Today, in this video let’s talk about that let’s talk about how samsung india controls the indian media and a lot more hey guys, ash here from c4e tech and here’s, another pipe bomb for you guys, while other brands have also done this from time to time. To those people who actively follow him, you mean 30, some people, because the channel’s dead, okay, those 30 people actually know i’ve, had my differences with manokumar jain and he’s, not my favorite person in the world. So let’s start with him. As an example, you’ve seen him do sit down interviews even mother from real me. J money sat down with me, one plus a shimon did too now. These are not wrong. Brand people get to promote their content. That’S that’s their job that’s, what they get paid for, that is not what samsung’s doing what samsung india seems to be doing. These days is control. What kind of content you see what gets suggested to you? They are gaming, the system in a way, every single, mid range launch from samsung these days. Samsung provides an exclusive and yes, brands do provide exclusives to outlets from time to time, but that’s, usually based on how competent the media outlet is with covering their product. How qualified they are, but that’s, not what samsung does it is just who can promote their product the best that is what they’re looking at, who can say whatever they want them to say now, if a youtuber says no or if a youtuber insists on uh includes Paid promotion being included, then they’re gon na get replaced now guys here’s.

The thing youtube wants you to keep watching that’s how things work they want you to spend more and more time on youtube because more time equals more ads and more ads equals more revenue for them. So youtube algorithms are aimed at pushing content that people keep watching and interacting with a lot, which is why you are doing this. Video i mean accuse me of that say, say that’s. Why i’m saying and think i’m a up me dislike the video. You know you don’t have to like me, but it doesn’t change the fact that what i’m saying is 100 true – and this is a real problem, so some years back, samsung figured out letting someone talk about a phone early and making sure they only say good things About it, it worked great for them. They didn’t have to beat the real music and xiaomi’s with specs just beat them with promotions. I mean i have done these kind of videos i’m, not giving you the holier than thou. You know the holier than the crap, but the point is samsung india pushing these promotions more and more. It hurts everybody now, it’s, not really the fault of the youtuber i’m, not like. I said i’m, not trying to burn anyone so before launch. If somebody gets their hands on a phone it’s gon na blow up, that is how youtube works right. The algorithm pushes it to more people. So now you could probably do a video later on it’s, never gon na just rank higher than that.

So anybody who’s gon na be searching for the phone anybody who’s gon na get and suggested they’re all gon na get this controlled version of whatever it is that samsung wants you to see. That is how they are manipulating the system. That is how they are gaming. The system now it’s not just that either if let’s say i disagree to everything. Samsung says i say screw you i’m, not gon na, do whatever it is that you’re gon na tell you’re telling me to do i’m gon na. Do my own coverage they’re, just not gon na send units and when they don’t send units? First, you have the exclusive coverage, then, a few days or a week after that, you’ve got all of the youtubers that they’ve sent phones to that get to cover it and two weeks after that the phone goes on sale. So, by the time somebody who doesn’t agree with what samsung demands of them actually gets the phone it’s almost three weeks since the first video on it went live, which means even my 30 viewers are not gon na watch it right. So that is how it’s either fall in line or we kill you that’s. Basically, what they’re saying and it worked, i mean look at some videos and you’ll see it mid range. Samsung phones being talked about like they are flagships, the next best things in sliced bread. Oh, my god, they are amazingly brilliant beauty was almost orgasming at the thought of a samsung mid range.

Yes, yes, they are fast, yes and they are fast or whatever don’t. Get me wrong. Some of samsung’s mid ranges are quite good, but they aren’t that good from a brand perspective it’s their job to hype, the products and you can’t fault them for trying. That is what they are being paid for. After all. Now, if you walk into a mobile phone showroom and the guy talks you into buying an oppo or a vivo it’s, not his fault, he’s, a seller, you didn’t give him that job the showroom did and he’s loyal to them by pushing the phone that makes them The most profit, but we as youtubers you made us our responsibility, is to you not the brand, not a showroom. Now you can say ash you’ve done this you’ve done that and yes, i have i’ve done teasers with samsung in the past too, and that is what i’m trying to say. You either fall in line with what they say or you’re excommunicado, which is why i’ve been you know. I am sick and tired of that system, which is why i’m trying to break free of the system and i’ve been sourcing. More and more of my own devices. I am not i’m trying my best not to be dependent on brands for review units, because as long as you’re dependent, they have some strings or the other over you. It and samsung seems to do that the most now, if they send me a unit it’s fine else, i’ll still make interesting content original content.

