So this is like a mint green i’m. Guessing yeah, it feels pretty cheap in the box we get a case. A tempered glass screen protector power, brick, and this actually feels like a decent power, brick and they even give us um an adapter for europe and our charging cable, which is micro usb, and here we have manuals the aliexpress rating card and seeing how they’re the okay, A hand written warranty card, okay. This is pretty good and set that timber pretty first see that’s how long i ordered this, and then here are sim ejector tool. Okay, so it comes preset up. Obviously, battery is 45 and that’s the brightest the screen gets, but the bezels overall look pretty good. So after the play store has crashed multiple times. I finally was able to sign in and install free apps, but first we’re gon na test the face unlock i’m, not bad freaked, one okay, that doesn’t work this time. That was that was weird. It worked. It just worked a second ago close up. Okay, it works close up, so yeah it’s, not really that reliable, like i doubt that they’re gon na be using face unlock. I assume what’s going to happen. Is you get frustrated that the face unlock doesn’t work? So you just use your pattern and this happened, so it is slowly. Okay, now i can’t even unknock at all the surface arc isn’t that good, so overall performance is decent, but the play store did crash multiple times, but that always happens with these cheap chinese phones.

I noticed so you know right now. It works fine. I think it’s, like a one time thing when you first set the phone up um, so yeah let’s try knife it see how the overall game performance is so so far as you can see. It’S, pretty snappy let’s see how it performs. Okay game is stuttering, uh, yeah, it’s the same on the ads. We can’t do that because, because i signed in to my alternate, google account because i don’t really trust soyuz so yeah the game. Stutters don’t think the swiveling ads would have made much of a difference. Anyway. All right, wind rider is super laggy. Okay, there you go: okay, uh it’s, still pretty bad uh huh, okay yeah, oh, oh god, yeah it’s, pretty laggy, not gon na lie. Okay. Right now now, right now it’s pr right now, it’s better, so when it’s not lagging or stuttering, it’s, actually pretty decent, but overall pretty much unplayable, but not the worst i’ve ever seen. Okay, so it loaded pretty quickly. Let me see if i can um do that. Again, okay, so search, i want to do a few music and bam that’s, really not that bad. Actually, okay, select with our previous source phone um yeah. Our speaker is the top the ep Music speaker, okay, so it gets pretty loud, but there’s, a tiny bit of distortion and the overall quality isn’t that good, but for the price, it’s kind of below average.

Actually, all right. So, as you can see, our camera specs are not written anywhere, so we’re gon na go right ahead and just take our pictures. Let’S go outside we’re facing video on the css 10h. This is a very weird dog. He thinks everything i hold is a toilet check. This out, do you think front facing video under ssd, it’s, really cold and it’s, starting to rain, so i’m gon na try and make this short um but yeah um on mine. It looks pretty good like if it looks pretty smooth, but i know like in reality that is terrible quality, but for how for what this phone costs, let me know what you think, all right, that is pretty much it so should you buy this phone f for 89, no, not really i mean for that price. You can get a way better phone like from yuma digi black viewer, they’re selling phones even cheaper than this, which are way better. But if you do want a mini phone and you don’t care about its price, then i guess go for it sure it doesn’t run that good and it might drive you crazy on a few occasions, but overall it does perform pretty good. So yeah, if you have any questions in the comments, thank you so much for watching.