Why? I think this is literally the best android phone that we’ve seen in years, even despite some of my personal gripes with it, but before i get into that, i do want to mention that i’m really starting to like this phone because of the massive variety of issues That samsung has addressed and fixed with the s21 ultra compared to the old s20 ultra, which i really really disliked. I mean i called it a fail, and this one is definitely not a fail. But beyond that there is one major downside that is really really getting to me, but i think that it was necessary and i think it was worth it samsung decided to go all out and they made this phone extremely thick. Look at that it’s huge, the camera bump is also massive, but i think that it is worth it because that’s why this is such a solid phone to me, this extra thickness is very, very annoying, especially coming from my iphone, but if you take a look at All of the things that the extra thickness improved it does make it really really worth it and i’m going to get into that as this review goes on. But before that, i want to start off with the design, and i think that it’s almost perfect, the frame looks beautiful, it’s, nice and thin. This phone is very solid. The glass everything is really really nice on the s21 ultra. The one thing i really dislike is this color, this silver color is horrible.

It makes it look so cheap. I really don’t like it, and i wish we got the black one instead, because that one looks very, very clean and as far as this camera bump come on, this does not look good. It looks like some kind of weird cyborg spider, it’s, just massive it’s kind of a mess, and if you compare it to the camera bump on the note 20 ultra that one looks premium, that one looks really nice. I don’t know why samsung did this but i’m gon na try and ignore that, because the rest of this phone is excellent. First of all, i want to talk about this fingerprint sensor. This is amazing. It has much larger surface area, so it becomes extremely reliable. I used to hate all of the other samsung fingerprint sensors, because you had to have your thumb in the perfect spot and it also had issues with reliability and it wasn’t that fast. This one is improved in basically every single way and it’s just so easy to use so because of that new fingerprint sensor from qualcomm being so good. I think that under display, fingerprint sensors are going to be huge in the future and there are some rumors that the next iphone is actually going to get the same sensor because of how good it is now. One thing i really love about the s21 ultra are the super thin bezels. These bezels are excellent and they totally kill even the iphone 12 pro max, which got shrunk down bezels, but still these are so much thinner and samsung keeps doing a great job with their displays and of course i really love the whole punch camera because it’s so Subtle, sometimes you don’t even see it, you kind of ignore it, and it just looks really nice and i’m kind of blown away by the fact that samsung was able to fit speaker grills in between the display and the top of the phone.

I don’t know how they did it, but i am gon na get into the speaker quality in just a second. The display itself is absolutely phenomenal. The quality is great. The brightness is great. Everything is good, as you’d expect from samsung. They make some of the best displays out there so i’m very happy with it, but by far the biggest deal is what samsung did with the 120 hertz refresh rate, which is super smooth, but now they fixed one of the major issues it now automatically adjusts from 10 hertz up to 120 on the fly so you’re watching a video that’s filmed at 24 fps. The display is at 24 hertz it’s saving battery life and then, when you’re, navigating through the phone it’s back up to 120 hertz and it feels super smooth. But samsung did not stop there. They decided to finally give us full 1440p display resolution while giving us the 120hz. That is a massive massive deal in it. This just makes the phone in the display kind of perfect. The reason they didn’t do this before was because of battery life concerns, but with the automatic refresh rate that really helps, as well as the 5 000 milliamp hour battery that’s. Why this phone is this thick, but that extra battery size really helps, as well as the new snapdragon 888 processor, that new chip that is now based on a five nanometer architecture, so it’s super efficient as well and as far as the battery life.

