Most car chargers come with a mount or phone holder that places your phone closer to eye level. If you’re using a kai enabled phone, you should absolutely have a gaze white h, wireless car charger. The gauze white h is a landscape car smartphone charger that can easily achieve fast wireless charging of 15 watts. This wireless car phone charger provides an intelligent, automatic clamping function that allows you to place your phone horizontally for safe and wide field, viewing compatible with iphone samsung, galaxy smartphones, google phones, lg phones and all other q capable devices. It will make your time in the car more efficient, all right, let’s see what in the box Music do Music now let’s put it to the test inside the car. You have three options to mount: the gaze charger, one for the windshield and two options for the air vent. Let’S start with the windshield. All you need to do is turn this to the left pop the ball into place, get it nice and tight and back up, and as you can see, you can move it 360 degrees to get it exactly to the angle that you want it’s locked up. So we’re going to unlock it, we can expand it, get it to exactly the angle that we want and then lock it now let’s, stick it to the windshield all right. So now, let’s put our phone in it detects the charging and it’s locked into place. It feels really strong and sturdy Music.