So this is the oneplus nord in 105g. This is their latest 5g device uh, and this is the latest phone from oneplus at the current recording of this video. So this device i’m starting right here with the display, because this is a beautiful display. This is a 6.5 inch. Basically, it says: 6.49 it’s. Basically, a 6.5 inch display 1080p about 2400 and it’s, absolutely beautiful uh. You do have the little punch hole camera in the screen there and kind of a larger edge on the bottom, but it’s, not nothing that’s, going to distract you from the beautiful viewing angles and stuff that this device can produce. Now. This is a clear, clear indication that oneplus cares about the display and according to the price, because sometimes companies will skimp on areas and they could have easily tried to make this a 720p display uh, because it is one of their lower priced devices. One of two there’s also the nord in 100, but that one has is spec down even lower, but it too has a 1080p display. I believe so they did good on their displays and that’s. Why i started here and the device has good speakers, so let’s listen for a moment: uh, not just a velcro, but just other things. They don’t, they feel like they don’t want to mess up anything so it’s our job, really to educate consumers for sure that’s. What i do i’m using my voice to kind of educate consumers and kind of speak for consumers.

While i do some of these videos or most of these videos, so the the phone is like most phones when you get it in um, full volume that’s, where you really can see the peak of how the speakers sound between 60 and 100 is where most phones Today will end up being played at because anything lower than 50 on a lot of phones, it’s, just not good it’s, not good at all, it’s it’s really low. So with this phone, though, it sounds great and i like it, i think the display is beautiful and i like everything about the display and the speakers so and someone made a comment about dual speakers versus stereo speakers. What they’re? What they’re saying is this isn’t stereo sound coming from here? You just have a speaker here and here uh, and sometimes dual speakers can be on here and here, but in this device you do have a split setup, but it sounds good man i don’t. I don’t have any complaints about this it’s, not labeled as stereo speakers, it’s labeled as dual speakers and they’re right. There is a difference, but i really can’t tell the difference. Yeah, i can’t tell the difference at all so screen and speaker quality and media consumption. This is a win uh for this device. Now let’s talk about design so on the front here you do see that 6.5 inch display. Let me get my microfiber cloth, because this is this device looks like fingerprint.

Heaven wants to be a lot once you start touching. The back uh, but the design of this device is different than from oneplus, so you no longer have a vibrate and mute switch. You just have a volume up and down and a power and that’s unfortunate, because i really like that about oneplus devices, and you also have a headphone jack on this one. So the fact that it doesn’t have that vibrate mute switch i’m. Okay with it, because you get a headphone jack, if you so desire, it’s like a trade off they made – and i understand i definitely appreciate the headphone jack, even though they took away the vibrate mute switch. But you know that’s just what it is. So you got type c as well, and you have another canceling microphone up here. Uh on this side, you have the volume rocker and the sim tray and then over here, just a power button now on the back is where you see: um them really really really digging in and making some changes after i get it cleaned up here. Still can’t get it that clean you. They have a fingerprint reader on the back here and then they have the quad camera set up right here with the led flash and i think that’s, pretty fire right there, that’s that’s pretty good the fact that they did. That means a lot to me, so i can’t complain about that now. Also on the hardware, you do have a 90 hertz display.

This is something that is nice for one plus users or just smartphone users in general. Having a 90 hertz display, yeah that’s good. So you go into advanced, you go into refresh rate. You can permanently set it for 90 hertz it’s, not adaptive like some companies, which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just you can turn it on and off. Some companies have it to where you can’t and you you have a 60hz option and some companies just when they first launch a lot of people were just doing adaptive. You have no control over when it comes on. Remember that yeah but um. I think the hardware on this is solid, even though it’s a slippery device, it does get fingerprints really easy. That shouldn’t bother you too much, but it does get fingerprints really easy, so put a case on it or scan and you’ll be fine. But the hardware on here is really really solid, all right guys. So here we are with the front camera shooting at 1080p 60.. This is the highest resolution that this camera can shoot at it’s, 1080p, 60 uh and it is it’s, absolutely fantastic. The audio that comes from here everything looks good. As i look in the viewfinder here, everything looks great man it’s, focusing on my face: uh it’s, not distorting anything there’s, no softening going on all the settings are legit no filters or anything, and i think this looks really good. So you tell me what you think about this sample for the front camera all right now: here’s the rear camera, and let me know how much you can tell the difference between the two like.

