This will be the first tech q a for 2021 and again, we are in our old office and got uh quite a few questions from you guys via twitter and some controversial uh ones. Let’S answer them so let’s get on with them about 15 questions, i’ve taken let’s answer, and the first question that i got is from pradeep he’s asking what’s the snapdragon equivalent of the new exynos 9825 budget chip. The exynos 9825 is not a new chip there’s. Actually, almost a two year old chip that was used in the note 10 plus, if i recall so it’s, no way, it’s a new chip and for snapdragon, i would say it’s closer to about snapdragon 855 between 845 to 855, but it’s, not a new chip, not Even a 5g chip uh, you guys are asking it because it came on the new samsung f62, which is being hyped up a lot. I get it anyways let’s move to the next one. This is by narendra he’s asking. Why do companies hype about 5g when it’s not released in india? Even they mention it to be future proof? Why do many phones only support a few 5g bands? One phone supports only one, i think so. The one you’re talking about is the nord, and even the oneplus. 8 80 series only support technically one 5g bank. Yes uh. The thing is that in india you want to sell stuff, people go just buy specs, they don’t look under the hood.

What is exactly provided and many of the brands are taking advantage of it, calling it a 5g smartphone by just giving one 5g band or two 5g bands, but luckily uh, because many people are vocal, i’m, very vocal about it now i’m. Seeing some of the newer smartphones supporting a little bit more for 5g bands, five 5g bands – and i think that’s good enough. If you have four or five there’s, a very good chance, that 5g will work, but yeah just having one or two 5g bands is strictly unethical and i hope other reviewers are also a little bit more vocal it’s. Just like that, i am barking. Nobody else is talking about it: anyways let’s, move to the next one. This is by uh spidey shah he’s, asking uh he’s say i want to ask what are your thoughts about the apple airpods max those headphones, crazy, expensive, headphones by uh apple? He says planning reviewer question mark. If yes, then, please compare it to the sony xm uh, 4000. uh spidey. Suddenly i gave up the plans to actually uh review it uh because apple does not send the review units to me it used to. But again i think so. They’Ve banned me from past two years i’m. Not getting so i even thought of actually ordering it. I ordered it uh initially, but uh it is so backlogged. Now it doesn’t make sense, and i simply don’t want to spend 60 000 on a headphone guys and what reports we are hearing.

It has some battery life issues so it’s a first generation product, i would say so: i’m not that gung ho about it. Maybe, whenever the next generation comes and if it’s these oakish price, it won’t be decently priced whether it’s an apple product, maybe then i’ll review it so i’m sort of skipping up this one guys anyways uh. This is by uh jag dee she’s asking: do you get blind when you see ads on samsung devices, uh there’ll be a system apps and bloatware on samsung, too. Why can’t you raise a question on this and why you always told other companies except samsung’s regarding this day to answer and teacher as you do in videos? Okay, let me answer this, sir jadeesh. In fact, about two years ago on in march 2019, i made a dedicated video about ads on samsung’s smartphones. They started appearing in a series and the m series. In fact, i made a complete, dedicated video about it. If you don’t know, watch that video and there i actually showed you the steps how to disable it, and if you do that, you will not see ads on something. But the irony is that you have to do all those steps when you are actually setting up the phone. In fact why i hate other brands is that other brands also show that you can disable those ad options and other stuff, but even after disabling those ad options, you start getting a lot of junk.

That is my problem. When you disable things, it should be disabled. Yes, but now in some of the mid range samsung smartphones, we are seeing quite a bit of notification, anything so that my galaxy app is a notorious thing. You should actually disable it but again watch the dedicated video that i posted about two years ago. I didn’t mean to make a proper full video about it. Anyways let’s move to the next one. This is by abhi reddy uh hi ranjit. What are your raw thoughts about the samsung galaxy f62 there’s, a lot of youtubers giving blind reviews of f62. What do you mean by blind views? Anyways, not sure if samsung have provided them the script to convey what they want? Please address this: if possible, processor heating issues battery adds ui. I me i did not get the samsung galaxy f60 to you. So simply don’t want to comment about it because my policies not to comment about products without testing it. So i don’t know but again uh the exynos processor that it has is the same about two year old that was found on the galaxy note, 10 plus guys uh so add in ui. I don’t know now, as this is coming in the mid range. So maybe some in the notifications, you might get some stuff but again watch the video that i posted about two years ago how to disable ads on samsung smartphones. While you are setting up initially, if you do that, then about 95 of the ads go but again i’m, not very sure about this particular model, because i didn’t get it anyways let’s move to the next one.

