We hope you are doing fine out there in this video we’re going to unbox and review the smartphone gimbal from blitzwolf the bw as14 pro first let’s, get it open and see what we get out of the box. We posted the specifications in the description below for those who are interested also don’t forget to subscribe for more gadget reviews thanks all right, so here we immediately see a quick guide. The user manual is stocked in this top packaging, so let’s get this open. This is the carrying pouch, and here we have the full user manual. Details are clear and it comes in different languages, and here we have the gimbal it’s made of hard plastic with a rubber like grip handles and the overall build quality is nice. Here. Are the controls we’ll have a look at them later? The weight is indicated at grams, pretty standard for these gimbals. It also comes with a strap to hopefully save it from falling, and this nice try spot. We can fix on the bottom of the gimbal and acts as an extended handle for some. The controls may be too close to the grip area and, lastly, we have the usb charging cable. It is type c so that’s nice. So these are what we got out of the box at the time of this video. The price online is around 110 us dollars, and that is relatively cheaper. Let’S get a closer look here, it’s quite compact.

When folded like this, we may need some time to get used to the controls here now. Let’S download and install the app from the play store. The app is called blitzwolf, ptz Music, so let’s try to turn it on and then test it out. The orientation of the phone camera is shown here, first let’s unfold. It then unlock all the three axes. Do this. First, before mounting the phone now let’s mount the phone, the manual says that we should not turn it on without the phone installed. It is important that the phone is balanced, so let’s take the time to balance it out. It may still work unbalanced, but will drain the battery faster let’s turn it on here. We will then connect it to the app no issue with the pairing there good. So we can pan it using this joystick left and right control. Also, we can tilt it using the up and down direction. Then using this slider on the side we can zoom in and out. This knob allows us to manually control the focus you can choose different modes by pressing the middle button of the joystick full, lock mode, full, follow mode, half follow mode, point of view, mode, go mad dog mode and inception mode. These modes locks or enables the different axes, and you can check out the details in the manual. The calibration instructions and other details are also found in the manual in the app. You can also access different options as well as manual controls for those of you who are very particular with the settings.

Music here is one of our favorite parts of unboxing, something removing these plastic protectors, and we forgot to mention that the battery is a removable lithium ion 18650. In the next video we will be doing some sample footage. Also, we will try to compare the video with a gopro hero 7 black hyper, smooth stabilization. We will also try out some of the modes and other stuff so there’s. Our initial review of the blitzwolf bwbs14 pro smartphone gimbal don’t, forget to subscribe and hit the bell to get notified on the next video.