Regular spurtons will of course know that i’ve already fully reviewed the me 11, but i haven’t actually done an unboxing for it. I’Ve had lots of people saying where’s the unboxing what’s going on the reason for that was because my mi 11 review handset was actually pre retail, so it didn’t even come in a box. It was literally in a padded envelope, but now i’ve got a proper boxed retail version of this absolute monster, so i’m gon na do that unboxing video now, apologies again for missing out on it before so here’s. Everything you need to know about the me 11 full on tour of all of the software, the various features and all of that good stuff and for more on the latest greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe, ending that notifications bell cheers so now at last, we’ll be able to answer the all important question. Does the me 11 come with a bundled condom case let’s dive on in so you’ve got one very beefy. Smartphone you’ve got your type c, usb charging cable, unlike samsung and apple. You do actually get a charging adapter, bundled in the box too, and got yourself a user guide. You’Ve got a type c to 3.5, mil adapter and yes, so, glorious day all wonderful day. You do get a bundled condom case, so that’s the box let’s actually move on to the phone itself and got ta, say i’ve really enjoyed spending some time with the me 11.

really really helped, along with the fact that it’s, not quite as gargantuan as the me 10T, pro from last year, this is the gorgeous midnight blue version of the mi 11, which is almost white when the light is really striking off that surface, and otherwise you can sort of see those uh pale. Blue hues really shining through as well uh, definitely very attractive. You can also grab the mi 11 in midnight gray if you prefer a darker moodier hue as well. Love, frosted, glasses, proven nice and durable over time as well. My review unit, not a single scratch or scuff. Despite the fact, i didn’t exactly treat it with kid gloves. You’Ve got a gorilla glass, victus corten on that display, which is drop proof as well as scratch resistant and then, as if that wasn’t enough you’ve also got a screen protector slapped on there as well. So basically, the mi 11 is tougher than bruce lee. After being dunked in concrete, unfortunately, the xiaomi mi 11 does not have official ip water and dust resistance. You know what it’s been absolutely fine i’ve taken it out on the rain i’ve lightly, splashed it with water that’s about. As far as i dare go, i don’t actually have the cajones to dunk it into a proper sink bath whatever. So, if you’re looking for a water resistant smartphone around this sort of price point, you might want to look at something like that. Galaxy s20 fan edition.

Instead, yeah the more time i spend with the me11, the more i really really like it, i like the fact that the brandon is rather minimalist. I, like the curvature of the edge and the way that the the engine just opens up there as you get to the volume keys and the power button. I even like the funky camera array, which looks like something straight out of a sci fi film. Although, yes, this does jut somewhat from that back end of the me11, which means inevitably, if you’re resting the m11 on a desk or another flat surface and using it, you will get a little bit of tremble and jeremy has also kindly sent me. The official protective case thing if you fancy something a bit snazzier than the old prophylactic effort, bundled in the box, so let’s check this out. Oh i’m, quite liking. The feel of that as well. It’S got nice soft texture to it. Kind of a fabric y finish smells lush as well, and that just snaps on like so as you can see plenty of space left for the uh that massive camera bump at the back and you’ve got uh special little silver buttons for the power and the volume And that case just rises up above the display, just to add a bit of extra protection in case the the phone was to face plant the ground, although of course you do have that gorilla, glass, victus and that screen protector anyway.

So all good anyway, when you come to set up the xiaomi mi 11 you’ll notice that it’s a dual sim setup in here, as you can see, they’re dinky little dual sided sim tray, sadly no space in here for a micro, sd memory card, though like a Lot of flagship smartphones, there’s bug roll expansion. Thankfully you do get choice for 128 or 256 gigs of storage with the me11 and like most smartphones around this price point it’s ufs 3.1 as well. So nice, nippy storage, great news. If you’re downloading a lot of apps you’re transferring a lot of files, etc, now let’s check out the software here on the xiaomi mi 11.. The good news is it’s nice and fresh android 11. The latest version of google’s os with miui 12 slapped on top xiaomi’s very own launcher, and this serves up all the very best new miui features. So, for instance, you can drag down the notifications bar as usual, but if you drag down on the right hand side, you can open up that fresh ios inspired control center, fast access to all of your uh shortcuts and everything. And, of course, a good bit of small term action too, and one of my other ultimate favorite miui features as well, something i haven’t seen on other launchers uh. Certainly, none that i’ve personally tested out anyway, is the ability to drag out this little media control bar when you’re watching a bit of youtube or whatever you can swipe to the sides here and what you can actually do is play a video with the screen off Which is great news if you want to listen to an audio book or a podcast or something on the likes of youtube, i mean you can do so with the phone safely, ensconced in your pocket or whatever, when you’re strutting down the street and then when you Get back, you can just unlock the phone and, as you can see, it’s still playing all happily and merrily and with me ui 12 xiaomi has certainly sorted out most of my grievances with this launcher, such as, for instance, you’ve now got an apps tray to hide Away all your stuff, you don’t, have to have it cluttered all over your desktops.

