You can create some amazing cinematic shots straight from your smartphone, but will it last an all day shoot that is the question Music whenever we’re traveling or generally on the move? We want to be able to capture a few moments on the go now on our smartphones, but smartphones nowadays offer great image, quality and video shooting capability, but when it comes to stable footage, we are slightly lagging behind and that’s why there are gimbals for your smartphone. Now in today’s show we have the cinepierre c11 smartphone stabilizer and is less than a hundred dollars, so let’s jump in and check it out. So, as you can see, box packaging wise is really well produced, really well packaged uh. You can see. You’Ve got the product on the front on either side there and then, as you turn on to the side, you’ve got all of the contents and the things that you’re going to be expecting from inside uh the box itself, so let’s jump in let’s open it from This end and pull it out now it doesn’t come in a fancy, uh carry case um or anything like that, like ones that we’ve had on the show before it actually comes in this little uh. I think it’s foam but like a little foam, carry case, but it keeps it safe for storage, which is really good if you’re looking at throwing it in your bag and moving it around inside the box, nothing else, apart from the user manual which, as always uh You can always find them in chinese and in english, it’s, definitely worth a read, because it does feel slightly different than some of the other ones that i’ve been out there at the moment.

So have a little look when you get a minute but set that aside, because this is what we’ve come to see so as we open it up, are you ready for the halo music here it is. This is what’s inside there she blows. Look at that. An absolute beast so taking you on into inside the packaging, you can see it’s really well done, so it is like i just mentioned perfect for when you’re commuting and going around and stuff so you’ve got the device itself inside there. You’Ve got your normal usb cable, which is branded as well feels really nice actually taking it out. Oh my word and then, of course nothing else inside the box, so let’s set all that to one side and have a look at her hair. Here she is now. The first thing you feel is it’s really light. It’S got a really good grip on it, especially around the hand, and but it just generally feels really really good. Now, although it’s made of plastic, the build quality is impressive and it is very well made now taking you around. There is a micro usb just at the bottom there to charge your phone up whilst it’s in the gimbal, which is a really good plus point. That is a really really good plus point. I love that, so you pop your usb cable in there. Then, of course, you can charge your device from this itself, so it saves you even carrying around a power bank uh coming down to the top you’ve got the main controls just on there.

So you, of course, your jog wheel, which has got this nice firm texture on it, it’s not smooth, it’s, quite rough, and so you know you’re kind of using that jog wheel. There you’ve got your zoom in and zoom out which, of course, we’ll talk about how you use that very, very shortly powering on and on your mode button there coming onto the side. This is your usb for charging the actual device up itself and then coming on to the back and, as you can see, is a three point: uh stabilizer, so it’s got the three motors in there that will keep your device nice and stable. But the first thing you know about it is: when you look at it is how light it actually is. So you can see the gimbal is a three axis gimbal, which offers 320 degree rolling and tilting angle and 300 degree. Any angle on the gimbal, which i absolutely love so, as we mentioned, you’ve got the knob on there to move the gimbal. We have the button to turn it on and off there’s also um. There is also a button for changing between different modes, so from landscape to portrait and you’ve got your zooming buttons which slide in and out just on. There usb chat port, which i mentioned earlier for this battery on board, which is a 4 000 milliamp hour battery, which is brilliant uh. The gimbal is real, it’s, simplistic design, and you can use your smartphone within six inches in size and it’s.

Only 200 grams, so i’ve been using my samsung, s10 plus and my iphone 11 pro max in here, and that hasn’t been a problem in terms of the size. So for those of us that do have larger devices on the gimbal, there is a screw just at the back here which will help. You increase the length of the arm so to make sure that you can get different size devices in there. So you can see it’s just on here. All you do is slightly unscrew pull it out, and that gives you then, that extra room, especially more so to help you balance the device as well. So what we need to do now, we’ve managed to adjust this in and out. We need to put a smartphone in it and i’m going to show you how easy it actually is. So, of course, you can balance it. Whilst it’s sat straight like that, or it does have a thread at the bottom, which then you can allow for things like putting tripod bases onto it and all that sort of stuff, so just here i do have my trusty uh, s10 plus so we’re gon na Just pop it in just to show you so you’ve got these elasticated uh sort of spring arms there, so we’re gon na just pop it in there and it’s got a little uh rubber stop just at the bottom, which helps sit your smartphone in just nicely. So then, what we’re gon na do now? We need to balance it.

