Now about five months ago, motorola made its return to the budget segment with the moto e7 plus uh. This right here, the moto e7 power, is the latest member of the motorola e series. For starters, this phone comes with a mediatek helio g25 soc under the hood uh, you get a usb type c port on this phone uh. Apart from this there’s, also a dual camera setup at the back uh, so the main sensor over here is a 13 megapixel image sensor versus the 48 megapixel sensor, uh found on the motorola e7 plus so uh. These were some of the key highlights of the moto e7 power. So is this phone worth purchasing over its competition, or should you rather just let it pass let’s find out hello, everyone? My name is aman, rashid you’re, watching mr phone, and this is the full review of the motorola e7 power. But before we start, please go ahead and subscribe to the mr phone youtube channel if you haven’t yet and do hit that bell icon so that you’re notified whenever a brand new video drops on the channel with that said, let’s get started. So in terms of design. The moto e7 power comes in a plastic unibody design, which is ip52 water, repellent. I think the quality of the plastic is great. On this phone. The curved rear makes it easier to grip. The device feels solid in the hand and, to be honest, i kind of dig this a tahiti blue color variant of the phone by the way.

If a blue is not your shade, then you can also get this phone in coral red. Personally, i feel that this blue color looks so much better than the red, but, most importantly, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments moving on at the front: motorola hasn’t specified the glass protection so there’s that anyway, the bezels are thick at the front, especially the chin, but i think this is just fine. Considering the price segment, this phone caters to the moto e7 power, weighs about 200 grams and is 9.2 millimeter thick now i won’t deny that this isn’t a heavy phone. Actually it is, but is that a deal breaker? I don’t think so: use it with both hands and you’ll be just fine. So the left of the phone features hybrid, sim slots, which means you can either use two nano sims at the same time or you can use one sim and a micro sd card for storage expansion on the right. You get a textured power button, the volume buttons and a dedicated google assistant button, and i have to say these buttons are extremely clicky and offer amazing tactile feedback at the top is an earpiece and the beloved 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the bottom are the primary Mic and a usb type c port. Now, if you’re wondering that motorola forgot to add a speaker on this phone well, the speaker is situated right here. If you can see so right here at the bottom, not the most ideal position in my opinion, because uh you can easily you know block it while playing games or watching videos.

So i think this could have been done better, but here it is. Apart from this, the phone’s, a dual rear camera is present in a protruding, a vertical strip, there’s also capacitive fingerprint sensor, embedded inside the motorola batwing logo and after using all the in display fingerprint sensors and the face and locks of the world. I still feel that nothing beats the good old capacitive fingerprint sensor situated on the rear panel. Overall, the moto e7 power gets a big thumbs up from my side in the design department. As i said, the phone feels solid in the hands. The quality of plastic is great, in my opinion, and this blue color absolutely feels fresh. The moto e7 power features a 6.5 inch ips lcd display that comes with a dew drop notch. This is a 20’s to 9 panel and it refreshes at 60 hertz. Also, the resolution of this panel is just hd plus, which is right in line with what its competitors are also offering now. This display is certainly not the most crisp and accepted that you might even notice pixelation here and there, but you know for the price. I think the display is quite a decent in terms of color reproduction, for that matter. Viewing angles are good and the brightness levels are adequate. Okay. So the first time when i saw this display, i was like that i’m going to have a hard time using it under the sun. But when i finally went out and started using it, it was visible and yeah.

It is reflective for sure i won’t deny that, but you know when i look at the price: uh there’s nothing much to complain about. Besides this, you can watch 720p hd content on youtube, since the phone does support white wine l1. Strangely netflix and prime video was still limited to offering sdr content overall, since the resolution of this display is just 720p, i would say that don’t expect too much in terms of sharpness, but also this is an ips panel, so do expect decent color reproduction, while watching Videos or playing games, the moto e7 power features a 2 gigahertz octa core mediatek helio g25 soc. You can get the phone in two different variants. The base variant comes with 2gb ram, coupled with 32gb storage, while the top top end variant comes with 4gb ram and 64gb storage. You can also expand the storage on this phone to up to one terabyte via a micro sd card. As for the software, motorola’s skin is called my ux, and this is based on android 10.. Sadly, no android 11 on this phone, and also this phone is not a part of the android one program, which means i can’t say: when will this phone receive the latest software release? That said, myux offers a very clean and bloatware free software experience. The phone is easily able to handle day to day tasks such as texting or browsing the web or going through your instagram feed. Now the 4gb ram on this phone does allow you to seamlessly switch between apps, but don’t expect the phone to keep many apps at once running.

In the background, by the way, if you want to manually keep an app running in the background, you can go to the performance, optimization in settings and select the apps that you want to allow to run in the background. Apart from this app opening times are also acceptable. Unlike the moto e7 plus the e7 power doesn’t come with the motorola app pre installed. That said, you can still find some of the useful gestures in system settings. For instance, the popular karate chop gesture to enable the torch or a three finger, screenshot they’re there and by the way, swipe fingerprint to access the notification. Shade is also present here talking about the gaming performance on the moto e7 power. Well, the phone can easily handle casual games such as subway surfers or stick cricket. Now. The good part is that i was also able to play call of duty mobile at stable frame rates, but the game only supports low graphics quality. That said, seeing this kind of a smooth performance while playing call of duty on an entry level smartphone well, this was something that i wasn’t expecting. One more thing that i would like to add here is that normally, when i play call of duty, i play for at least 30 to 45 minutes at a stretch. So the good thing here is that, even when i used to have my long stretches of gameplay, the phone never got hot while it does get slightly warm, but absolutely no problems in terms of overheating.

