The samsung galaxy s21 ultra do watch the video till the end and also subscribe to my channel and help me to reach 1000 subscribers. So let’s start with this video myself, vishal, fazil and you’re watching mr technical boss. This is the new most awaited samsung flagship, the samsung galaxy s21 ultra let’s talk about the design. S21 ultra comes with matte glass finish, which looks fabulous and with this phantom black color. It looks very classy and elegant if you are using this phone in public places. This will really going to turn heads off people, no doubt and with this aluminum frame, this phone also feels premium let’s talk about the display and being a samsung. This has the best displays ever fitted to any smartphone. It comes with ltp oled display, and this comes with 1500 in its max brightness. I am from 10 hertz to 120 hertz refresh rate, even if you are comparing this display with the rivals. Samsung has better displays than others, and this also supports hdr10, so watching any videos in netflix or in any streaming platforms. This feels fabulous. This also supports s pen features, but you should keep in mind that this does not have all the s pen features which is available on note 20 ultra, like you, can’t use gesture controls which can be used in note 20. Ultra now let’s talk about the processor, because this becomes the most controversial thing when it was launched. It comes with samsung’s new flagship processor on the exynos 2100, with mali, g78 gpu and up to 16 gb lp ddr5 ram here some benchmark scores with snapdragon 88.

It may look like snapdragon has better scores and i accept snapdragon is better than exynos, but this time it is leap ahead of the exynos 990 chipset here is a benchmark score with exynos 990. If you keep benchmark scores aside and focus on real world performance, you won’t notice. It is not up to the mark of snapdragon, but it will feel very much the same, and even playing games is much better and does not hit that much most of the people. Already know that in some countries samsung is providing snapdragon in their galaxy s21 ultra smartphone, but in some regions like india, we get exynos, and this comes with new samsung ui, the samsung one ua 3.0. This update feels more polished and more optimized. And personally i like samsung ui, very much now let’s talk about the camera. Galaxy s2 ultra comes with quad camera setup. It comes with 1.8 megapixel, hm3 main camera, then 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, then two 10 megapixel periscope and telephoto lens here are some camera samples. Do let me know what you people think about this camera and, if you are enjoying this video s up to the channel would be appreciated. Here are camera samples comparing with iphone 12 pro here is some telephoto camera samples. It comes with 3x optical zoom and 10x optical zoom, and the quality is very good. Now let’s talk about the battery samsung galaxy s2000 ultra comes with 5000 mah battery and it can last one and half days easily and if you are a heavy user, then it will last one day easily with some battery left.

At the end of the day. At the end, i want to say this is a very good smartphone and it is the best android smartphone in the market. Now it is big, but not heavy. The weight distribution is very well done by the samsung. The display is very good and the looks too it feels very premium, so that’s it for now. Please do like share and subscribe my channel and help me to reach 1000 subscribers and don’t forget to follow me on instagram and twitter link is in description thanks for watching. My name is isham fazeed and you’re.