Music, dave, taylor here and i’m checking out this. This is the zte blade. X1 5g smartphone it’s, pretty sweet, actually so give you some specs it’s snapdragon 765g cpu with an adreno 6 620 gpu ram 128 gig of memory up to 2, terabytes of micro, sd storage and android 10.. Now the display is a 6.5 inch display. Let me bring up a photo for you to see i’ll turn it sideways zoom in a little bit, and you can see here and i’ll. Give you much more many more examples, including this very photo. So 6.5 inch display at 2340 by 1080 at 60 hertz and it’s, a 19 to 9 fhd plus display at ‘6 dots per inch. So you might think hmm 1080 on the vertical that’s, not a lot that’s just 1080p. But in fact this is a really bright. Vibrant and crystal clear display, it’s, really nice it’s a good resolution for this size. Now, as with so many modern phones, it’s the cameras where it’s all at so the front of the camera, let me bring up something that you can see: here’s the screenshot. There is a little tiny hole on the top left, and that is what they call a hole punch and that actually gives you your selfie camera, and that is a 16 megapixel camera now on. The back is a quad camera setup. They have four different cameras on the back: they have a 48 megapixel, f, 1.

8, an 8 megapixel f, 2.2 120 degree, ultra wide and 2, megapixel f, 2.4 macro and depth. So, like i said going to give you, in fact, you know what i’m not going to tell you that i’m going to give you examples. Let’S just switch over so i’m going to show you some photos, then some video, so let’s jump in this first is a wide angle shot and you can see it’s really clean. It did a really nice job capturing this image, here’s the same shot in regular 1x. Zoom here it is zoomed in and i had the phone on a tripod, so i experimented with doing a bokeh, so that’s what i got here and i think it did a remarkably good job. I had it on a 10 second timer and i’m pretty impressed with what it did here. Finally, here’s a selfie and the selfie is really a very detailed selfie if i feel like i’m, actually for the first time i’m. Looking at a picture thinking, i wish they had a little bit of a softener on that one, but be that as it may, it captured a very accurate image now let’s switch to video, so first off here’s, a video sample and you’ll see that i zoom in Part way and the zoom’s pretty rough it’s, not a smooth process, then here’s, just a short sample with me, zoomed in as much as possible. It’S not really great, but that’s, sort of the nature of it and a slo mo video and then finally time lapse and the time lapse.

Video is super fast, so sorry about that, so, as you can see, it does a really impressive job with all of the photos and all of the video. This is a really nice camera on it, i’m really impressed with that it’s. Also fast it’s capable it runs. Android 10 stock, so they’re not doing any sort of weird layers. On top of that, you know then that’s a really nice thing, and so one of the other things they have is not only do they have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the bottom. In fact, here’s a close up of the entire bottom, but not only do they have that 3.5 millimeter audio jack. They actually have dts 10 audio, so you put on headphones and it actually gives you dts 10 with 3d. So i didn’t find that to be so astonishing, but the dts sound. It definitely has a nice audio sound if you’re listening to something like title or spotify or pandora or whatever your music source is now while we’re doing tours really there’s. Nothing to show you on the right: it has the typical volume up down button and power button on the top there’s, just the sim slot and then on the left hand, side there’s, nothing. So in fact, there’s no other sides for me to show you you’ve already seen the back. I should note the back also has a fingerprint scanner smack dab in the middle that’s, pretty nice, and it is running bluetooth, 5.

0 and in terms of the battery they do a nice job. The battery gives you a lot of battery life and just day after day after day on standby, it’s, a 4 000 milliamp hour battery, and it supports qualcomm quick charge 3.0, which means you can use it with up to an 18 watt charger and actually charge it Up pretty darn fast, which is nice in terms of the dimensions: it is 6.5 inches by 3 inches by a third of an inch and it’s 6.7 ounces. So that’s i’m, not sure what else i can tell you. I did an unboxing. I can show you again real quick all that you get in the box. Essentially is a quick start guide and you get a charging, cable and it’s usbc, so props to them for doing that. I am so not a fan so over micro, usb and i’m, getting kind of over lightning too so usbc to usb 3 and then the other little thing in the box is the actual wall, charger and that’s. All it comes with so it’s pretty basic i’m. Not sure how easy it’s going to be to find a case for it, if you want to put a case on it, but when we talk about the price you’re going to be like. Oh, this might be a really great second phone. Even so before we get to the price, if i can ask to have you subscribe to my channel really appreciate when you do that, it’s just a click or a tap on that red subscribe button, great now, let’s go through this one more time.

This is the zte blade, x1 5g smartphone, and it starts at three hundred and eighty four dollars at, three hundred and eighty four dollars now, when you’re looking at other phones and they’re 7.99. 9.99 10.99, i mean a thousand bucks for a smartphone. This is a really nice alternative at under four hundred dollars, with a great camera setup and a whole lot of power underneath the hood, so definitely one to check out.