It has been great, i was playing some games like call of duty, mobile and genshin impact, and the battery life was awesome. It actually beat out the iphone 12 pro max by about three percent, so it was really really good in that aspect, and i was very surprised now in terms of the performance there’s, not that big of a jump compared to the previous chip. But what really matters is the real world performance while playing games and impact. I was getting awesome performance and the main thing was that the display did not dim the chip was able to cool itself down while the iphone’s display dimmed, even though it has a much more powerful processor. That is what really matters when it comes to performance. So i am very happy with the performance and the display and everything as far as the speakers, they are top notch as good as they’ve ever been beating out the iphone and they just sound, really good, with really nice volume as well. But now i really want to dig deep into every single camera that’s on the s21 ultra starting with the selfie cam, which uses a 40 megapixel sensor. So you get really nice and sharp detail i’m, also very impressed with the regular wide camera, because you’re getting excellent quality and even when using the pixel binning mode, the photos turn out really great. Because now i think samsung tuned the software and we no longer have the issues that we used to have with the s20 ultra and the same thing for the ultra wide camera.

It’S always done a great job. It turns out very nice and sharp. There are no issues with that either, but i’ve got to say that the telephoto cameras are the star of the show, because, yes, we now have two of them, and i think that that was a genius move by samsung. First off we have the crazy 10x optical zoom camera, yes, that’s, 10x optical, not hybrid, which is what they showed off last year, which was actually 4x optical and the rest was done digital, so that was kind of cheating. But this is actual real 10x optical. Because of that you’re getting absolutely insane long range zoom shots, like i mean you can use this as a telescope. If you’re trying to see something super, far away or you’re trying to read something, just pull out your phone zoom in all the way – and you can actually see way better than what your eyes can see now, the only downside to that 10x zoom lens is that The f stop or the aperture is pretty bad, it’s f 4.9, which means it doesn’t really take in that much light. So you’re probably going to want to use it in the sunlight, but when it gets darker, the photos start to take on a lot of noise, and that is not good. Thankfully there’s the other telephoto zoom camera, which uses a 3x optical zoom range, which is really nice, because it’s kind of like a mid range and the best part, is that the aperture is much faster at f 2.

4. So you can use it in kind of lower light situations as well. So i’ve got to say that, finally, with this four rear camera setup, i feel like there are no longer any compromises and samsung totally nailed it with this phone and part of the reason is the new laser, auto focus sensor, which is a huge deal because it Finally, fixes those auto focus, hunting issues that we had with the s20 ultra and because of that, the 8k 24fps video recording mode is finally usable. Now that the autofocus works much better and the stabilization is good as well and in every other mode. The recording is great, with 4k 60 everything’s smooth the stabilization works on all the lenses. All the settings. There are no compromises with video. Now, moving on to the specs a little bit, i like that. You have the option of either 12 or 16 gigs of ram, because that is just the sweet spot for ram and as i’ve been using this phone, i have not been noticing any apps crashing so it’s just enough and as for the general specs, they are next Level on the s21 ultra, you have bluetooth 5.2, and you have the latest in groundbreaking wi fi 6e, which is a big deal. Those are specs that the current iphones do not have, including things like the super fast charging which the iphones are limited to, like 20 watts, and on top of that, you also have new technologies like the ultra wideband chip.

And, of course, this is the first s series phone to get s pen, support, which is a big deal for those people who used to have to buy the notes if they wanted to use the s pen you no longer have to with this phone. Basically, what i’m trying to say is that, throughout my experience with this phone i’ve realized that this is basically foolproof, there are no compromises. Everything is fixed and perfected. A lot of those issues that people had you don’t have to worry about anymore. Samsung literally jam packed everything into this phone. They did have to make it thicker, but to be honest because of everything else, i’ve got to say that it was worth it. And what really surprises me is that they actually lowered the price by 200 compared to the s20 ultra, and on top of that it was actually on sale, 200, less on amazon. So if you guys are interested in this phone definitely check the amazon price just in case this is still on sale. So, with all of that said, i’ve got to say that i am extremely happy with the s21 ultra as i’ve been using it over the last couple of weeks. There is nothing missing, there are no compromises and because of that, i’ve got to say that this is the best flagship smartphone that samsung has ever made, and i might even say that this is the best android phone ever made so i’m extremely happy with this, and I think that if you are going to buy this phone, you are not going to regret it because it’s future proof with updated, specs and it’s got basically everything that you want.

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