There is some, oh, my goodness, there’s some drama, let’s just put it that way, you guys s21 ultra has been in some extreme controversy in regards to his exynos version, which is the international version now over here in the states we have the snapdragon 888 but exynos. I think is 2100 2200, whatever it is, and a lot of people internationally comment on my videos and you guys always bring up the issues that’s being had right now, with the s21 ultra and the exynos variant there’s battery issues, there’s camera issues. This is all around performance issues. In general, now the exynos versions of samsung devices has always been inferior to the snapdragon. I see it all the time from all of my galaxy note: videos to the s21 ultra and it’s no different, unfortunately, with the s21 ultra, because even though samsung brought this newly and improved exynos chip, it has been falling short. Unfortunately, i don’t have a xnose version to use and speak on, but the majority of my viewers – you guys, are in the u.s, so i just wanted to speak to that because i know all of my viewers aren’t all just in the us. I want my people to be heard, so if you have exynos variant and you’re having issues comment down below about what those issues look like on this s21 ultra, so we can just get that out. There. Samsung can look into it and hopefully amend it with software updates and so forth, or a new exit, those chip down the road.

You know they got to get it right: whoa, whoa, whoa, it’s, an absolute crime. If you have not hit the like button by now. I don’t care what you’re thinking, thinking or whatever just get it done now. I’M. Looking at you, i can see you have you done it i’m. Looking down there. Did you hit it? Thank you all right. You guys let’s get into the review of this snapdragon version of the s21 ultra two weeks later now. This is gon na, be more of a me being real with you guys having a conversational piece about my uses with this device. It’S not gon na, be the fluffy review and so forth, like i’m gon na just keep it a buck. I’M gon na speak to you as if you were here as i always do, but we’re gon na talk in the two weeks, uh timeline now i’ve been using this thing for a couple of weeks now, i’ve been putting in my time on this joint. You know what i mean like getting it in now: granted i’m, a busy person i’m recording videos, i’m editing, so there’s huge gaps in spans where i’m, not like just sitting here like hardcore all up on the device plus i’m, not a smartphone addict. I sit in front of computers and you know what i mean that i spent a lot of money for and i better spend to sit there and use them because i got my i’m sorry i’m getting off on the tangent.

But this s21 ultra i’m gon na be honest. You guys know i’m a galaxy note user. I love the galaxy. Note galaxy note all day team. Note all that good stuff! You know i mean the note is king, but this s21 ultra has extremely impressed me also there’s a reality that this s21 ultra specifically is the phone that has been sent here to rid of the galaxy note lineup and it you can tell man it’s just like This thing has all of the sauce that you would have gotten in a note technically has sauce that you don’t even get in the galaxy note the note 21, i mean the note 21 let’s just hope. The note 21. The note 21 see i keep saying that is that happening samsung is there reason that this is coming? Is the universe talking to me? The note 20 ultra does not even have the 40 megapixel front facing camera and that’s shocking, because the s20 ultra from last year had that 40 megapixel front facing camera. Then they dropped a 20 ultra later on that year, which is supposed to be the bigger better device, and it couldn’t even out beat the front it still can’t. It does not have the 40 megapixel camera like. Why would samsung like take away sauce that they could have gave to the note 21, no man, the note 20 ultra, yet they gave it to the s. Ultra lineup see that’s where a lot of things i’m, just saying man, the writing’s on the wall.

I’M. Sorry guys, i know this isn’t a no device, but i’m being me, i’m, a note user. You have this s21 ultra great device, beautiful display, well balanced design like this thing feels so great in the hand and honestly i won’t even lie you guys. I know us note: users, like the boxy shape of the galaxy note. It feels more traditional kind of like you have a tv, but these rounded edges on this big device. This fits the hand a lot better than the galaxy note it’s not like pointing into your uh your palm, also just the way that they proportion this thing it just feels a lot better in the hand, i’ll be honest, now it’s a heavier device. You know i mean we got that 5000 milliamp hour battery, which is a plus all in all. Like the typical user experience you’re gon na get on this device compared to older galaxy devices, is improved, quad hd, 120 hertz display. I know people talk about that that’s. The tech thing: how does that translate over cj it’s, simple, like realistically, how you use your phone and how it interacts, how it transitions, how you feel it while you’re like skipping and scanning through on instagram, and how that whole experience feels that adds to the user. Experience number one thing: i judge a smartphone device by is its user experience, which is the all encompassing experience. You experience when you pick up this device and you begin to use it.