If, if i didn’t tell you, this was the rear camera, would you think it was the front camera based on the history of oneplus? The oneplus 7 pro was one of the best front cameras oneplus ever offered uh and uh. It was nice and i think this phone on the front camera kind of continues that but tell me what you think about this rear camera footage, and would you think this was a real camera? Is it too soft uh? Is it too crisp? Is it? Is it over overdoing it? What do you think all right? So, as you can see in those clips, the cameras on here are actually really really good on the rear, though you have this 40, a 64 megapixel, f, 1.8 wide angle camera. Then you have an 8 megapixel ultra wide, a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro sensor. I don’t know why people why company will put both of those on there. I know depth of field is for the two megapixel, but the macro shots give depth of field. So i don’t understand why they do that, but they do it. I think it’s just to say that they did it and the rear camera is recording. 4K. 30 frames per second max and it also does 30 frames per second cinematic. So if you go into the settings here, you can see video resolution you’ll see 4k cinematic at 30 frames per second. It also tells you the file size per megabytes 30 seconds for each one, so that’s pretty dope in the front camera.

I keep it at 1080p, 60., so um. The front camera, also by the way, is a 16 megapixel, f, 2.1 with hdr and again it record. It has eis on the front camera which and i’m just which means, if you’re going to walk around and stuff like that um, you know this front. Camera should be great for vlogging, it does 1080p 60 and i think that’s gon na be it’s gon na be good enough. So um the cameras on here when you start to compare them to other devices. These cameras they’re good man, i mean the front camera. I really like it and you know i do a lot of vlogs and stuff, so these rear cameras are the rear. Cameras come across a little soft for some reason. Uh and all the settings for the photos are right. You know i’m saying i don’t think i had on any kind of filters or anything so um yeah everything’s good. So you know i don’t understand why the the rear camera has kind of a um a softness to it uh but uh while we’re in here you can go ahead and see the pro mode and the nightscape and the video and the panorama. So these are all the other things that are options that you can actually use, but you know the camera quality on here. I think it’s it’s totally worth the 299 that or less that they’re offering right now. If you look in the description, the link from wireless place, this is where this came from.

You can go for 279.. So with this device i’m going to switch over to network um because the wireless place version it has lte for the us. But the reason i can confidently i mean it’s up to you to make your own choice. I’M, not just recommending wireless plates, just because i get money from them, because the truth is, i don’t get any money from them. So but the fact is they’re they’re reputable now their reputation is cool and also you know they have. The gsm unlocked international versions, which is what this is. So if you travel, then you will get 5g uh. But if you don’t travel in the us, the most i’ve gotten is lte plus so uh you know hey, it is what it is. You make a choice in what you want to buy. I i don’t really care that 5g is a thing right now. I think 4g lte is more than enough and the speeds on most devices are really good, so you make a decision on that now. The internals of this device um, is a snapdragon 690. This is one of the newer 5g processors from qualcomm and it works great. I mean the the speed and everything that the way this device works, no problems whatsoever. I don’t have any problems with the things loading, and this is just nothing. Everything works good, uh and there’s a photo photo for the oneplus yeah. I suppose everything was that great got the new joint, oh that’s, to make me that’s the that’s, the may 40 pro i was like whoa.