As you can see, it is quite top heavy. So using that screw we can balance it there pull it out slightly and we should. You should get a slow sort of balance mode there and you just take it step by step slowly, slowly and just for the purposes of the tests. That seems to pretty much do it oh see it only takes the slightest amount and it’ll knock it off, so that should balance it enough to make sure the motors are not overworking so let’s screw that in just like that and then let’s turn it on. So turning it on using the on and off button just there, so when you power it on it kicks in straight into place and as you can see, it’s really fluid it moves really well and it’s actually really really comfortable to use, and i have had a Few gimbals on the show, which, of course, i’ll put the links in the description. If you want to have a look at them, all of them varying different prices and stuff, whereas this one it just flows really nicely, and it just fits really really comfortable in the hand as well, and the controls are just perfect just sitting just right there now Once you attach your phone uh to the gimbal, and you turn it on, as you saw the gimbal automatically adjusts itself to the weight and of your smartphone as we know all smartphones way, different things, but it’s still really important to balance it.

First now, on the smartphone holder, like i said, there are rubber bases that which will stop your smartphone from sliding away, and it gives it that grip and stays where you want to put it. And there is the arm which we mentioned earlier and there’s. Another piece of rubber uh that holds your phone inside just to make sure that it doesn’t hit the arm in any way. Now the cinepierre c11 comes with various models such as lock following mode, i think, pov mode and a fulfilling mode, and now, additionally, when you connect your smartphone uh to the zyplay app and, of course, will be links in the description for that as well. You also get more functions and features like panorama, slow motion, time lapse. Motion. I think you get time lapse among a few others through the z white play app and i’ll. Show you how easy it is to do so. Let’S turn this off and for this we’re going to jump onto the device. Now i have already um installed it on the device and let’s show you now it is available on both android and ios. I’Ll include both of them in the description for you free to download. Just like anything else. You’Ll get all the agree asking for permissions to access stuff and all it’ll do it’ll connect to your gimbal via bluetooth, so let’s hit go. You can use your normal native camera, apps that’s, not a problem, but if you wanted to use some of the extra features like zooming in and all that sort of other the other features that come with it, then you can use it so let’s go into it.

So we’re going to connect as to the smooth queue all via bluetooth, so what we’ll do is we’ll put our device back in now, we’ve got the uh camera app all loaded up, let’s get in there, let’s balance it quickly. There we go and it’s powered on and you can even see as well it’s stabilizing itself, just even sat on the desk uh, so let’s do connect now. So again, all the permissions are going to come up. So, while using the app so he’s going to try and search for this device as a bluetooth device, so let’s give it a search and, as you can see, there’s the device there so enter now, while using the app. So you may get a few permissions popping up there and there you go. It is connected there. We go as you can see so, as mentioned earlier. There are a few other features that we talked about. That should allow it to do some extra stuff, so you’ve got the zoom in options. You’Ve got the zoom out there, let’s see if it’ll do it. So if we move on to record and there we go so you should be able then to control. So there is allowing me to go in and out let’s do some recording. So there you go so you can zoom in zoom out it’s, not the smoothest i’ll give it that it’s, not the it’s, not the smoothest ones, but it does allow you then, to hands free tap it to record tap it to go back or you can swap In between, when you, you can utilize this to then move up and down between.

If you want to take a picture so if i’m going to move to the camera, for example – and it can take a picture, so you can instead of messing around with the screen, to try and get you that sort of shot. And you can just use the controls straight from here, which is really really good, and so overall i mean to be fair. Looking at the camera quality and some of the images that come from it, i would probably more inclined to use and the native camera app that comes on both this samsung and on my iphone as well. Um. However, there’s still something for you to have a play with, there are other apps that may work with it. So it may be worth you uh having a look into it, but overall um as a package. It feels – and it looks absolutely great so with all these incredible features – uh. We need to put this to the test. So here is our test of the gimbal. Now you’re gon na see some shots side by side. One clip will be without using the gimbal and the other shot will be the one using the gimbal. So take a look at this Music, so Music. So if you’re a person who loves to go, live on social media or a travel blogger, then this gimbal might be the one for you. The c11 is almost a carbon copy of, i think it’s, the zayn smooth q it’s an absolute carbon copy.

It handles videos really well, the controls feel great in the fingers and having the option to charge your device while using it is an absolute must. This gimbal is absolutely great, but the cherry on top of the cake for me is the price, because you can pick this up for less than 80 pounds or just over a hundred dollars. It’S made the ability to create smooth content for a fraction of the cost. I love the ui, i love the way it looks and feels, and straight from getting it out of the box. It already feels like a real premium gimbal. Now there is a link in the description for you. If you want to go and pick one up so go and take a look, and as always here at mmb tech tv, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate. Uh just to get in touch either via the comments or through any of our social media platforms, but also don’t forget you can be part of the mmb community and become a member for as little as 1.99. You can get early access to videos. Special members live streams and loads. More, all you need to do is simply click on the join now button and you are in so what you’re waiting for, and if you want to check out more videos, you, perhaps you want to read our blogs or even get in touch you can head over To our website, it’s mmb tech, tv dot, co, dot uk so go and check it out.