The latest that Samsung has to offer – and I got here in front of me – every single one of the S21 devices all of the colors. Ill – give a run down on each one. Well briefly, talk about them and some of the major differences and similarities and which one you should get or recommend. An. I have a giveaway in this video, so watch till the end. Before we go on make sure to gently tap that like button, so more people can see all the technicalities we share and, of course, Without further ado lets get to the video.. So Ive been using the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and I even did a quick chat with Ebuka around it. Ill leave a link to that video in the description below. Go, give it a watch if youre into that sort of thing and right now, Ive got all Of the S21 devices right here., Starting from the S21, the first of them is the Phantom Violet one of the unique standout colors of them all.. I like the purpleviolet color. It has and, of course, the gold accents on the camera bump area.. The second one in the S21 line up is, of course, the Phantom Pink. This one is more along the lines of a rosy pink color and has similarly matching accents to the front.. The third color in the S21 line up is the phantom white. This is an all white on white combo, with the camera bump, as well as the body itself.

. The last color in the S21 line up is the Phantom Grey. This is simply a matte grey finish. All round. No questions asked.. These are all the four from the baseline models in the series: the main S21 Phantom Violet, Pink White and Grey. All their camera. Bumps arent plastic, though theyre aluminum, linked with the sides or edges of the phone. From the front of them. We can see that theyre all black. All Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on the screen, but keep in mind that only the S21 comes with the plastic back.. The S21 and Ultra are glass on the back.. This is what Samsung is calling the glass tic back, because it is plastic but imitates glass, quite well.. The only benefit really is that its just more durable than glass but other than that, its not as premium in comparison.. The screen size is the smallest of the bunch., Its a 6.2inch AMOLED panel. The display on the S21 is a 1080p Display, and this wasnt well received by most people, especially because of that 800 price tag for the 128GB model or 401 thousand naira price tag. For the 256GB Model here in Nigeria, which is a fair bargain, considering the exchange rate. Moving on to the next category, the S21, this one starts at 999 aka a thousand dollars, aka 470000 Naira. A far deal too instead of 477 thousand on the exchange rate., The Colors youve got on here are one The phantom violet.

This is the only similar color that the S21 series has with the S21. One is plastic and one is Gorilla. Glass Victus on the back.. The second color is the phantom silver, and this one strikes me as being more than silver. Its got a gradient like feel to it and, depending on how the light reflects on it, it comes out looking sharp and reflects a faded pink to blue color.. This color is also on the S21 Ultra and well touch on it soon. Last color in the S21 line is the Phantom Black, which I think is the one. Almost everyone would probably be buying. Its nothing but an impressive piece of matte black finish again: matte glass mesh with the aluminum sides rolling off on the cameras., Really dope design.. This is also another color found on the S21 Ultra. Keep in mind. These are all the colors Globally available and are currently non exclusive., Although for the S21 we do get Phantom pink, but its only for the South Korean market.. Now, moving on to the S21 Ultra., You only get 2 Colors Phantom Silver, which is a similar color from the S21 device, with the same name, and it of course, has that gradient. You also get the phantom black.. Basically, a Matte black phone S21 is also a comparable variant with the S21 Ultra in this matte black regard.. As far as pricing goes on the S21 Ultra On Samsungs website, you can get the 256GB for 1250 or in Nigeria it would be 580000 Naira or you do get the 512GB for 1380 or 629000 Naira.

, Which is a lot of money for a smartphone to be Fair. Do keep in mind that its the fixed storage. In terms of their overall displays first off, they are all Dynamic. Amoled displays all have the beautiful looking 120Hz with HDR 10, so those movie moments are, of course worthy to look at in your highly priced flagship. Smartphone., Oh and the sound quality is super premium on these devices I loved how rich the sound was on the S21 and the Ultra all round, while the main S21 is a very close second.. Their sizes are, of Course, in hierarchy. On the S21, as I mentioned, its the 6.2 inch quote, unquote small display compared to 6.7 on the S21, the immediate elder and the S21 Ultra is 6.8 inches.. The S21 Ultra, of course, has the highest screen to body ration at almost 90 compared to around 88. On the S21 and 87 on the S21., I noticed that there were curves only prevalent on the S21 Ultra while the rest were more or less flat, but the curves on the ultra didnt ruin it.. The S21 and S21 are 1080p Infinity. O Hole, punch, cut out, displays 2400 x 1080, a 209 resolution display, and I also noticed that the PPI of the S21 is higher at 421 than that of the S21 at ‘4, but its not on a massive scale.. The S21 Ultra stands out with the highest resolution at 3200 x, 1440 and a PPI of 515 significantly higher than the others.

Speaking of the S21 Ultra its the only one with the S Pen, Support of the bunch. Ive got my Note, 20 Ultra here and when you compare the S Pen of that and the S20 Ultra youll notice, quite the difference., Its new and its bigger.. I also tested out some cases by Samsung themselves designed to hold the S Pen for the S21 Ultra.. The first one shows you the time and notification icons on the cover and you take the pen and replace it from the left side of the phone.. This adds a lot of footprint and heft to your hand held device, but the leather material in hand makes it really bearable. I also like the subtle carbon fiber, camera cutout and the rest of the details on this case. 910 for me.. Oh and you do get free pen tips for your S, Pen. Im not really a huge fan of the second one. It exposes the screen, but it does a good job at holding the S Pen to the left side of the phone. Youll be assured that youre not losing it.. The Spen is also new and improved its the first ever Spen available for the S Series, and it is well designed of course. Its got 4096 pressure points. To put it on context. Real professional styluses, like Wacom, has about double of this, so this is something Apple. Doesnt specify what the pressure sensitivity of their newest Apple pencil, but it pretty much, has similar latency rates.