You know the nice scroll, just the smoothness paired with this beautiful display. You know you guys hear people say: samsung displays are the best they’re, not capping and people say. Oh reviewers say that every year is because it’s something that needs to be acknowledged, it’s, something that needs to be told, it’s something that’s true and they’ve got they’ve improved. The color gamut, so, for my you know, camera nerds and people who are really into you know having professional color representation, yo shout out to samsung for like putting that implementation into place so that we have like a more accurate, solid color representation in the display paired. With those 120 hertz refresh rates at full, quad hd, that comes as some caveats – you guys let’s keep it a book, this big boss, phone isn’t, perfect the first thing, that’s, not perfect about it. I got to be frank and honest: is the price point this comes in at 1200? You know you’re not getting all of what you got on previous models. Yet, yes, they did reduce the price, but i don’t think they reduced it enough. No micro sd card slot that’s gone. I just think in this market right now, starting off at 1200 for the 128 gigabyte version like that should have been the price of well. No, this should not been the price of the 250.. The one the 1200 dollar price point like this is just me, just speaking like, should have been the top of the line price point, but i understand i get it like i i’m just saying i’m, just giving like my ideal price.

I think this phone should have been a thousand bucks with a 50 upgrade to get to the 256 so 10.50 for the 256, and then i i guess we could have said maybe around 1200 in that area. For the 512 gigabyte version, that’d have been a nicer price point just i’m, just saying it would have felt nicer, uh recommending it would have felt nicer, spending on and so forth. Uh. Just me personally, i buy these things outright, so this is 1200 for the lower end of the ultra, and then you got this build up and so forth and there’s things that have been removed, like mst and so forth, but that’s a fading technology. I just got to bring it up, so people say cause they go like you, didn’t mention they took away mst. Yes, i did it’s going it’s a fade technology, but it is a a convenient technology to have so that was my first right was the pricing and then those few things that they removed? Those were a couple other gripes i have had with this device. Okay, another issue that we got to talk about a lot of people are talking about. Is the device getting hot and warm now a lot of samsung devices they’re bigger devices, even on the note 20 ultra. You know this heat i’m, pretty sure the s 20 ultra had it and devices get hot. I haven’t noticed a lot of heat with this snapdragon version, but on the exynos version that’s another issue, they were having was heat overheating like devices actually like overheating to where they couldn’t use it until it cooled down.

I have yet to push this galaxy. Snapdragon. 888. S21 ultra version to overheat, but i need to push it a little harder. I’Ll be honest. I need to like get on here one day go for a hardcore like grind on this phone and try to replicate and see if i can get those overheating issues. So i have heard you in the comment section below, if you guys think i didn’t speak to it. I just wanted to uh, let that be known. Let’S talk about something on the plus side on this rear end baby, this camera, the camera, is great, it’s, actually really really good, and for those of you who did go to my instagram to check out all of the shots and videos that i’ve been posting directly From the s21 ultra i’m uploading, all of those things into the instagram app from the s21 ultra i’m, not using like an iphone to upload them, so i get the better quality all that stuff i’m using this device full on through that way, you guys can see. I took the photo on this device. I didn’t edit it i just uploaded it directly to my instagram. So if you haven’t checked out my instagram go check it out, cj unplug underscore and you guys can see some photos and images. I’M gon na put some more up there. Most of them are like selfie shots and so forth, but i want you guys to see the front facing camera.

I took some uh rear facing selfie shots uh one of these days, i’ll go out right now, it’s, cold and snow. I steal my god one day, i’ll do it for you guys. I get some like photos and images, but i mean other people have done that. The video is good. The stabilization is really good so for those people out there who want to be like content, creators you’re looking for a device that can do that and do it well uh this device can deliver on that. I just think you should get it at a better price point: i’m, just i’m, just being real, because i know if you’re a creator and you’re trying to get a phone to create, as opposed to like a camera or a dedicated mirrorless camera, which i would recommend. Even more, that means that you know your budget is a little uh thinner, so um there’s other devices that you get for cheaper to have great cameras on them. Like i’m gon na just be keeping the butt the iphone 12 mini. I know i just made you guys: heart drop out there, samsung nation, i get it, but i got to be real uh. You can get that phone really cheap and have great cameras for creators. I will say this though instagram is buggy on android. I don’t know if it’s android, if it’s just this samsung device like if i got a message of like someone liking and i go in to like my my notifications and then i click on that uh post, which this post is on instagram.