Definitely a massive bonus, and i know that some people are down on me, ui in general, saying that it’s just full of adverts and they’re. Like i tell you what i haven’t seen a single advert on the mi 11 and i’ve used it for over a week as my full time smartphone. So no issues on that front. The security app is still an absolutely fantastic, fast access hub. If you will to many of the best features that you’ll find on me, ui so like the game, turbo uh, second space, dual apps, one of my few complaints with me, ui that’s, still hands true it’s. Not actually, specifically me, ui, it’s, xiaomi phones in general is the fact that you get an awful lot of cropware pre installed on here. You get the likes of facebook and tick. Tock comes on here by default. You’Ve got all these cac sounding games that basically just look like rip offs of other games like sort of tetris and pong and stuff like that i’m still, yet to actually play tile, fun so i’m, not sure exactly how much fun it is, but probably about as Much fun, as you would expect you would have with some virtual tiles yeah, probably about as much fun as sticking your junk in a bucket full of battery acid or watching an unbox therapy. Video now another area that xiaomi has pretty much nailed is the screen. Tech you’ve got this gorgeous 6.

81 inch amoled panel, absolutely massive, pretty much stretches edge to edge very skinny bezels, especially around the actual sides here, where, as you can see, the display kind of slopes off over the edge it’s, a quad hd plus that’s 3200 by 1440 Pixel resolution panel so incredibly crisp fine detail when you’re watching a bit of you know 4k content, something like that, something that really takes advantage of that gorgeous resolution and if you dive on into those video tools which i yanked out for you find fork earlier, you’ll See you’ve got some video up scaling options in here as well. So, for instance, if you’ve got some crappy 720p looking video uh, it could boost up the resolution of that using a bit of ai smarts you’ve got various filter effects on here as well, which is quite funky. For instance, you want to watch a modern movie in black and white, see how it would look in good old, monochrome and you’ve got some other video features such as, for instance, a smoothin uh option as well enhanced contours. To be honest, i tried toggling these on and off. Didn’T really notice, much difference at all in the majority of videos that i watched. So you know they’re there to sort of play around with. If you want to give them a go, i did notice when comparing this phone side by side with the galaxy s21 that samsung’s blow produced more nicer, looking warmer tones when watching certain movies, but you know what it doesn’t really matter.

You get natural looking colors here on the xiaomi mi 11 it’s got just noticeable color difference of 0.38, which is a really good, accurate, finish and that’s, coupled with strong contrast, thanks to that oled tech you’ve got full hdr 10 plus support here on the xiaomi m11 And that is supported in the likes of netflix as well and dive on into the display settings. You’Ve got pretty much control over everything in there as well, including the refresh rate which maxes out at 120 hertz. That is the default setting as well. You can bump that down to 60 hertz if you want to save on the battery life, but frankly, just leave it up there, so silky, smooth yum, so certainly the visuals are rather stunning here on the me 11., if not quite as punchy and in your face As what you’ll get on the likes of the galaxy s21, as for the audio it’s, a stereo speaker, setup, you’ve got uh something pumped at the top end, as well as that bottom speaker as well. Let’S just bump up the volume it can survive for absolutely bloody ages on just a single charge of the battery we’re talking weeks here, while most small butchers shoot their load in just a d or two. So the good news is that me, 11 uh output is rather spiffing. Indeed it’s slightly unbalanced. You will get more powerful output from the bottom end compared with the top end, but it’s not like that top speaker is weedy or tinny like you get on some smartphones.

I’M, looking at you pixel, 5., so i’m, certainly more than happy kicking back with a bit of netflix youtube whatever using the built in speakers. But, of course, if you want to listen to some music get some proper nice sound and audio, you will want to hook up some speakers or a pair of headphones. Unfortunately, bug roll headphone jack hates the fact that you get an adapter bundled in that box. Let’S be honest: i just used the bluetooth smart on here. Bluetooth 5.2 supported you’ve got high res audio uh certification on here as well. So you can listen to that. Really. Nice crisp sound and audio full ldac support for a decent pair of headphones. See i’m. Just reviewing a really nice pair of bang olufsen headphones connect, those to this bad boy and absolute audio. Heaven it’s, like jesus himself, is spaffing in your ears and another reason i love the m11. So much is you’ve got qualcomm’s freshest, snapdragon 88 chipset smashed into this bad boy, and that means you get absolutely tip top performance from this thing, no matter what you’re up to and that’s, backed here by eight gigs of ddr5 ram as well, nice and nippy. So, of course, doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you tap on an app it basically loads up instantly, no pissing about split screen, multitask, all that good stuff, no worries and, of course gaming is a dream. The adreno 660 gpu just chuckles itself horse at whatever game.

