The shining blue nokia 5.3 has recently sent this android 10 power device. It packs some powerful internals, but it also packs gorgeous styling, so let’s fill out anything further, get it out the box here see what comes inside the box then take a little bit of a look around the device and see what it offers. First thing: you notice, is you slide it down and, of course, as is common with devices, you are greeted with the device. On top now, you notice it’s got this gorgeous jet black display and, of course, it’s got google assistant being your first introduction, because, of course, this is all powered by google. The device itself is very, very nice in the hand, it feels very solid i’ll get out the plastic soon, but you can see over at the back there, a quad camera layout with the led flash. You can see it’s very nifty, looking blue coloring and the styling, as well as what feels very premium and solid in the hand, then inside the packaging. Here we get a simple ejection tool which we greeted with on top what’s. Really nice to see is apart from the instructional manuals which you get in the box, underneath that you get a molded case, it’s a soft rubberized tpu style case but nice to see. Nokia’S included this in the box straight away, and you also get a little slot here within the box and that’s got your simple wall power, adapter yeah.

This one is rated at a power output of 2, amps or 10 watts, and it comes with its usb c type. Sync charge cable, as well as a pair of simple, yet effective, three and a half mil audio jack compatible in ear headphones and, of course, this phone there’s, the three and optimal audio jack on the body which i like to see. So you can of course, use any normal headset that’s wired. That way now that we’ve gone through what’s in the box, let’s take a look around the device. Once you’ve got the device out of the box, you are greeted with, firstly, some of its key specs over on the front. It says it just keeps getting better, and that seems to be the case they’re talking about two days of battery life here, which is impressive. A 6.55 inch display an ai powered quad camera, as well as two years of guaranteed android upgrades with this nokia. 5.3 from here. You take a look around the body of the device it’s a gorgeous shimmering blue color, perfect for the setting which i’m in over on the back. You get a fingerprint sensor. Your quad ai camera style layout with led flash over in the center a three and a half mil audio jack. On top, you get over the bottom, a single firing speaker, usb type c port on the one side here, a tray for your sim tray and memory card and on the other side, a dedicated smart touch button over on this side of the device, simple power button And your volume rocker overall, the device feels good in the hands and it looks very premium so now it’s time to peel away all the packaging and turn it on see what it offers running.

Android one out of the box as well as packing a qualcomm snack dragon 655 chipset. The nokia 5.3 also packs a quad cam with 13 megapixel, a 5 megapixel ultra wide 2 megapixel depth sensor as well as 2 megapixel macro sensor and 8 megapixel forward facing camera features and, to top it all a large 4 000 milliamp hour battery. For that 2 day, mighty battery life, this device really does seem to package so much into an elegant.