Now this is a decent budget price smartphone that has a lot of features packed into it, but before i start going through all the features that he has inside the box, you would get a silicon case that comes with it. A screen protector, that’s, already faded on. So you don’t have to worry about buying those. It also comes with a usb type c charging cable and a mains plug as well, and it also comes with a user guide as well here. So it comes with all the basic things. Now, not many smartphones. These days they have a removable removable back cover, okay, but this one does so you can actually open this one up if on the bottom left corner here, if you don’t have no nails, you might need to use a tools to actually open it, but it comes Off pretty easily make sure you don’t damage these metal bits here that connects to this bit here because that otherwise it won’t operate properly. So don’t damage that bit here, i don’t open it too often. Now you can see the battery is also removable, and the size of the battery is quite big. This is a 4200 mah battery capacity that gives you a long usage time per full charge. However, it doesn’t have a fast charge built into it. So bear that in mind. It takes two um sims, two nano sims and it also takes a micro sd memory card. It has a flashlight at the back and four cameras.

Now you got chord camera built into it now the quad camera. It has a sony. 12 megapixel main and camera, then it also has a 0.3 megapixel ultra camera and 20 megapixel depth camera and a photo sensitive lens 3.0 megapixel. So it has four cameras. Now, once i put that on i’m going to switch you on and i’m going to switch on – and i will just show you how it operates – okay, so once it’s switched on sorry, my fingerprint keeps going on it. It does start pretty quickly. I’Ve skipped the registration bit, so i went directly to the main page, so i can show you exactly how it looks now when it’s when it’s the main page. This is how it looks. I’Ve also done. Uh i’ve also tested the camera, so i’ve taken pictures i’ve. Also done a video recording, so i can show you the quality. It does have a chord camera, but it’s, not that impressive, very monday, this budget smartphone, so you can’t, really expect much from a budget smartphone. There will always be a downside on it. Now the downside on this one is that it doesn’t have fast charge. Camera is not the best, however, it does have a built in 8 gig ram and 128 gig internal memory, so perfect for playing games downloading a lot of apps when it comes to that and the speed wise is perfect, operates, android 10 operating system and the screen Size is 6.

5 inch. Water drop screen hd. It also has a few other features such as nfc face id. So let me go to settings. I can show you those now, unlike any android smartphones, it would look exactly like this. So if i go connected devices, you got the option for bluetooth and nfc. So if you’ve got google pay, you can actually use this to pay as well. So that’s, a good thing. Now: i’m gon na go down i’m gon na go to storage. Now, without me, downloading anything already around seven just say around eight gigs already used up with the pre installed apps, so we still got plenty of memory to use up to download apps games etc and a new one you won’t lose that um memory that easily you Can also put microsd memory card as well and extend that so we got the extra option there as well. Now, if you go down you go to privacy, you got the locations, the security, then security got the normal um pin pattern password swipe, etc, but you also got the face unlock as well. So you’ve got that option as well, so we got that way to unlock it. Then you got the rest of the features, for example the digital wellbeing and parental controls system about phone. So if you go about form, you’ve got two sims, two imeis etc. You get the wireless update there. Now that’s everything got it. It is a smooth smartphone, it does operate quite smoothly and i like it.

I like the fact that it is fast operating for that price. Now let’s go to the files and i’ve taken two pictures now i’ve taken one with the without the light, so that one was without the light, and this is how it looks it looks. It looks good. Then this is with the lights on. So, with the light it looks even better now, when it comes to taking pictures, i think picture wise is pretty good, so let’s go to the videos now now i’ve done a video recording both with the light on and without the light on in one recording. So we can see it so let’s try to show you all right. So let me put a full brightness, so you can see, however, it’s very pixelated that’s without the flashlight from this and pixelated bits, yeah he’s, still pixelated and focus wise is pretty good. He can focus very easily. He doesn’t have laser focus, however, it’s still good at focusing, but for a smartphone that is budget price yeah. It does have um good level ram and internal memory so perfect for playing games. So you can see that camera wise it’s, not perfect, it’s, still good. The fact that it does. It does have good focus uh. You know it can capture my voice pretty good, but you can see that it’s quite squeaky. When i put a full volume, it does have a loud speaker, but when you put on max volume um, it goes, it becomes quite squeaky, even when you listen to music or when you’re on youtube, etc.

So bear that in mind as well now for a budget smartphone, i like it, it looks quite similar to the huawei um smartphone, with the camera like this, and it is quite quite thick compared to other smartphones yeah. I like it because it has a removable back. It does have a good ram good in processors built into it it’s fast and it’s stylish. I like it because of those reasons so for the price of 140 250 pounds. I highly recommend it because it it. It has a lot of features, that’s perfect for downloading apps playing games that usually will slow down a budget smartphones. However, this one would be able to cope with those kind of games when it comes to this camera it’s just extra there. Okay, it’s, not the perfect camera yeah. It does capture good pictures when there’s a lot of lighting there. Alright, so thank you for watching my video.