But then i get to the video the video doesn’t play like it played audio but it’s not moving. I literally have to go to my account, click on that and, if i scroll over i’m going to show you guys the video actually plays. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know if that’s a s21 ultra thing or if that’s the instagram thing and so forth, but i just noticed that and that kind of interrupts, my user experience flow on instagram, because it’s kind of annoying, oh and for those of you i know you guys – Are going to ask you guys are going to see this super dope galaxy theme? I got popping off right here. I’Ll leave a link to a video i made a while back, showing you guys how i got this thing: uh, what launcher it is, and the name of these icons and so forth. I got ta throw that out there, because i get that axe a lot in the comment section i’m gon na put in the description you know, and you guys can watch that after this video you hear me after this video, you got ta watch this video in Full support your boy, cj i’m out here, full time grinding i’m, giving you all these real, authentic thoughts and conversation pieces about this device. So i’m getting my text messages. Just fine phone calls sound great. I made a phone call to a bank earlier today to handle some business and so forth.

This device is a solid device like and and there’s a lot of questions out there that need to be answered for certain people who might be looking at this device and trying to justify an upgrade and so forth. Now, if you’re coming from the s20, i don’t know, if it’s necessary, that you just run out and get the ultra so s20 users, man y’all, could wait. This is an upgrade from the s20 ultra. I ain’t even gon na lie. This is what the s20 ultra should have been: let’s just keep it a buck. S20 ultra wasn’t, a good release. So look i’m. Getting my update right here. Um yeah! We gon na have to postpone that i’ve been postponing that, because i just keep making videos on this thing, but i need to do that and that’s shout out to uh samsung for being speedy on their updates. So s20 ultra users. It is an upgrade, but, like you know, upgrading year after year, that’s only for select people who can fall in that category, like forcing the upgrade year after year. I don’t want to promote that. I want to promote value and if you listen to me last year you got a s20 plus instead, anyway, s20 plus users, man y’all, could just hold y’all around for the moment unless you’re, just like into ultra devices and so forth. But i it’s a year later, you know what i mean hold that device for a little longer.

If you can, but if you got it, listen, listen. You got it. You got it now. My s10 people s10 plus s10 users yo this whoo. This is gon na. Be it i ain’t, even gon na lie i’m gon na keep it a butt note: 10 plus users it’s a soft spot. I did my comparison, video on s21 ultra versus the note 10 plus you guys can watch there and make a decision there. I’M. Not even going to sit here and say you should you shouldn’t if you did upgrade from a note, 10 plus to a s21 ultra, it is an upgrade and you will feel those upgrades, but it comes at a price let’s talk about it s, pen support is On the s21 ultra i’m gon na be honest, how i feel about it uh i didn’t purchase the separate s pen for it i need to, though so i could give it a try, i’ll go ahead and get it. Maybe, by the time i do my one month, uh review i’ll have it and i could talk to you guys about it, because i hear a lot of people say they love the size of it. The small one yes it’s smaller than the one that goes inside. The device but i’ve never had issues using it. I appreciate that one, but s, pen support is here: you don’t, get the bluetooth features which are cool, and you know a lot of people.

There are no users that actually use the s pen, they appreciated those and you would lose those as of right now, until the new s pen pro comes out and who knows how much that’s going to cost but it’s, not the same experience in the sense that, Like, like, i said, you cannot, dock the s pen into the device, that’s a huge caveat and it kind of like defeats the point but like for those of you willing to do the bulky case with holding it and that’s fine for you, hey, i’m, not one To judge it’s, just not for me at all so note: 10 plus users. Yes, this is an upgrade, but i think no 10 plus users might want to hold off to see if samsung’s actually going to give us a note this year, um. That would be where you would really upgrade more than likely. I don’t know we got to see how they built that thing. What they give us and don’t give us and so forth, because huh things are looking different nowadays, so that would feel probably more like a you know, a progressive upgrade, my note: 20 ultra users, man y’all, just got that phone sit back, chill be easy, but, like I say man if you got it, you got it and you want to, but still i think, going from the note to the s series ultra and losing that s pen compartment for those people who are s pen users is not the same thing and anybody who Got anything older than those phones that i spoke about, i mean come on man, you, s9 user.