You know for those 30 or so amazing people who still do watch my videos. So if you’re, one of the 30 squad leave a comment below, if i see at least 30 comments i’d be it would make my day anyway. Uh here are my last few conversations with samsung. By the way before this video, i was still getting units from them. I did get the s21 series, but after this video, if you don’t see some of the latest samsung phones on c4 tech, you know you 30 people you’ll know why. So anyway, uh got a little side track. These were my conversations. You know the latest galaxy j. Whatever i didn’t get it, so i called them up hello uh. Can you please let me know why i didn’t get this phone uh, you know, do you feel i’m not qualified to review, or do you feel my channel is just too small for you to send out a unit? What was the problem? I was just curious. Can you please let me know? Oh oh ash, you know, we know you don’t. Like those phones, i mean the lower midrange samsungs. Well, we know that you’re not really gon na, like it and you’re gon na say something negative about it. So why send you? That is why we didn’t send you. I was like what the a youtuber is. Not a promoter. My job is to objectively cover your product. So if you, what you’re saying is, if you have a substandard product, you’re only going to be sending it to people who’d say nice things about it.

That is what i asked, and that is the kind of silence i was greeted with. Okay, next time sami calls me, you did a speed test, iphone vs samsung, my phone hasn’t even gone on sale, yet you’re hurting my sales. Why ash? Why? Why? Why why i was like, because that is my job and guys to be fair. This was the conclusion of the video now in a vacuum. The s21 ultra did quite well completing such an intense round. Two in under two minutes is excellent uh and i don’t think the s21 ultra can be called slow by any metric so as much fun as flagship speed. Tests are they’re just about bragging rights. At this point, so, as you can see, i have not been negative or anything here, that’s, not because of the brand, but because i actually like the phone and i i’ve always said speed. Tests are more about bragging rights at this point. But do you believe they have the balls to ask me to put the video on private? I was livid. Why would i put a video on private videos of known and confirmed? Scams are in private, even after apologies. They are in private they’re. Still live people refuse to take those videos down. So why would i remove a speed test that was perfectly legit? I told them go screw yourselves. I do not work for samsung. I will not take my video down so coming back.

Are these exclusive videos paid or not? I don’t know i don’t even understand some of these videos so i’m going to leave it to you my 30 squad to decide. You tell me if you feel they are paid did people sell out, has samsung manipulated the coverage, the real problem? Here, though, it is not with the youtubers, but with the system samsung, india has created the way they are manipulating. What you get to see you either do what they say or they cut you out. They keep sending it to other people, they push it, they promote it, they have insane amounts of marketing money and the youtuber can’t do much about it. Now one more thing: you’re talking doing a samsung video we’ve got to do one more thing right, a little bit of apple touch. Now have you noticed these days there aren’t all that many reviews of samsung phones, the mid rangers, if you don’t believe me, search for a real me phone full review, a show me a redmi phone full review, a poco review and a samsung mid ranger full review. I can guarantee you, you aren’t gon na, find that many now an oppo or a vivo not getting a full review. I can understand these phones aren’t, aimed at the online crowd. They are offline, focused offerings and so say an a series phone from samsung. I can perfectly understand why people won’t do a full review of it, because the online demographic does not really care much about it because it’s an offline phone but the j series, the m series, and now the flip card exclusive, f series.

Why aren’t? Your favorite, honest, reviewers, reviewing these phones. Now i am part of the problem too. I’Ve managed to not review some of these phones now that’s, because over the last few years, i’ve become so jaded with this system that it was eating at me and that’s. Why? You know i’m i’m trying to break free of it i’m trying to cover my own products source them pay for it, import it make sure that i give you content that is free of strings from any brand. I don’t need to be dependent on anybody, uh and that’s. Also, the reason why these days you’re going to be seeing a lot more reviews than unboxings like, for example, right now, my current daily driver or primary smartphone is the nokia 5.4 review no unboxing dell xps 13. My review is being worked on no unboxing macbook air m1 same thing, real me, x7. Again, no unboxing on that either, though the x7 pro we did do an unboxing, but again on a case by case basis, i am trying to uh. Do more full reviews? Add value with my videos, instead of it just being some promotional content, so anyways, it just feels so bad to see. Samsung manor played such a huge demographic of people because, at the end of the day, people are spending their hard earned money right and when it’s actually a decent product, it doesn’t hurt as much so maybe whatever products we’re seeing right now might be decent, but they Also, do it for phones that absolutely suck now, if you don’t, believe a word of what i say, go search youtube find the answers.

You are you’re looking for, find them yourselves, make up your mind and i’m. Pretty sure you’ll see the truth. Just search keep your eyes open, so this video is my request to samsung india, to trust in their products. Stop looking at us as promoters and hype machines, and let us just do our job we need to put.