You chuck it’s where it’s like what is this all you’ve got even the likes of gentian impact bumped up to the billy big bollocks, ultra high crazy uh detail levels it’s still just like yeah. This is fine. I can handle this the occasional tiny little judder on those maxed out detail settings but seriously really really smooth and yeah if you are playing competitively in the likes of call of duty online. Something like that. No worries as well 480 hertz touch sampling rate. So every single pork and swipe instantly uh responds here on the m11 and the snapdragon 80. It also comes with that x60 modem built in there’s got full 5g support from the off you’ve also got wi fi six. Basically, all of the snazzy new tech is supported. As for the battery tech, well it’s a 4 600 milliamp battery shoved inside of this bad boy, so not quite as big as the likes of the s21 ultra but i’ll tell you what i found that, coupled with that snapdragon 888 chipset, which of course is super Energy efficient, i found that the battery life was brilliant. On this thing, i had to really really struggle to get it down to minimum sort of levels by bedtime. I never managed to actually completely drain it, no matter what i was up to the bundled adapter supports. 55 watt charging as well so you’ll, be back up to full again in under an hour. You’Ve also got support for 50 watt wireless charging if you’ve got a charging pad that’s up to that task.

Let’S finish up this unboxing and full tour of xiaomi’s fresh new me, 11 flagship smartphone with the squids at that triple lens rear camera tech, headed up by a meaty 108 megapixel primary shooter, using a samsung hmx sensor with built in ois. Now, the first time you load up xiaomi’s miui camera app, it can be slightly intimidating, shall we say because there’s a lot to take in here. First of all, of course, you can dive between the standard, primary shooter and the ultra wide angle lens, which is a 13 megapixel effort. Just with a quick tap down here, then you’ve got all the various toggles up top as well such as, for instance, you can switch off the hdr. If you like. I just left that on auto the whole time you can turn the ai camera on or off. This just basically adapts the uh, the camera settings to suit whatever you’re trying to take a shot of, although sometimes i did find this sort of boosted colors unnaturally. So i tended to leave that uh well alone. To be honest, uh you’ve also got the obligatory filters, of course, lots of different random bits to choose from there. You’Ve got google lens support and then, if you dive in here even more stuff, you can change the aspect ratio. Add a timer, uh you’ve got various other bits as well, including the super macro mods, hooray and i’ve got to say. Overall, i was impressed with the mi 11’s camera.

The shutter speed is super super fast. The auto focus is fantastic as well. So, as you can see there just latches onto your subject even from a distance, it can be very, very good at sort of discerning that there’s a human subject and that needs to track them and then there’s the bonus mode. So, for instance, you’ve got full pro controls. If you want to dive in here, play about with the iso levels, get a very precise kind of results. You got the portrait mode, which i absolutely adore. You’Ve got a lot of people on youtube banging on about the s21 and the estrogen ultra in particular, about how it’s got the best portrait or whatever the me 11 could take it for a run for its money any day of the week. And then, if you hit more, if you dare to hit more you’ll, be confronted with even more stuff, obviously you can shoot at that 108 megapixel uh maximum resolution, if you like, as long as the lighting conditions, are all right. But, to be honest, i would just stick with the default uh settings for the most part, because this tends to produce the more balanced results. The night board is pretty good. This just shoots: lots of different uh photos at different aperture levels and then melds them all together for nice, pleasing again quite balanced results quite bright, even in low light situations, and then the majority of the other camera bonus modes here on the me 11 are video Related and i got ta say again, the video chops on this thing – absolutely fantastic.

I tend to shoot at 4k level at 60 fps on this bad boy that produces nice smooth results, great, looking videos, lots of detail packed in there, but you can, if you want to boost it, all the way up to 8k resolution at 30 fps. If you saw desire – or you could drop it down to a more cinematic 24 fps one of the options in here that i really liked was the track move and object uh, as you can see, that does top off at 1080p. Unfortunately, you can’t get 4k or ak on the go with that option. What it can do is basically crop into the shot and follow a subject around, while keeping them in focus. It really works stunningly well, even with hyperactive annoying children. The one thing you’re really missing here on the xiaomi mi 11, is a proper telephoto lens. Unfortunately, the third lens is a telemacro effect. Instead, it’s a five megapixel one it’s, okay for getting sort of all up close shots with something that’s, dinky uh, but often you’re gon na need that honestly. So i did kind of miss the uh, the proper telephoto zoom of a lot of rivals. But here oh you, can’t have everything at least you’ve got that 108 megapixel mode. So you know you can take a shot with that and then crop in instead and it’s, not quite the same it’s, not quite as good, but it will do the job and then last up you’ve got a 20 megapixel selfie snapper just housed up here in the Corner and again i found this was absolutely fantastic, just forgetting simple basic shareable shots that you can check online or not uh in the case of this precise photo here, bye, bye.

But anyway, if you want to know more about the xiaomi me 11. As i say, my full in depth review is live right now, including a full camera review. So you can go check out my photo and video samples that i shot with this bad boy, and i also have compared it side by side with the galaxy s21 as well. If you want to see how it stacks up to samsung’s big competition, so that’s, what i think but be great to hear your own thoughts down in the comments below have you already pre ordered your me 11? Are you looking forward to getting your hands on one or you’re, just not tempted? I thought it’d be great to hear your thoughts behind that one.