This is by krishna uh. Why, sir, why your unboxing videos are not coming with other youtubers timing krishna again, if i get the units on time like other youtubers get, then i post the videos on the same time, but lately, if you notice a lot of brands, have blacklisted me or even If they send me a product, they do send it to me a little bit late, giving excuses like courier issues and what so that’s the reason that you see my sometimes the videos are late. Many times uh. I have to actually purchase the product from the retail market and others have got it almost about a week or 10 days back so again by the time i buy it cover it up. The delay happens and sadly, that’s happening a lot uh. It started from last year and now what what are the brands that have blacklisted me, oneplus has blacklisted me: xiaomi has blacklisted me: apple has blacklisted me and there’s one more i’m, not free calling so yeah that’s the frank situation. Now, if i have to buy it, things get delayed, anyways let’s, move to the next one and some of the brands who have not even blacklisted me. Sometimes i don’t get products on time. They’Re delayed so that’s. The irony so yeah that’s what’s happening anyways uh let’s, move to the next one. This is by sudhu shetty he’s, asking what’s your take on lg mobiles in india. Ltq albert was a good mobile, but i’ve heard some rumors exiting from the mobile market.

Yes, sadly, lg is exiting from the mobile market i’m so saddened. Now because uh these were the two. What do you say? Korean giant samsung and lg and lg actually had very good phones, in fact uh the v20 uh v20 or v30 plus. I gave it to my daughter three years ago and still she’s using and still the phone works perfectly so it’s not like. They did not make good phones, in fact they made very good phones, but in marketing they were pathetic. I think so, but sadly now they’re just quitting the market and it’s a big loss, because what happens in the market is one big player moves out? The other can do whatever they want, so i feel it’s. A sad move. Lg is gone, htc is gone, so yeah the big korean giant left us right now. What do you say? Samsung and it’s, a fight between samsung and the chinese brands. Now anyways let’s move to the next one, and this is by uh sage alien. If 5g is implant implemented faster than 4g in india, will we get to enjoy and use esim like in many countries, sage ism, nothing has to do with 5g. In fact, you can get a ecm right now, if you have atel or a jio sim. In fact, i have a esim on my apple watch that is with jio, so uh ecm is nothing related to 5g. You can get ecms even for 4g, india, he sims 8r is offering asims and even jio is offering a sims uh.

This is by uh, so yeah. Is there any heating issues on the samsung galaxy s21 ultra manageable? Will the camera system heat, even while taking pictures uh? This is the s21 ultra. In fact, i had almost put my review. I used this one when i was on vacation with family for uh about a week. This was the phone i was using, took a lot of pictures with this one and, i would say, it’s a very good phone. But yes, when you use the camera on this one, the back porch yes gets heated up and it can get pretty warm guys. In fact, if you touch here after using the camera continuously for a couple of minutes, it gets hot but guys i do understand, that’s the problem with almost any android flagship when you’re using the camera. What happens is that when you use the camera generally uh to get the best pictures, what these smartphones do is use almost 100 of the processing and when they do that it heats up stuff. So yes, when you’re using the camera on this one, the camera is fantastic uh when you use the camera. Yes, the back tends to get warm but guys uh. That happens almost on every uh other smartphone, even if you use iphone continuously for some time. The camera that happens that’s a that’s, a known thing, anyways let’s, move to the next one uh. This is by uh chandra kant he’s asking what is the saturation point of smartphones i mean, after which year we will not find any new specs or upgrades in this smartphone chandragan that won’t happen, it’s not like we won’t get new processor or something, but the rate Of innovation will slow down and if you look at it, this, the saturation point has already come about one and a half to two years ago.

Now, if you look at the smartphones and if you compare it with previous generation smartphones, the amount of improvement that you’re seeing is not drastic it’s just about 10 or 15 percent improvement here on here, if you look at yes, the cameras are becoming slightly better. Now this year the big hype is 5g and everybody jumping into that. So already we have attained that saturation point. So don’t expect leaps of about 50 and 60 with every generation of smartphone. There will be improvement, very small improvements about seven to ten percent. Like we see on the pc industry, we have already reached that stage: anyways let’s move to the next one uh. This is by uh manas uh. Please make a dedicated video and wi fi six ax routers available in india under different price tag. Uh manage it will be extremely impossible to do that, there’s, so many routers in the market. So i highly doubt i can’t do that and in fact i’m waiting for the 6e standard uh. It has been ratified in fact, i’m waiting for the wi fi 6e, that is wi fi 6 enhanced routers to come to the market. They should be coming to the market in the next couple of months once they do. Maybe i will actually uh test out a few of them and if you are looking for a wi, fi router for multi storate, building uh, a single router will simply not work. Wifi or wi fi six, i have one of the best: damn wi fi uh fire routers right now, sitting it’s known as the unified dream machine it’s the best of the best, but this one also has a limitation of coverage.

