Here we go Applause, Music first things first make sure to hit that subscribe button below hit that notification bell. So you cannotify my sweeties, come with tips and tricks and unboxing just like this one check out merch blog on 130.8. If you want to get one of these i’ll link this down below as well, make sure to hit that like button. So we can beat that youtube algorithm without further ado, let’s go ahead and unbox this here we go we’re going to show you how it works as well today and let’s see what kind of features we can get in this specification here. It says that it’s about 5 watts it’s also type c. It says that it is capable of color temperature range from 2700k to 6500k. It has a 1500 lux and a battery capacity of 2100 milliamps let’s go ahead and unbox. This let’s open this up like so there you go. You don’t need that this comes with a bunch of metal. Slash sticky backs put that on the side, instruction manual right there little mount so that you can put on a shoe in your on your camera right. There usbc cable right there comes with a bag as well. Last but not least, the actual light. So, as you can see, we have our light right here on the back there’s a little screen right there, where you can see it there’s a on on and off button right there, little mesh back, very nice feeler right there.

You can also mount that mounting part right there good to go. This can go stand up as well like that, so that’s, pretty good or mounted somewhere else on the side. There’S, a usbc slot right there and then uh function, dial right there, that’s pretty good let’s, go ahead and turn this on and there you go as you can see here, you’ll be able to change the uh brightness as well. There you go by doing that, so the function you can just there you go and see the the brightness right there. So, by pressing the on and off button you’ll be able to change the modes, they have a lightning mode right there and there’s the fire version. As well, so you could see there it kind of kind of mimics, a fire looking light right, there that’s pretty cool, and then this one we mix the lightning that’s. Pretty cool let’s see what else we have here right there. As you can see up there, you you’ll be able to see the how much battery you got as well. The dial on the side, you can click as well, so you can see there, you can click it and that little arrow will change and then you’ll be able to change that spot right there. There you go so you could see there. We were able to make our light white and whiter now cool cool light, and then you can change it back down to uh warm light right there, pretty good changes option again.

Let’S click this, as you can see there, you can change that as well. That will change the brightness of it. There you go so you could see there it’s a lot brighter. Now that we put it at 100, then we can click it again, and this will change the different light. Lightning there you go it’s a different style. Now, right, very nice go change it to three different style of lightning. There. You go it’s more of a strobe. Now, that’s pretty good uh. The other function is let’s. Go change, let’s, go to fire here and see what kind of options they have. Let’S change the brightness as well let’s bump it up to a hundred percent, so you guys can see it better. There. You go very nice it’s kind of cool. I kind of like this it’s uh it’s very unique, has different functions as you could see there it’s not a consistent light it’s like fire right, it’s uh. If you have some sort of video and you want to mimic fire with the light, you’ll be able to do that with this let’s change that to three now, so you can see there it’s a different type of pulse, that’s, pretty cool. So, as you can see there, the back is also magnetic. If you stick this to a wall or something like that, or maybe one of your tripods or something like that, you’ll be able to just stick it on there.

Just like that see that and then, if you’re good to go, you could just hold this press and hold that take this off right here and then grab your bag right there and stash it away. Then you’re good to go so the other feature that the lumino has is. You can use this to vlog with your smartphone? Basically, you just take this, and this is supposed to stick on the back here’s your phone like this. As you can see here, it won’t stick or anything like that, but if you have an iphone 12 because of the metal backing, you’ll be able to use it with that. If you don’t have one of those, you could just grab one of the metal plate that they gave you and you could stick it right here for those of you who doesn’t want to do that, though, the other option is put on your case just like this And then put it under your case just like that, and then what you need to do is just use it to stick this to your smartphone and there you go pretty good. Very nice let’s go ahead and test this out turn this on like that, and then you would just put that right there and then you can go ahead and use it for vlogging it’ll stick on the back of your phone, so you can see there you’ll be Able to vlog with that and the function keys on the side is still accessible, so you’ll be able to change this to, however you’d, like now when you’re vlogging.

Of course you need a mic, so what you could do is just use this top part right here and you can mount your mic up there. There you go what a good setup right now you’ll be able to just hook that up to your phone and you can go ahead and vlog now you’ll be able to take your vlogging experience into another level. Now, of course, you can use the lumina as well and mount it on top of your camera like so now, you can adjust this to move it to whatever you want and there you go and that’s it for today guys thanks for watching. I hope i was able to help you on your choice on a brand new light. If you are a photographer and also a videographer lighting, is the best thing you could buy for yourself so that you can improve your photos and videos. If i was able to help you make sure to hit that subscribe button below hit that notification bell as well. So you can be notified of next unboxings, make sure to hit that like button as well, so we can beat that youtube algorithm if you want to get one of these i’ll link this down below as well. This is the best bang for your buck. If you’re.