In terms of audio performance, the single firing speaker offers satisfactory output. Now the speaker does get fairly loud, but i would once again point out that motorola could have done a better job with its placement. Apart from this it’s good to see that the headphone jack is present right here now, personally, i don’t use wired headphones. I have totally moved on to wireless options, but for those who do care, the option is right here. The moto e7 power features a large 5000 mah battery under the hood, which is terrific what’s. Not terrific is that you only get a measly 10 watt charger, which is very slow by today’s standards. That said, the battery life on this phone is absolutely spectacular. If you’re a casual user. You can easily make this phone last for about two days and i’m, not even exaggerating and as per my usage patterns. I was easily about to use this phone for about a day and a half on a single charge. Charging times, however, made me go really insane. As it took the phone roughly about three hours to go from zero to hundred percent now for those who don’t know about my daily routine, i usually connect with my team on microsoft teams. So i use microsoft teams a lot and i also connect with my friends for that. I use uh telegram and whatsapp. I use them a lot uh apart from this uh, i watch about one and a half hours of youtube every day and i also play a lot of strict cricket live and call of duty, mobile uh and, if i’m left with some extra time, then i definitely Watch dragon ball.

One last thing i would add about this battery is that expect great standby times on the smartphone, to give you numbers well something around two to three percent drop overnight in terms of connectivity. The phone supports a bluetooth 5.0 and up to 2.4 gigahertz bands on wi fi, which means no 5 gigahertz support in terms of wi, fi speeds and i’ll repeat this. According to surprise, i did not face any major problems in terms of network connectivity as well. I used the motorola e7 power on jio4g once again. No major complaints, the moto e7 power features a dual rear camera setup that comprises a 13 megapixel primary camera with f 2.0 aperture and face detect autofocus. This is accompanied by a 2 megapixel macro camera, with f 2.4 aperture for selfies there’s, a 5 megapixel front camera with f 2.0 aperture in terms of video recording. You can shoot up to 1080p 30fps video from both the front and rear cameras. Photos taken during the day turned out pretty good in terms of details and sharpness. Color reproduction, i would say, is on the warmer side and overall, you can expect decent results in daylight. Same goes for the photos taken indoors, while detail and sharpness is bang on the overall color temperature in the photos does tend to be on the warmer side. The 2 megapixel secondary shooter can capture some decent, close ups if the need be, but i would rather have a secondary, wide angle or telephoto lens, instead of a macro lens.

Moving on the photos that i took at night genuinely impressed me now, i completely understand these are not perfect, but considering these photos have been taken on a sub 10 000 rupees entry level smartphone. I don’t think so there’s a much to complain about in terms of selfies the 5 megapixel camera is capable of capturing detailed photos in daylight, however, switch to portrait mode and the camera struggles with highlights and in general usage, also, even when the portrait mode does manage To expose the scene properly, the blur around the subject is very inconsistent, in my opinion, you’re better off clicking selfies without portrait mode. I think the output for the most part is genuinely good for an entry level smartphone in terms of video recording there’s, nothing much to say here, of course, there’s no stabilization on offer and it is pretty evident. But then again no other phone offers stabilization in this price range, so there’s that otherwise, in terms of color reproduction and detail, i think the performance is possible. This is the rear facing a 1080p sample taken on the moto e7 power at night. So let me know in the comments: what do you think about the stabilization or the picture quality and what do you think about the audio as well? Let me know so those were the rear facing video samples and now i’ll show you a couple of front facing video samples that i took during the day and night uh now, when i saw these videos on my computer screen.

To be very honest, i would admit that, yes, the quality is just satisfactory, and i know what i’m about to say. I have said this a zillion times by now that this is a sub 10 000 rupees smartphone, a budget smartphone, an entry level, smartphone and that’s. Why, when i take the price into consideration, uh, i don’t know there’s nothing much to expect here i mean the output for the price, i think so it’s just fine. However, you guys are the main judge. So please take a look and let me know in the comments what you guys think front facing video sample being recorded on the motorola e7 power. So this is how the picture quality looks like and when i pan around the camera uh. What do you think about the stabilization uh? I know what do you think about the quality uh? As far as i can say right now that on the phone screen, the quality uh does look decent, but uh i’ll have to reserve my judgment until i uh see this on the computer screen, but you guys can tell me in the comments. What do you think about the stabilization, the color reproduction, the overall quality and especially the audio? How does the audio sound right now, the moto e7 power is one of the best entry level smartphones, if not the best. Apart from the slow charging times, i really don’t think there’s much to complain about here. For what it’s worth, i think the phone’s build quality is good.

The display on offer is decent you’re, getting bloatware free software and, most importantly, the battery life on this phone is solid. Now, of course, there are other options available as well. In this price bracket, for example, there’s the redmi 9i there’s, the poco c3 uh that’s, the real me c3 uh. So, while all these phones are without a doubt, excellent options uh. If, given a choice, i would downright use the moto e7 power, above all else, for the stock android experience and the stellar battery life, so that was my review of the moto e7 power hit the like button.