3, the nokia 5.4. Now hmd global is dubbing their smartphone as a video creator. Smartphone as you get features such as 60fps video, recording, ozo spatial audio support, as well as h, log format for video, which all seems very interesting, especially for a smartphone that starts at just 14, 000 rupees. So let’s open it up and see what we get inside. But before we do that, don’t forget to subscribe, if you haven’t and also hit that bell icon so you’re the first to know. Whenever we have a new video Music, the packaging is pretty standard and right in front of the box. You’Ll see the sticker for two years of guaranteed updates, which is still one of the biggest selling points for nokia. Phones, let’s slide out the box, and here we are greeted by the nokia 5.4 now let’s. Take it out of its wrapping Music. Next up is the sim eject tool and in this little compartment on this side we have the type c cable, a 10 watt adapter and a 3.5 millimeter wired headset. Oh and last but not least, we also have some instruction leaflets and the silicone case Music. Now the nokia 5.4 looks great in this polar night, colorway and it’s also available in a purple color called dusk. The entire body is built from polycarbonate, which does feel sturdy now, the laminated back mimics, the look of glass but it’s, also a huge fingerprint magnet, which so far is proving to be quite difficult to maintain a neat look and the phone is also fairly slim and It doesn’t feel too heavy, either at just 181 grams.

Now the buttons in the nokia 5.4 sit a bit too flush to the body for my liking and they don’t really have the best tactile feel there’s a dedicated google assistant button too. On the other side, the nokia 5.4 also has a headphone jack on the top and a usb type c port at the bottom. The display measures 6.’ inches diagonally, which is nice and large, but it only has a hd plus resolution, which is a little disappointing for this price segment. On the plus side, the brightness and color seem to be all right in the short time i’ve been using it, but do wait for the full review for my final verdict about it. The nokia 5.4 is powered by the qualcomm snapdragon 662 soc, with two ram variants. A 4gb ram with 64gb storage and another with 6gb of ram and 64 gb of storage. The internal storage can be expanded by the dedicated micro sd card slot. Now for the price segment it’s competing in it’s, not the most competitive soc but hnb global is banking. On its software and camera experience to balance that out now, speaking, of which the nokia 5.4 runs android 10 out of the box, however, the android 11 update is expected to roll out very soon other than software. The cameras have gotten a bit of an upgrade from last year’s model. You now get a 48 megapixel primary camera, which is bumped up from the 13 megapixel sensor in the nokia 5.

3. The other sensors include a 5 megapixel ultra white camera, a 2 megapixel depth camera and finally, a 2 megapixel macro camera there’s. Also a 16 megapixel selfie camera in the hole punch cut out now. The big new camera feature in the nokia 5.4 is what hmd global is calling cinema mode which shoots at 24 fps in a 21s to 9 aspect ratio. Now you can select between different video bit rates as well and even enable h log format which captures a flat color profile, so it can be graded later on. You can also enable manual controls for adjusting the iso focus, white balance etc, and you can even add various filters. This is something which looks pretty interesting, especially for this segment and i’ll be testing this out a lot more so don’t forget to check our full review. Video when it’s out soon so that was my quick unboxing and first look at the brand new nokia 5.4. Now i will be testing this phone out over the next couple of days, so stay tuned for the full review coming very soon and as always for all things, tech keep it locked onto gadget360.