If you want more coverage, multiple story building, then you have to go with a mesh router wi fi six will simply not solve that issue of range, so yeah i’m just waiting for the wi fi six and more routers to come, because i did test one of The wi fi six routers earlier about four months ago. It was from tp link, deco x20 and the product was simply not that good uh, with my heavy load so i’m, just waiting for it to mature, and then you start new, better routers to come. Anyways let’s move to the next one. This is by jitesh uh, not a question, but your thoughts on this honesty is the best policy but it’s the hardest policy in today’s world. True can’t uh, could have said better. Uh talk a lot of truth and you get banned blacklisted by companies, so i think so. Diplomacy is the best policies. These days, anyways let’s, move to the next one. This is by uh jatin good morning. Do you think that redmi branch should stop putting ads on redmi devices and any news regarding the oneplus 9 uh regarding oneplus 9? I don’t know i am on that blacklist, so they don’t communicate with me. But yes, the oneplus 9 should be coming out very soon. Hopefully, by end of february or by march, definitely we should see one plus nine and regarding redmi brand, should stop putting ads. Yes, i do feel that they should do that.

In fact, poco is nothing but redmi without ads. You could say, and even though xiaomi me uh lineup is nothing but redmi smartphones without ads, but again ads are not completely gone in notification. That nag wear is still there with me. Ui in fact watch the video that i posted about the poco m3. Just yesterday. I, like the device very much. The hardware is really good, but what ruins uh? That, for me, is the miui 12 and the amount of nag wear and stuff that is there in the background anyways let’s move to the next. This is by suresh uh uh. Can the 5g bands be enabled by ot upgrade with manufacturers if inbuilt bands are not supported so rich? I think so. You are asking this question because the moto g 5g that had the snapdragon 750 g uh supported almost all the 5g sub six gigahertz band 11 of them. I think so it covered all but uh. If you look at the me 10, i that is using this same snapdragon, 750 g it’s just having two uh 5g band, and you might ask why this happens. Let me give you a very crude example. For example, if you go to a showroom, you’re buying a new car uh, you might find the base variant, i’d, say it’s, like 10 lakhs and the highest end variant with everything. Uh might be about 15 lakhs, though it’s the same car it’ll have the same engine.

Also, but see the price difference. Why is this happening it’s? The simple fact is that the higher end model has all the bells and features that’s the same thing as happening with this chipset. Also, when these oems go to what you say, qualcomm or whatever – and they say we want this chip, so okay, the qualcomm says: if you want this chip with all the features, all the bands everything this is the price let’s say the price is let’s, say: 70 Uh the brand says we don’t want all these features. We don’t cut down all this and that so maybe they can get a discount. Maybe they can get it for about fifty dollars, that’s, why you see the same chipset but having different bands and even different features. Uh, so it depends from brand to brand what they are opting and technically yes, a manufacturer can enable it. It depends again uh. What does the agreement uh? Because again, a lot of money has to be exchanged because of this. So generally, this doesn’t happen because uh the oem is buying. What do you say the same chipset for a lot lower price because they are not going to use those features. So it is up to the oem and the brand to work out if they want to enable it and technically with the firmware update, they can do it, but again it depends. If the manufacturer has actually disabled the radios, then it won’t be possible but that’s.

Why that’s the big reason your same chipset, one vendor, might offer so many features the same chipset with another manufacturer might not offer the other features it’s because of the licensing agreement, what they have done, anyways let’s move to this one. This is by vedan he’s again. This is embargoed question let’s. Take it. How do you feel about the increasing annoyance conditions set by the companies in their embargoes these days like until x date, you can only show the front or until by date you can only show the unboxing extra. Do you think this generates a false hype and misleading potential com? Uh customer? Yes, definitely it does that and that’s what these brands are trying to do. They want to get this free advertisement from us, youtubers and other publications that they want to just create the hype they don’t want the full reviews to be posted before their sales that’s. Why? These days we get some very silly embargoes. We can’t post our full review in depth, reviews, etc, after sometimes many times. In fact, the review embargoes are, after the first sale of a product it’s, a sad thing that is happening but that’s what it is happening and if you try to revolt, you will get on the block list.