So if polaroids are your thing, but smartphones are your weapon of choice, then this one’s for you let’s get into it alright. So here we’ve got the fujifilm printer and a few packs of film. The film is one to one square format and you can’t use any other film with it. Taking a look at the packaging, you can see that this is the black edition. You can see that design templates are available through the app. If you want to add an overlay, and speaking of that, there is a smartphone companion, app that you’ll use to print these. Taking a look inside the box, we see warranty documents, Music, ferret cord instructions, which is essentially a magnet you attach to the cord for protection. Music, the owner’s manual we’ve got the battery Music usb c, the ferret for the usb cord, and then we have the printer itself now taking a look here at the printer, we can see on the top. We have the logo. The back has the battery tray on the bottom. We have the film tray, which can just slide open to put your film in on the right. We have a reprint button and on the left we have the power bar and the front has the printer, of course, and the led indicators, so loading in the cartridge is pretty easy. You have the tray on the bottom. The film comes in square cartridge. That is built to align in your printer on the bottom of the printer use the latch to open the tray and align the cartridge with the indicator on the top turn on the printer, then connect it to wi fi on your phone Music.

Now, if you’ve just installed a new cartridge, don’t be surprised if, when you first connect, your printer automatically prints out the protective layer of the film Music going to the app we’re going to test out a few prints in the app you can select a photo. And you have the option to choose a template, which is an overlay you can add timestamps or custom text to the bottom of the photo Music. You can also adjust the layout if you want to add a collage instead of a single photo in the edit function. You can add filters or readjust the photo size and position if it’s, not quite what you want it to be. Let’S hit print and the photo will take some time to develop so we’ll just set that aside next we’ll try another photo of my dog lucy and we’ll time this one Music, okay, so you can see from the time it starts printing it clocks out at about Nine seconds next we’ll try another photo of eric and i Music Music, Music and now to gauge the quality here, we’re going to do a landscape photo which has some more harsh gradients to it. To just see what the capabilities of this printer are: Music. Okay. So now, taking a look at a couple of the photos, we’ve just printed, we can see it has a bit of a vintage look, but overall the color is good. On the second photo, where there was more fading involved in sun flares, it seems a little bit washed out again just adding to that vintage.

Look. The gradient doesn’t fully render, as we can see in the sky, Music and then on the portrait photo. It also seems vintage, but overall good quality, Music. Now taking a look at these with the original photo, you can see the difference in the printout. This one has rich colors that aren’t being displayed correctly. The others are just a little washed out Music. So, overall, all of these photos seem relatively correct. The colors, of course, are a little bit off but that’s to be expected, as the polaroid adds a little more of a vintage look, and that really is what you’re going for anyway, when you go to polaroid format and speaking of printing photos. So if you want to print a photo directly from your computer, there is no way to do that. So what you’re going to have to do is transfer the photo from your computer to your phone and then using the instax share, app you’re able to print from your phone Music and if that’s not a deal breaker for some people, the cost might be it’s. Not the cheapest printer on the market and if you’re somebody who’s not into printing a lot of polaroids, this might just be an expensive purchase that you use once or twice, and it ends up sitting on the back shelf like over there. You also have to consider not just the price of the printer, but the cost of the film which works out to around a dollar per photo Music and for those who want polaroid style photos, but they don’t want to pay that full price or they don’t, want To commit to buying an actual product check out the instant film collective, a shop of professional polaroid style services in all shapes and sizes.

If you want polaroid style photos in different shapes and different formats, and you don’t want to have to buy multiple different printers because again the fujifilm printer only does the one to one format then check out this service it’s going to save you a lot of money In the longer run as well, i’ll leave details in the description below, but if you want to save money off of the instant film collective use code vittertec at checkout again, all of those details are in the description: Music below Music, all right so that’s. Everything for this video, thank you guys so much for watching and supporting the channel remember to hit that subscribe button to see more from me if you haven’t already and of course, hit the like button, tells youtube the videos like this don’t suck.