Right now so there’s lots of additional noises. So this video is gon na be short, quick down and dirty just so. I can get it done without too many interruptions. Uh my entire family tested positive for covid, so we’ve had it now for probably four or five days so that’s. Why i sound a little bit congested um in our case, it’s been nothing more than kind of annoying cold, but that’s. Not what that video is about or this video that’s, not what this video is about, it’s about the galaxy z fold. Two so, like i stated i’ve had this thing now for about a month and to start this video right off, i got ta say it is my all time: favorite phone bar none that i’ve ever used or owned now i’m, not like any big tech reviewers where I’Ve got like 10 phones in my pocket. This is literally the only phone. I have the only phone i own, so it’s, the only phone that i’ve been using for over a month now so um. The first thing i kind of wanted to focus on real quick is just to get the negative out of the way so i’m going to start with what i think are negatives on this device and then i’ll go from there. So, firstly, as you can see the front screen which to me, i still wish it was a little bit wider. It still looks great. I don’t mind the resolution.

I don’t mind any of the specs of it. I just wish it was a little bit larger for when i do typing, because if this was larger, then it would in turn, obviously make the internal display larger, which would be a great benefit all right. So the next negative i want to talk about is the durability. Now the durability of this device itself is actually really good, but the inner display it comes with the screen protector, which is very tacky the factory one i don’t recommend you keep it. I recommend you peel that one off and then put something on it, but where i’m getting into the durability, is that you do not under any circumstances, want to carry this around without any kind of screen protector on the inside. So whether you go with a mat or if you go with a clear one like i have here, you definitely want to keep a screen protector. I made the mistake of taking it off and i said all right i’m going to try it for a few days. So, for about three days, i didn’t have an inner screen protector and somehow i don’t know how i managed to get, but i got like a little can’t see it because i got a screen protector, but i did get a little gouge. It looks like you know. Somebody took their nail and moved it across it. I think it was from probably when i was wiping it.

There was maybe a piece particle of something that got picked up, but the inner screen very easily will pick up marks mars scratch dense whatever. If you don’t have a screen protector, so with the screen protector, i haven’t had any issues whatsoever, so that is the second negative of this device again new technology folding screen. But you do not want to carry this thing around without having any kind of screen protector on the inside, so this one is from azario. If i remember, although link but i’ve tried a few – and this is the best one that i found as far as durability, with the screen protector itself, staying on and now, as i can say, like i’ve had this thing for a month and those are really the Two big negatives and the third has to do with the camera itself. Now the cameras on this thing are not bad. I mean they take pretty good pictures off those some samples when i get to that, but um they’re, not bad, but the fact that you pay two thousand dollars for this and they put lesser cameras than what you would get on the note 20 altar to me. It’S kind of a slap in the face, and now the s21 ultra is out and it’s got fantastic cameras. I don’t know – or i should say i don’t think samsung has an excuse why they couldn’t have put the camera module from the s21 ultra on this.

Just due to the fact when this was released and when that was released, i know they already had the text. So to me those are the three big disappointments, but when you pay 2 grand for this, you should be getting every top spec imaginable. That samsung has in their arsenal in this device, so that to me is a really big letdown, just not getting top specs when you’re paying top price. I mean this is the most expensive phone that you can buy from samsung, so there’s no excuse for them to have not put the latest and greatest of everything into this phone all right so again, moving on with this i’m, not gon na throw all the specs Out there they’re out there you’ve seen it this phone’s been out for a while. Now again, as always, you’ve got specific questions asking, but this device just being a daily device that i use every day i carry in my pocket, has been a joy to use the size, the compactness it fits in my pocket. Just fine. The weight for me has never been an issue. I don’t know exactly what the weight is, but i have no issue with it and i mean once you unfold this thing it is pretty stinking thin. Like i said, i’ve got a case on this. This is a rinky case, i think it’s been a while a rinky case, but even with this it’s, still very thin, Music – very light, at least to me.

So usability of this thing has been great just having the ability to have a tablet in my pocket has been fantastic. So if you know me, you’ve watched my channel i’m, a big fan of the ipad mini well, this thing has replaced my ipad mini and it’s been a joy to use now. Speakers on this thing has been the best that i’ve had on any phone uh cameras like i said this thing has five cameras: it’s got a front facing camera on the inside on the outside, then you’ve got your three lenses here: i’ll try and throw some samples And video, but this will do 4k 60 video, the pictures again they’re good they’re, not top of the line, but they’re pretty good, but again for 2000 bucks. I think they should have been better now as far as battery life. With this thing, using it every day. I get about five to six hour screen on time, which, for me i get through the day, just fine, so i usually get up fairly early once i take this off, the charger will say: 6. Am i don’t put it back on the charger till about 10 o’clock at night and i’m, still probably around 20 25 of battery, so for having such a large display in a 4 500 milliamp battery, i think that’s, pretty darn good and the whole reason you’re buying This phone and the best part of this phone is this: inner display it’s got the uh 120 hertz refresh rate, which i just leave it on all the time, and it has got a tremendously bright, clear panel i mean um, i believe it’s 1440p or quad hd It’S not quite 4k, but to my eye it looks fantastic.

You can watch youtube on here in 4k, 1440p and it just looks ridiculously good again. It’S got the 865 plus processor 12 gigs of ram 256 gigabytes of internal storage. Um one thing they did get rid of which i can’t remember if it was on the first fold or not, but at the same time they’re getting rid of it on all their phones, anyways, and that is a micro sd card slot which to me, is a Bummer, which, again, when you’re paying 2 000 bucks, this should have just gave you 512 gigabytes of storage, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it. But i can say after a month of using this thing, i mean it just held out fantastic. The hinge is just as stiff as it was on the first day. I got it and i open and close this thing hundreds of times a day, and i just have no issue with the hinge with the durability. I mean it’s just a fantastic device so, like i said this is by far my favorite phone that i have ever owned bar none. It is definitely keeper. Now, when i bought this, i was able to train in my old phone. I also sold my ipad mini to kind of cover the difference of this, so there are deals out there. So if you do buy this from samsung, just make sure you don’t pay the 2000 bucks that it retails for there’s tons of great trade ins.

You just got to do a little research and you can definitely save yourself. Some large amounts of money on this. Now. Obviously, there are already rumors of a third gen of this thing, possibly being released this year in 2021, but your next question will probably be so. Should i buy this or wait for the third one um personally, if you’ve got the money or again, if you can get that good trading deal, i wouldn’t wait technology it’s always going to improve there’s, always going to be the next best thing around the corner. So with this being folding tech and just what it can do, i would still recommend it from what i’ve seen on the rumors of the third gen. It may or may not support the s pen, but at the same time the rumors are that it’s actually going to have a little bit of a smaller front display which to me, is a step backwards, which would in turn equate to a smaller inner display. So you’re, looking at a smaller device which again for me, is a step backwards, because the whole reason i want this is because i want a giant screen that i can fold input my pocket. So with that i know, i’ve been jumping around a lot. I just obviously been a little sick, so just wanted to get this out there, just because i’ve been using this device enjoying this device, and i just kind of wanted to share my thoughts with you guys and, like i always tell you guys, i read the comments.

So if there’s, something you want to know on this, you want to see you want me to test shoot it in the comments below and i’ll do my best to do so. I do plan on doing a separate video, where i kind of demonstrate decks on this. Now, unfortunately, you’re not able to do dex mode on just the phone itself, even though you got such a large display. It’S still got to be projected onto an external display, whether you do that wireless or wired. But with that, i appreciate you guys watching um again been under the weather, so i’m going to try and crank some more videos out.