Th Spen is not rechargeable, no bluetooth inside it and it only works with the S21 Ultra. It wont work with the Note and the Notes. Spen wont work with S21. In terms of the build quality of the S21 devices. Ive, been digging the color combination of the similarities in colors. Phantom Violet for the 21 and 21 Phantom Silver for the 21 and 21 Ultra. Same goes far, the Phantom black., All of Them are Gorilla Glass, Victus on the front and back except for the S21, which is Gorilla, Glass, Victus on the front and polycarbonate or plastic that looks like glass on the back. Theyre, all IP68 water and dust resistant up to 1.5m under water for a maximum of 30 minutes, but Im so sure thats, not why youre buying you phone. Im curious. Has your phone fallen in water and spoilt before Or do you have a water resistant phone? Let me know in the comments. Also depending on the region where you live, you either get a single sim single sim with eSIM or dual sim.. Of course, none of them would be hybrid, of course, because its not expandable storage.. They all look similar, as you can see, their sim slots are both front and back.. The removal of the SD Card would surely be a tension point for some people who have a lot of files.. Also. I noticed that the bigger the phone, the bigger the camera bumps. S21 s, camera bump, was bigger than S21 and S21 Ultra Camera bump is bigger than S21 the higher the bigger.

They all dont feature headphone jacks. Also when you order them now. Samsung doesnt include the power adapter in the box, but they are capable of 25W Fast Charging.. They only include the USB Cable and sim ejector tool. Youll need to buy the power adapter and headphones your self. Many people who get these phones wouldnt want to use wired headphones anyway. Wireless earphones or earbuds are more convenient, so thats just better. When it comes to the storage options for the S21 series.. The S21 and S21 come with 8GB of RAM all round and 128 or 256GB storage models accompanying those 8GBs of RAM.. The Ultra is where the big changes are you get 12GB of RAM on the base Ultra coupled with either 128GB or 256GB, and then the highest you can go is really the highest at 512GB of Storage and 16GB of RAM comparable to most laptops.. They all come with Android 11, One UI 3.1 and for the International Audience or if youre in Nigeria or the UK and some parts or most parts of the world that arent US or China. We get Exynos 2100, a 5nm processor compared to Qualcomms Snapdragon 888. For the US and China. Mr WhosetheBoss made a video comparing these processors and Ill leave a Link in the description. If you want to watch it. Snapdragon vs Exynos. Day to day use for these devices on my table were 100 on point.. I think Samsung made serious improvements on here, even though they dont look as much went speaking of face value.

, They dont look like different phones.. I gamed alot on the S21 Ultra and Ive never experienced smoother performance.. I could max out the settings without it: over heating and Id be fine. In terms of the cameras They are for the most part similar across board, except for the Ultra. For the S21 and S21. They have a 12MP wide angle, 64MP, Telephoto and 12MP ultra wide.. The S21 and S21 can doom optically 1.1 times and 3 times. Hybrid zoom. Now come to the S21. Ultra youve got 108MP wide angle lens or normal lens super crazy details, the 10MP periscope or telephoto lens capable of really distant zooming.. Another 10MP zoom lens and a 12MP ultra wide. Im not going into a lot of detail on the camera and Ill save that. For my full look into the S21 Ultra itself., But they all can produce 8K video in 24FPS 4K at 30 and 60 frames per second is dope, HDR and, of Course, stereo sound and electronic image. Stabilization. Selfie cameras on them, though, are 10MP on both the S21 and 21 and 40MP on the Ultra.. Following the same pattern, making the Ultra really stand out.. It does really stand out in so many ways with a better bluetooth sensor: 5.2 compared to bluetooth 5.0. On the 21 and 21 Wifi 6e, which is miles better. 5000 mah battery compared to the 4800 on the S21 and 4000 on the S21 and just alot of other minor details like the Spen and other internal differences.

. Also guys do note that the Preorder for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series ends on Thursday, the 11th of February and those who preorder get free gifts like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro or the Buds Live two of their latest and greatest wireless earbuds and the Samsung Smart Tag, including Samsung Care., The Smart Tag is something Ive been using for a while now and its really basic and super helpful in what it does. Its a really small, rounded diamond, shaped item that once paired. You can attach to your keys with the key ring Kind of like a key holder. That way when you tap on the Tag on your phone, it will make a continuous sound, notifying you of where your key is., The smart tag, when paired with other smart appliances, can turn off, connected ACs Lights, TVs and basically be The Internet of Things, device Samsung, makes you have. Im. Giving this Smart Tag away, and all you have to do is smash that, like button male, a creative comment about this video and, of course share this video on your socials. You never know you could be helping someone answer unanswered: questions. 1 subscriber will be picked in a week from this videos post date. Thats it. For my video, which of the S21 series, did you prefer from the bunch s21, s21 or s21 ultra? Let me know in the comments section below. If theres anything I missed do, let me know and consider liking this videos if you found it interesting and if it was useful, do subscribe and hit the bell icon beside it.

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