I’Ll put the specific model number in the description and a link to amazon. So you can get one for yourself and let’s check it out for the first time together it actually came in this cardboard box. This is how they shipped it right here in this cardboard box and inside is uh, two very small pieces and this tiny little user manual. Now the idea of this rig this uh smartphone video rig, is that you can attach your smartphone to it: hot lights, microphones or gopros, or any other items you or accessories you may have, because it has threaded halls as well as three cold shoes. So here you can see three cold shoes and two threaded holes. First thing we got to do is attach the hand grip, so this sucker goes right here on the side. You can see it just kind of fits into these little grooves that make it line up together, and then you turn this knob and it screws into the hand, grip so the hand grip can go on the side or the bottom. If you mount the hand grip to the bottom, using the threaded hole and the thread that’s built into the top of this hand, grip, you can then hold it like this. So let’s check out that lower grip together first things first, is to take this little metal screw off and then put this underneath you’re going to turn the built in screw and now you’ve got this.

So you have a choice, this grip – or this grip, this thing’s getting kind of big and awkward with the under grip. So i think this grip is probably superior. The nice thing about this is, as you can see, it still has a threaded attachment, so you could technically add another camera, such as a gopro to the top of this or any other kind of light. For example, if you had a small light such as this, that doesn’t use a cold shoe, it uses a tripod mount. You could attach that right here by just screwing it on boom, now you’ve added light to your setup and now i’m blind, so that’s really cool right. There super versatile super, versatile, but we’re not going to use this mount. We are going to use the three cold shoes. The first option you can utilize is a microphone. This is the newer cm 14 microphone. It has a cold shoe attachment, so you can slide that right into the first cold shoe turn the knob and there you have it. The microphones attached to the first cold shoe, and now i have the newer 42 led mini, led video light. You can slide this into either cold shoe and if you really want to get creative, you could slide a second one onto the other cold shoe and now you’ve got a two light setup with the microphone and the handle to attach your phone. You simply loosen the screw on the back side and slide it up it’s spring loaded, so you’re going to slide it up, put the phone in place and release and it snaps the phone in place.

Now you can screw this to tighten it and now you’ve got a fully functional uh cell phone video rig, pretty cool check it out to connect the microphone i’m gon na place, the apple auxiliary adapter into the lightning port and then connect the microphone cable to the Back of the microphone now we’re hooked up and we’re ready to shoot, so we simply turn on the lights. This is low. They each go low or high. This is high, so let’s notch them down to low and press the record button super super bright when you’re done turn it off. Take it apart box, everything back up but that’s how the newer smartphone video rig works. I like it a lot it’s super affordable. It feels decent quality for the price and it offers a lot of flexibility with all the cold shoes, tripod mounts and threaded hulls. I think if you were to grab one of these, you could set up a tremendous array of rig configurations for almost anything and it won’t break the bank. If you want to grab one of these lights, the microphone or the rig itself, just click the amazon links in the description below. Let me know which one you got or let me know which ones you have and what you think about it, but i’m super excited. These are about 15, each. The microphones are about fifteen dollars, each the rigs like fifteen dollars ish. So this entire rig can be set up for about fifty bucks, which is an unbelievable deal.

Uh today’s technology is nothing but spoils ten years ago. Something like this would have been nothing but a dream.