We got some grant, keep some new stuff, you don’t know who grant likes tech. Formerly grand s. Yeah he’s got a good channel. Man check them out, so the chip set in here is enough. You get six gigs of ram and that’s ddr4 and you get 128 gigs of storage plus you can expand it up to 512 gig ssd that’s dope, that’s taking care of the customers. If you are into an sd card personally, i don’t really have to have an sd card, because the the internal storage is fast and the sd cards aren’t as fast. So you’ve got cloud storage for a lot of things now, so i just feel like 128 gigs, i remember people. We all complained about 64.. Now that we got 64 everybody’s complaining about 128 it’s, just it’s not gon na stop. Folks. Reality is 128 gigs of storage. On a device is see, i think when people talk about storage, they think about themselves and they don’t think about the other consumers, the real consumers, i don’t think we’re real techies aren’t, real consumers. We’Re. Not we have these unrealistic expectations of companies so i’m, just keeping it all the way 100. With you, technology people have unrealistic expectations from the the tech companies. Now the only thing i agree on with most tech, most techies out there is the price on devices the prices on these devices are outrageous. Sometimes but then, when you get a device like this, you got motorola doing 128, google doing 128.

oneplus doing 128.. 128 gigs of storage is more than enough get over yourself. If you think it’s not no disrespect but that’s those techies out there who keep pushing the agenda, that 128 is not enough. Now there are a small percentage of consumers that 128 gigs probably is not enough, but those are the people that like to keep everything on their phone. Those are people that keep everything on their phone and some people just shoot for the biggest memory. 512. 256. Just because, just to have that storage option all i’m making a point is personally for me, 128 gigs, and also with at least 65 percent or 80 of the world 128 gigs is more than enough done with that discussion. Internals on here are good price. Is good battery life is good, i mean because on the battery you’re, looking at a big battery 4 300 milliamps in uh an in a phone with a 1080p display in a a not so power hungry processor, you see i’m saying so um i’m feeling it man Overall, i think this device is hot there’s only so much you can talk about in a review uh, because this device is uh stock android with this device right here. So if you want to customize this device, you just go into customizations and boom. You can change this any way you want. You can just do whatever it switches up. Do whatever boom good go. The customizations on here are are fire.

You can change this thing and make it look different in a matter of seconds that’s. Why i like oneplus devices man, my only con for this device, i brought it out and you look. You can change all the little um icons and everything you can. You can really hammer this home man. You can go in here and change the icon pack change. It to the square icon pack um, you could just do it. However, you want to do it and you can also add icon packs to the device from the play store, no additional charge and you don’t have to do anything so that’s, something that you should take note of and, as a matter of fact, let me go into The play store real, quick and i’m gon na show you what i’m talking about go to icon pack. I purchased a lot of icon packs, so hopefully some of mine shows up mine show up at the top uh yeah no i’d have to go into my account. Uh, let me let me just go ahead and go to ordis uh, because i bought orders icon pack and um. Here we go. I bought this a long time ago. Music and we’ll install it. The square one is free, but the um round one right here. I think it cost me a dollar back in the day or something like that. So we go back in here to settings down over. Here we go back in here to settings and we go to uh home screen.

Oh, you know what let’s do it let’s let’s go back in here, let’s, go back into settings right here and go to customize and we’re going to go ahead and go to icons. And then now you see the orders pack in there environment, changes and the reason um. I forgot, who turned me onto orders. Orders is dope because it changes all the icons. You know some icon packs don’t get changed, orders they keep their software updated. So you can, every icon will change to something. It will not stay the same. You know what i’m saying so anyway, the oneplus nord, in my opinion, it’s not a step backwards. The only con i have is no mute, vibrate switch, but it all set to compensate for me as a consumer. I like that they put a headphone jack in there so i’m. On with this one man. I think this one is nice. I highly recommend it hit. The link in the description or you know, go where you want to get it from. You can get it direct from one plus. You can get it from wireless place. You can get it from ebay, amazon. The link in the description takes you to wireless place and right now, currently, the recording this video is a hundred and it’s, not a hundred it’s 279 dollars. They have fast shipping you’ll, get it in at least two to three days most times. I can get it in two days, so you do the math on what you want to do.