So over the past months there have been quite a number of new releases from various manufacturers and a lot of them actually fall under this category, which are budget smartphones, and one thing to take note of is that their spec sheet has never been this good. So i’m sure you’re excited to find out which smartphones i’m talking about let’s, not wait any longer let’s get down to business. This is about to get nasty Music. Music here are 10 of the best budget smartphones available in the philippines for under 7 000 pesos. In alphabetical order, let’s start with the huawei y6p Music, followed by the infinix hot pin Music up next is the nokia 3.4 Music Music. The fourth smartphone on our list is the poco m3 Music Music. Then we have realme c15 Music Music more than halfway through. We have the samsung galaxy Music, a02s Music. The seventh smartphone on our list is the technopova Music Music. Next we have the umg a9 pro Music. Then we have the vivo y15 Music. Last but not the least. We have the xiaomi redmi 19. Music, Music here’s. A comparative price list of the 10 budget smartphones we are looking at Music, Music, Music, Music and the best budget smartphone among the bunch is plus. We have two more great alternatives: Applause, Music Applause, Music. So i hope you guys learned something from this vlog episode and i hope i was able to help you decide on which budget smartphone to buy next.

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