship, chipset didn’t. They, the fingerprint sensor, doesn’t, do well with locking and unlocking in quick succession and the animation isn’t the fastest, but it is pretty accurate all the time and i have no complaints whatsoever in real day to day use. As for the less secure face unlock, it is surprisingly slow a hit or miss with any type of lighting, and it would most definitely not read your face in pitch darkness. On the plus side, i mean a tiny little plus it never unlocks accidentally, i mean barely. Does so on purpose, here’s, how the speaker compares side by side, the pixel Music, 5., Music Music? When it comes to gaming, as usual, i played pop g on hd, graphics and high frame rates, the highest pop g setting for this phone gaming on the phone. This size is quite enjoyable, but what would have made it even more so is faster, refresh and touch sampling rate.

Like i said earlier, it spots a gaming chip, so you will not have any issues running the likes of fortnite on this phone. It is powered by 4 500 milliamp hour battery, and i put it through my usual battery test about three hours of pubg three hours on instagram and a couple of hours on other social media platforms, all on wi fi. This gave me 10 hours plus of screen on time and while that should actually get you through a full day, i didn’t get exceptional standby on here as we’ve come to expect with mid range phones. The snapdragon 765g is more powerful, but not as battery efficient as the snapdragon 730g, which i’m used to it, took approximately two hours for a full charge. With the fast charger that came in the box when it comes to the camera, nokia usually goes overboard even with less expensive phones and on here they sort of over deliver in features aside. All the usual suspects, like pro mode time, lapse slow mo and night mode. It has something called cinema mode which, just like the pro mode, an ordinary user like me, cannot possibly do justice to it. Let’S see some photos outdoors, the selfie camera shows great skin tone, looks very detailed. Almost too detailed. We get a bit of overexposure. What some may refer to as melanin glue when it happens on their iphones the depth sensing on this portrait selfie is actually excellent if you like intense bokeh, but it is definitely oversaturated and not in a good way.

The primary camera ai tends to focus on human subjects and blow everything else a little bit. The exposure is well balanced and i love the results here using portrait mode. I think we can call this a portrait king as far as mid rangers go heck. Even some flagship phones are more prone to hit or miss portrait shots. Samso let’s introduce g khan. The g com shot here is doing the melanin, glue thing and it’s a hell of a lot more detail than the photo from the default camera on the primary camera. I would say my actual skin tone is somewhere in between but closer to the g cam shot and it goes beyond just saturation. I mean you can actually see the color of my iris on the j cam shot if you’re watching this and you already own the nokia 8.35 g. The link to the gcam version that i used will be in my pinned comment. A stop to the channel will also be appreciated. I feel, like i don’t see this enough. I tested the macro camera and the quality is looking like something out of a qvga camera ps4. We get really amazing, high dynamic range on this phone and the ai. Hardly ever disappoints not even the wide angle shots. I feel like nigerian sky isn’t, doing justice to this landscape indoors. The difference here is quite a lot. If you want a lot of details in your selfie use, gcam and if you want a smoother skin use, the default camera hdr plus kicked in here using the primary camera indoors and now it’s so good that it sort of looks like what you would expect from Gcam, i think this might be the best indoor primary camera output i’ve ever shown on this channel and even with portrait mode, it is way better than the jcam shot.

Knight mode is not bad, but g can beat it hands down and, as you know, jcam even comes close to the iphone’s night mode. Of course, the iphone 11 pro doesn’t get night mode for the selfie camera, but somehow i still prefer the iphone shot. It records videos in 4k from the primary camera and 2k from the selfie camera Music. So this is the front facing camera of the nokia 8.35 g shooting in 2k and here’s. What the audio sounds like and now we are shooting in 1080p, at 60 frames per. Second, with the front facing camera and i’m just going to move around, to show you guys what uh the image stabilization looks like so now i am using the cinematic mode with the primary camera, and i just turned the camera around so that you guys can see What it looks like, as you know, nokia never tries to compete for the best spec to price ratio, and that has never been truer than now. The price sits at 243 600 naira, which converts to 520 us dollars, and it begs the question: what are people actually paying all that money for? Well, you have 5g connectivity that supports a whole lot of 5g bands, but sadly it is not commercially available. In this part of the world, yet it also bugs me that we haven’t got an android 11 update. Yet and updates are like a very, very key selling point for nokia users, who tend to use their phones for years and years.

I think it’s bad enough that they use the 60hz refresh rate, but it gets worse why ship a 500 smartphone with an lcd panel in late 2020., even with that exceptional cinematic camera and gaming cpu, i cannot recommend you buy it at the current price, but there’s Lights at the end of the tunnel as time goes by prices drop, plus nokia has other mid range phones lined up for 2021 for those looking to switch from the 7.1 or 7.2. You will find a more worthy upgrade later in the year. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and share.