S8. If you get this thing, you’re going to feel the upgrade by a ton for sure now, uh iphone users, some people from iphone are converting and so forth. Switching ecosystems is a different animal. I need to speak to that. I think i’m gon na create a series uh. Why i use samsung phones over iphone, you guys might wan na know. I carry two phones. Why am i carrying these two phones and what is it about? You know a samsung phone that’ll, keep me as an iphone user running to grab them and having a use for them and why i prefer, like my galaxy note specifically, but this s31 ultra i’m gon na – keep it above this. This is good uh why? I would prefer a galaxy device over a iphone and then also why i use iphones over samsung devices. That’Ll be a cool little series and explanation, because somebody wanted me to explain how i could have a mixed ecosystem, because some people use both devices. You know you might want to know, i got a galaxy watch and i have an apple watch and when do i use which and what? If what does it look like? You know with a galaxy watch on the iphone and just using that, like kind of breaking down and getting into the whole uh between the two on those yeah, my iphone users, man. This is this is a cool experience, it’s different from apple and iphone, but you got ta remember when you jump into android there’s a there’s that’s, a huge huger transition, and you need to know what you’re getting yourself into before you make that type of transition.

But for those willing to make it, i mean, depending on what iphone you coming from and how how connected you are in the ecosystem: that’s a tougher decision. That’S a conversation like i said, i’ll probably get into that series and do that so i’ve i’ve kind of went over like some of those strong stress points. If i didn’t touch on something that you want to know, let me know because i’m going to be doing constant, uh, updates and conversation with you guys like this is just me talking two weeks later, i’ll talk with you guys, maybe three weeks and then a month Later you know i’m gon na consistently be updating you guys. So if there’s anything, you guys want me to test or uh try out on this device. If you guys have any issues yourself and you want me to speak to it, comment down below, i read them all and i’ll get back and i’ll try to give my best opinion and speak. You know to the public about it but here’s. My nutshell, overall conclusion and user experience in using this device for two weeks, i’ve enjoyed it. I love it like. I love lifting this big bad boy up, putting it in my hand, using that extremely improved fingerprint sensor, that’s another thing, the accuracy and just the constant. The consistency and just the constant hit on that fingerprint sensor. It just takes away the issues i had on my note, 20 ultra and note 10 plus and uh previous s devices.

You know it’s shooting a lot better. We in that 90 percentile from the free throw line, so this thing is feeling really really good. I enjoy that, but you know i enjoy picking this thing up, unlocking it my home screen alone. Welcomes me with this beautiful galaxy, like just representation of what i’m getting in this samsung display. Then i go. You know i’ll be on my social media game hit up youtube. You know i mean go to my sub box boom. Look at that! Look how beautifully crisp these thumbnails look like this is it’s the experience. Oh man, the experience is so good. It looks really good, and this is the immersive experience that you get out of a samsung device. I love it. I love using it so like if i’m, if i’m gon na watch a youtube video, i want to watch it on this display, as opposed to my uh iphone display nah i’m trying to go to here. Uh the smoothness, the snappiness everything’s fast. My ram management is good, as you can see all these devices sitting back here. Overall movement, the fluidity, the uh design. This thing is a joy to use i’ve enjoyed it for the last two weeks. Everything is there and ideally typical from what you get from samsung. So those who have older older devices, you guys, are going to love this device. Those who have more current devices you’ll appreciate this device, but i don’t know if, when you get an upgrade you’re gon na feel like oh, my gosh, some people do so comment down below how you felt when you got this s21 ultra.

If you were a s20 ultra user, a note, 20 ultra user, a note, 10 plus user and a s20 uh user any in those. You know from 2020 samsung devices to now hit the comment section down below smash that, like button whoa, whoa whoa it’s an absolute crime. If you have not hit the like button by now, i don’t care what you’re thinking thinking or whatever just get it done now. I’M, looking at you, i can see you have you done it i’m. Looking down there. Did you hit it? Thank you. My name is cj.