Now in this video i will be reviewing the redmi 90 it’s, a super affordable budget smartphone with a massive 6000 milliamps battery. It comes with a 1080p display, snapdragon, 662 processor and 4 gigabyte of ram. This smartphone on paper seems like a good budget smartphone to buy, but like everything in life, it does have some short comments in this video i’m going to let you know the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the redmi 90, so don’t click off or Skip this video starting off with the unboxing experience, you get the smartphone and i love this blue color. It also comes in red black and green. Moving to the front, something you might not notice right away is the display of the redmi 90. Has a film screen protector already installed on it back to the box that keeps trolling huawei you’ll find a 22.5 watts fast charger, a usb type c cable, a tpu case, a sim removal tool and manuals that we don’t need or read. The redmi 90 is a bit slippery and i recommend you use the tpu case to give it a bit of grip, it’s a perfect fit and should protect the phone from occasional drops now. Moving on to the build quality. The redmi 90 is a strong and light smartphone for a smartphone packing a huge 6000mah battery. It doesn’t feel heavy. The rear and frame of this device are made from plastic. The front is protected with corning gorilla glass 3, which will help a bit with preventing your screen from being scratched now the redmi 90 isn’t water resistant, but it can chill in water for a bit without getting damaged overall it’s, a good looking smartphone, even with a Giant redmi branding at the rear for the external features, redmi 90 comes with a dual nano sim card tray and a memory card slot at the top is where you’ll find the noise cancelling mic.

A 3.5 mm audio jack. It has dual stereo speakers, and this is one of the speaker. It also comes with an ir blaster to control appliances like a tv or air conditioner. The right side is where you will find the volume on the power buttons. The power button doubles as the fingerprint scanner and it unlocks the smartphone at its first speed. Moving to the bottom, you’ll find the main microphone, the usb type c port and the second speaker speaking about the dual zero speakers. They are decent. They are not as loud as the poco x3 nfc, but it isn’t far off and they sound really good. No complaints here. Remember when i said the redmi 90 has some shortcomings. Well, the display is one of them. The display is a 6.5 inch ips lcd panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2340 pixels with 400 nits of brightness. It isn’t a bright display, although visibility under direct soil light isn’t great it’s usable, but you would struggle brightness isn’t. The only issue with this display. The display is not as contrasty vibrant or as bright as the redmi note 9s. This display reminds me of the redmi 9 and, if you’ve seen the review of that smartphone, you know a lot of reviewers didn’t like it with other brands, using a 720p display around the price point of the redmi 90. You still have to give it up to xiaomi. It might not be the best ips lcd display, but it’s better than most 720p ips lcd display you get from brands like um.

Moving on to performance, the redmi 90 comes the snapdragon 662 chipset it’s, an 11 nanometer processor, and the speed and responsiveness of this smartphone is good. Scrolling within the user. Interface is fluid. I recommend you activate developer mode and reduce animation to 0.5 x for snappier transitions. The untotal benchmark score of this device is 179k, which isn’t bad for geekbench test. It got a single core score of 317 and a multi core score of 1241. multitasking with this smartphone is decent as it comes with 4 gigabytes of ram. Xiaomi is known for being aggressive with ram management. It closes apps in the background to save a bit of battery and to improve performance. The redmi 90 runs on android 10, with miui 12.0.4 and it’s been very stable and reliable for the gamers out there. Playing games like pubg was okay thanks to the adreno 610 gpu. It ran the game at balance, graphics and medium frame rate. The gameplay was okay, not as fluid as i would have liked, but it’s still playable for the best gaming experience on pubg. I recommend you put the graphics settings at smooth, graphics and high frame rates. Call of duty played well remy90, ran the game at the highest settings and gameplay was as smooth as butter after gaming for a bit, the smartphone did get a little bit warm around the camera area, but overall the redmi 90 is a decent spudger smartphone that you Can game on? In addition, the dual stereo speakers are just amazing.

When it comes to gaming, it makes gaming more immersive. I will be comparing the redmi 90 with a techno profile that comes with the mediatek kilo, g80 processor and the xiaomi mi a3, with the snapdragon 665 processor. Let me know which video you want to see. First, in the comment section below now, moving on to the camera, this is another area where the redmi 90 falls short. The front facing camera is an 8 megapixel f, 2.1 sensor and in good lighting conditions, it takes very good pictures. I was facing the sun when i took this picture and i noticed in average lighting conditions well i’m, not a big fan of the quality of the pictures it produces. Bokeh shots looks very good in good lighting conditions and okay, medium lighting conditions. You can also adjust the background blur before you snap, a picture. Sadly, it doesn’t give you a preview of how it will look like the front. Camera doesn’t have a dedicated flash led light. It uses the display as a light source and it captures okay night photos. Hello guys so here’s a video from the front facing camera of the redmi 90.. It shoots in 1080p, 30 frames per second no image stabilization. This is how the video looks like on the eight megapixel front, facing camera off the redmi 90.. So what do you guys think is it passable? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it ugly look at brownie over there bro anyways? What do you guys think about the equality? Let me know in the comment section below yeah now moving to the rear camera.

They actually capture good images and i’m really pleased with the 48 megapixel rear camera. Bokeh shots are good. The 2 megapixel micro camera is okay, concentrate the price of this device. The 8 megapixel wide angle. Camera is okay as well for video, it does have slow motion mode and this is a sample, and now we switch the default 8 megapixel rear camera of the redmi 90. It can shoot in 1080p 30 frames per second that’s. The highest resolution on this camera. No 4k. So what do you guys think about the 1080p footage from the redmi 90? And that is the audio? Does it look good? I think it was all right. The camera, the red camera is alright. Now the redmi 90 comes with a 6 000 milliamps per three and it’s capable of doing 18 watts fast charging, although it comes with a 22 watts, fast charger in the box. Charging this device from zero to 100 took three hours: seven minutes, oh my god, but on a full charge, you should expect to get around two to three days of usage. Good luck, trying to kill this smartphone. In one day, i will be doing a battery drain test when i compare the techno pover with the remy90 so subscribe to this channel and turn on all notifications. If you don’t want to miss out on that video now to wrap this review up, the redmi 90 goes for some six thousand seven hundred naira or one hundred and seventy four dollars for the 128 gigabyte internal story version.

While the 64 gigabytes internal studio version goes for 71, 200, naira or 163, if you’re going to buy this smartphone, i will recommend you go for the larger internal storage option. I mean you’ve seen how durable this smartphone is. The display isn’t as contrasty or as vibrant as other 1080p ips outside display performance on this device, is okay for a budget smartphone. The cameras are okay in good lighting conditions and the huge battery is the main selling point of this device. Will i recommend you buy the remy90? Well, yes, but if you can afford the redmi note 9s, i think should just go for that. So we’ve come to the end of this review. Thank you for watching.